11 Inn daily life 1

 Ryutei no Yadorigi

 It is an inn that stands quietly in the commercial district of the royal capital, Klanglan.
 It is only recently that this place, a little far from the hustle and bustle of the city, just off the first main street of the business district, has become an area that has attracted the attention of the world.

 A man approaches the inn, which is beginning to take on its usual quietness, and has settled down for the day.


 There is a beautiful woman who is lost in thought at the counter of the inn.

(.........so many things have happened.......)

 I've tripped to other worlds, I've been a student, and I've been an adventurer.
I guess I've had enough fun. I have to thank Ushin for that.

 The innkeeper 'Kara Grice', the innkeeper, who is not here right now, sends her thanks to the Supreme God.

 Her leisurely afternoon came to an abrupt end with the appearance of a man.


Kara's here! I want you to make an omelette. And I'd love for you to be my wife!
'Welcome, Kyle. ...I've got your order, but I'm not going to marry you, okay? And don't break the door.

 As soon as he enters the inn, a man packs up to Kara as soon as he enters the inn, almost breaking the door.

 Some of you may have noticed the name, but this handsome man with the green hair

 This is Kyle Oakran, King of the Oakran Kingdom.

 He is now 26 years old and has been on the throne for eight years, having been elected to the throne at the tender age of 18.

 Since his ascension to the throne, aristocrats have tried various methods to make his daughter the queen, but he has failed to respond to all of them, and eventually he was even tainted with the stigma of being a man-chromatographer, so there was no sign of a woman in sight.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I come here every day, so I don't think it's a bad idea to have a little bit of a pulse...

 Kyle muttered as he closed the door quietly, contrary to when he came in.

 Yes, he would visit Kara every day.

 It's not that Kyle isn't interested in women, but when he was attending dinner parties as a nobleman's son, he disliked the contempt for beauty that was shown in many places by the women.
 No matter how beautifully he dressed, or perhaps it was because he was so beautifully dressed that his inner dirtiness oozed out of him.

 Therefore, no matter how beautifully dressed a woman was, she didn't respond to the visit.

 It was the same when he was with Kara.

It's not true," he said, "but it's ready, Gomu Raiju (omelet rice). Hurry up and eat and get back to your political duties.

 He was the only man who didn't respond to Kara's beauty (or rather, he did, but he didn't like to see the filth inside), and he began to ask Kara to marry him every day for a very simple reason. It was.....

 The only reason for this is because the food that Kara made was so delicious.

"Oh. It looks good any time you look at it.

 Kyle first learned of Kara's cuisine when a nobleman presented her with a loaf of bread.
The bread was soft and fluffy and chewy, and although it was supposed to be cold, it wasn't hard at all, and Kyle was captivated by it.
 He immediately called up the nobleman to whom he had sent the bread and tried to get him to serve as the castle's cook, but he found out that he was not the nobleman's cook.
 Kyle couldn't forget the fluffy and chewy bread, so he investigated the craftsmen thoroughly and arrived at Kara's inn.

'Stop flattering me and eat quickly. Isn't lunchtime already over? Or do you have time on your hands?

 After finding out that Kara was a baker, Kyle was quick to act. He went directly to the inn and began negotiations with Kara.
 In the beginning, Kyle had requested to serve the castle as a craftsman, but Kara's unpretentious beauty and cooking skills had won him over.

 But Kyle's words to Kara, who was reluctant to admit to serving in the castle, were

All right. You don't want to serve in a castle. Then we'll give it up. Then marry me! No, let's get married!


 It was Kara who caught the king's stomach.

 Kara refused her without a word, but even after that, she left a discarded line, "I won't give up~", and since then, she has been appearing every day to confess her love to Kara. ........Are you really a bored person?

'Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. Hifuifuifuifuifu (Hey, hey, hey, no wonder I'm bored)....

Swallow your food before you speak.

 ....ng....will not be.

 I didn't understand what the first half was saying at all, but it would be mostly correct.

''I'm slipping out of the royal castle every time I come here to eat. You'll have to give me a break.

 This is another usual exchange.

'I appreciate that, but I'm not going to marry you,'

 He is the king who will be crushed today.........

 Will the day come when the king will be united with Kara........