12 Quiet story: Man's monologue

 Every day was boring.

 Living in the cage of a nobleman, I became an adventurer, hating the daily struggle for power and the balls that were just a way to show off my strength.

 My parents did not oppose me. They were even relieved that I, a power-robbing entity, had left home.

 After a few years of being an adventurer, I was brought up by the king.

 It seems that I was chosen as the king under the guidance of the one and only god, Clan.
 The irony is that I, who hated power and became an adventurer, became the most powerful person in the country. If there really is a god, he's probably laughing all the way to the heavens by now, isn't he?

 From then on, the days were boring.

 Every day we saw each other, some of them rattled off rhetoric, some of them rubbed up against me to try to get in, and some of them even offered their daughters to me.

 I hated women who flattered me.
 I was sick and tired of that attitude, which I could not understand what they were saying behind the scenes.
 So of course I refused everything, even when they offered me their daughter.

 When I was tired of seeing those corrupt aristocrats every day, I was surprised to see what a nobleman had offered me.

 It was a piece of bread.

 During the audience, the bread was brought to the waiting room as an offering.
 Afterwards, the bread was brought into the waiting room as an offering, and as I was hungry, I decided to eat it...


Is there anyone out there?
Ha, here. Can I help you?

 Sebas, the head butler, responded to my call and appeared without a sound.

'Yeah, I'm a bit peckish. You saw some bread in the offering. I think I'm going to eat that...
I see. Poisoning. Please wait.

 I don't mind it at all, but after Sebas stopped me from eating the king's offerings from the nobles without a poisonous view, I call for a poisonous view every time.
 My heart aches for this poisoning. This time it was a young girl, fifteen in age.
 Whenever I think of the girl's death from this poisoning, my heart is always crushed by the thought.

'Then try it for yourself.

 Saying that, Sebas held out one of the breads.

 The girl who received it fearfully put her mouth on the bread with a tragic face.



 Which one of them really noticed that the girl's behavior was strange first?

 The girl who fearfully put her mouth on the bread, her face lit up after a bit of silence and she started to devour the bread with great vigor as it was.

''It doesn't seem to contain any poison.... What do you mean by this?''
I'm afraid I don't understand. I'm going to send her home now, if you don't mind.
'Oh, now that you've seen the poison, it's not a problem. I mean, you're about to eat all the other bread, right?
Right, then.

 Sebas left, dragging the girl who had eaten all the bread and still had a greedy look in her eyes.

'I'm curious about that reaction. Well, let's try it.'

 I casually threw it into my mouth with a snap, but I was too defenseless at the time.

''Whoa! Yummy, too good to be true!

 After just one bite, I understood that girl's reaction.

 First of all, "Soft."
 I used to think that bread was something hard and tickly, no matter how good a baker was. In fact, bread is usually softened by soaking it in soup before eating it, and is only eaten when one is a little hungry or can eat it in small quantities.
 Furthermore, when the bread cools down, its hardness is like iron, but its softness even after it cools down is sure to change the conventional concept of bread.

 And the "subtly sweet"
 The bread is not supposed to have anything on it, but it has a sweet taste.
 It's so soft that you don't need to bite into it at all, but you can't help but chew it with the same sensation as the bread you were used to. The taste of the bread seems to deepen with each bite.
 This is a bread that is very different from other breads that only taste like wheat.

 The new world that opened up in the mouth was enough to turn the conventional bread into a mere stone.

'Who made this bread!!!! I'd love for you to come to the castle!
How can you help?

 At my sudden loud voice, a nearby guard rushed in with a panicked look.

''Call the nobleman who offered this bread! Now!!!!!
'Yes! Yes, sir!

 The first thing I did was to eat the rest of the bread, seeing off the guards who were calling out to me.


 The audience room was filled with a heavy atmosphere.

 I called the nobleman who presented the bread to the audience and questioned him again, only to find out that the bread had not been made by a nobleman's housekeeper but had been purchased from a merchant.

 It seems that they can't reveal the route of purchase, and the nobleman doesn't know where it came from.
However, it seems that they were only able to figure out that they were made domestically.

What to do...
It's just bread. Are you really that upsetting?

 The minister heard me muttering and said something like that.

'Don't be a fool! After eating that bread, I'm not going to eat any other bread! We need to find a craftsman at all costs...

 The most unusual order of the foundation of the country was given by the king in his name.


What? You think you know who makes the bread? Who are you? Tell me soon!
"My King, please calm down.
'This is how you stay calm! We launched a search and didn't see a tail in half a month for "that bread maker"! I'd love to go there and recruit them to the castle right away!

 The ministers frown at my excitement.

 I don't care about that, just tell me what you think!

Now, if you don't mind my being presumptuous, I'll give you my report.

 Saying that, it was the Knight Commander who stepped forward.

''The bread maker's name is 'Kara Grice,' and she's the woman who runs the inn that's been rumored recently, the 'Dragon Emperor's Lodging Tree' all by herself.