10 Do you want to start an adventurer?

Can I see your citizen's card or probation and certificate of competency to pass the aptitude test?

That's what the guild's receptionist told me, and I, 'Carla Grice', was puzzled.


This is the general headquarters of the Kingdom Adventurer's Guild.
I came here straight after I left Dick, but as soon as I got there I was speechless.
But as soon as I got here, I was speechless...

The general headquarters of the Adventurer's Guild.
It's not a messy place like the meeting place in an action game where natives take on a certain giant monster, but rather a counter lined up in an orderly line like a bank, with a receptionist who is polite and attentive.
The wait times are magically copied and even organized with numbered tags. It's a fairly modern construction.

Is it because of the many adventurers gathered by the wall to confirm their requests?
It's not the usual request confirmation system where you have to look for a request among the many requests posted on the board, but it seems to be a system where you go to the information terminal where you select the one that suits you best, categorized and ranked.
I don't know how to use this system in detail, but...

If you imagine a guild that you see in a normal game, it's a scene that comes with quite a gap.

'....Wow. I was expecting a place that looked more like a tavern...

I'm sure I said I was going to go off on my own.

But this is a great guy. It'll be a while before the room is empty. Hmm?

When I looked closely, there was one place where there was no one.

---It's blatantly empty just there. It might be bad, but....

Is this place open?

I went to the counter and called out to him inside.

'Yes~. It's open~

The voice came back as a messy interruption.

Was it really the receptionist who came out from inside? It would be.
His shaggy hair is bouncing all over the place, and his eyes are completely hidden by his long bangs.
It's not like a crisp suit like the other guild employees, but rather something that looks like a raggedy pajama.
It's an appearance that gives a rather sloppy impression.

''Oh, my name is Kara, and I'd like to register as an adventurer...''
Yes~. It's a adventure truck~!
Yeah, nice to meet you.
Yes, so...
Oh, and...

 ---I don't need that interminable speech act, do I?

For a moment, the air froze...
But I couldn't overlook it. Clearly, this receptionist was playing the role of a disheveled employee.
The proof of this is that she was emitting a prolonged voice and watching me with her sharp eyes through her drooping bangs.
...Or rather, scary. Stop it.



...how did you know?

The mood that the receptionist emitted changed dramatically.

How do I know...? I guess it's because I'm very good at asking people what they look like.

This is true. At the very least, I was working at a company and living a working life.
I have learned to read the air that people give off in a certain way.
From that point of view, she was too un-natural.

But when it comes to her, her performance was obvious.

"...pfft, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

 ---You're funny! I'm the first person to see through my disguise on the first sight.
 And you're so expressionless and 'good at asking for a facial expression'....
 Phew, you're trying to make me die of laughter?

He began to laugh loudly.

---what was so funny?

I couldn't figure it out, but there seems to be a point to the expressionlessness.
It's a side effect of my skills... It appears to have worked as a positive.

'I like it! I'm Lyrica, a former Grade A adventurer, and I'm the sister of the receptionist now...
 You're Kara, right? Let's get to know each other from now on.

A class A adventurer is a pretty high rank, isn't it! Why do you want to be a receptionist at Dardar?

Now, let's get down to business...

 Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild. Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild.

Saying that, 'Lyrica' suddenly went into serious mode.
It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to find out what you're looking for when you get dressed.
It's a good thing that she has a moderately beautiful face, as if she were a secretary who could do it if dressed properly.
She doesn't wear glasses, but...

---Oh, hey, hey, hey, is it magic! You're changing too soon!

I paused at Lyrica's words, tsking in my mind.

I'm sure you're here to register as an adventurer, aren't you? Then....

 ---You're going to be able to see your citizen's card or temporary ID and the certificate of passing the aptitude test?


"...what's that?
'Oh, I knew you didn't have it.

Let me explain, you know that the king is a former adventurer, right? Sometimes the king is chosen by a treasure ball...
In fact, for some reason, the king of this country is often chosen from among adventurers.

It's not uncommon for a nobleman to become an adventurer, or for a person who lost his job to become an adventurer, but his skills were not up to the task, and he often died at his destination.
That's why we at the Guild have teamed up with the Human Resource Development School and have taken measures to prevent anyone other than those with the minimum level of ability from becoming an adventurer.

This is the "Aptitude Test".

The test itself is a simple one, but in order to qualify for it, you must go to the Human Resource Training School.
You will need to acquire knowledge and skills.

Adventurer registration, but you will not be able to register unless you bring the certificate that will be issued to you after you pass the test.

At once, Lyrica said.

'What? I didn't hear anything about that!

To my astonishment, Lyrica changed the atmosphere from a capable secretary to one of a neighborhood sister and said

'Kara, what gate did you come through? ...Maybe it's the West Gate?
How did you know?

To Lyrica, who tells me with some certainty that I've gone through the West Gate.
---This is Esper? And as I was shivering, such as I was

"Isn't the West Gate under Dick's jurisdiction? It's not that I'm not interested in this, but the fact that I'm not interested in it, I'm just a softy. I really don't know why he's a captain of the guard...

'Totally... it's stupid...' muttered Lyrica.

'I see, so Lyrica likes Dick.

I said with a smirk.

'Babe, I don't give a d*mn about that guy...'

---yes, yes, tsundere b.

'I... and I need a certificate anyway! Go ahead and enroll in the Human Resource Development School!

"...do you need to get in?

This would have to be asked.
Aren't you just going to learn a few skills? When I questioned the question.

Well, you have to study for at least a year, you know.

 It's a good thing, because this is the time of year when they're recruiting students, so I'm sure you can get in right away.
 I can give you a letter of introduction from the guild if you want. If you have this, there's no charge for it.

 Go and study hard.

Lyrica said with her best smile, perhaps in return for teasing me.

I was aghast as I accepted the letter of introduction and left the guild.

Dear Mother,

I'm sure I have a lot more to learn by wearing to another world.
Please take care of yourself.

The student life of "Carla Grice" (20 years old) begins now.


At the time.

"Ha-ha-ha! I knew that "p***y" was interesting.
 Isn't Yujiro too strong? The next time someone is sent to another world, maybe I'll make him triple the physical ability of Yuujiro.

''Oh... Tenshi-chan, why are you smiling like that...? I'm having déjà vu.

On that day, a certain angel's curses echoed in the temple and fell to the earth as thunder.