13 Quiet story: Man's monologue 2

This is.... something of a chill-out place.

That's how I felt when I saw the inn called "Ryuko-Tei no Shukuboku" in front of me.
 I was expecting it to be at least the same size as the Garden of Delight because it was said to be an inn that had recently become famous, but....

 The place was off the main street and not exactly bustling with people.

 There is a sign in front of the inn, but if there were not so many people on the street, it would not be noticed in a very long time.

 Is this really the inn that is being talked about now?

Well, all right.
 I know a baker who makes good bread, if he'll come to the castle.

 With that, I walked into the inn.


--Karanka karanka karan.

 The door opens with a chirping bell.

'Welcome to The Dragon Emperor's Wood.

 I was greeted by a very beautiful woman.

 I think I understand why the innkeeper in this lonely place has been so well received lately.

 The beautiful woman has no change in her expression, even though her guests are right in front of her, does she really want to get them?

'Do you think I can stay? It's been on my mind lately because of all the rumors I've heard about it.

 I really wanted to negotiate for castle service right now, but I tried to hide my true intentions and continue the conversation.

''I'm sorry.
 I'm sorry, but we have no more rooms for today.
 Besides, if you are the king, you have one of the rooms in the royal castle, right?
What's the matter, he knows.
'I believe you asked for permission to open this inn, sir? 

 A bit miffed at the woman who said it with a bit of sarcasm, I told her my original business.

''Then let's get straight to the point, Castle n "I decline" I'm still in the middle of talking.
'If you say that much, you'll get a general idea of what I'm talking about.
 Mostly, "Come to the castle and make some bread!" Right?
"! .... well, how did you know?

 I was curious as to why he was able to anticipate that I even wanted him to make bread, so I asked the woman.

'........I have no contact with the king.
 I can't even think of a reason for the king to call me to his castle.
 However, one of his favorite merchants recently told me that he has been asking me many questions about my bread.
 He told me that after he sold the bread to a nobleman, he suddenly started to be asked questions about my bread.

 So I asked the merchant about it, and he told me that the nobleman who sold the bread told the merchant that he was going to take it to the castle as an offering to the king.

 --I myself believe that the bread I make is different from the traditional bread, and I don't tell anyone else how to make it.
 Whether it's good or not, I think that's the extent of what interests me.

 So that's about the only reason I can think of for His Majesty's visit...

 The woman spoke all at once.

''Ho.........that's amazing.
 I'm amazed that you were able to deduce so much with such a few words.

 Then again.....

 This is Carla Grice, hostess of the innkeeper of the Dragon Emperor's Wood.

 Will you serve the castle and make bread for me?



I decline.
We have guests, and some of them are looking forward to our visits in the form of reservations.
 If I were to serve the castle when I am the only employee here, the guests who are looking forward to their visit would be inconvenienced.

 Therefore, I'm sorry, but I can't give them what they want.

 Besides, if you come to the inn, I can prepare as much bread as you want.

 He completely rejected me.
 Well, I have time for something else today, so I'll be patient and try to convince him.

'Does this inn serve food without staying here?'

 Let's just get this question out of the way.

'I'm not saying whenever, but we do have a cafeteria of sorts for lunch and a little bit of the evening.
Then I'll be back tomorrow at noon.
 Think of an answer for me by then.
'No, I don't think my answer will change any time you come in, but...'
No, it's a little easier than you think, isn't it?

 With an inappropriate smile and words, I left the inn.


 As a result, Kara did not approve of the castle service.
However, some things had changed a bit.

'Welcome Kyle.
 I wonder if we'll be eating here again today?
'Of course, Kara makes good food.
 Okay, will you marry me?

 One is that I started going to the inn every day at a time slightly off from lunchtime.
 One, I started eating lunch at the inn.
 One, Kara started calling me by name and talking to me normally.
 For one thing, I was calling her by name too.
 For one thing, I had a change of heart.

Thank you.
 It's nice to hear a compliment on your cooking skills, but I'm not going to marry you.
 But I'm not going to marry you.

 This response is also the most usual.

 This is exactly the change of heart that happened to me.
 I'm not asking you to marry me as a social courtesy or a rite of passage.

 Her beauty doesn't lie.
 There's no mask of make-up that's been painted on.
 No negative aspects to put people down.
 She turns out to be a genuinely beautiful woman.

 It's not that I wasn't interested in women to begin with.
 It's just that a woman who is flirtatious is overbearing in front of everyone but her partner.
 Such a thing was common among the nobility.
 That's why I disliked women.

 It's natural to want to have a normal relationship with a woman, to date a woman as an equal, regardless of her status.

 It's no wonder I'm so attracted to Kara, isn't it?

'What are you cooking for me today? Honey baked bread?

 Well, when I ask him to marry me, he always refuses.

'Let's have something a little different today, shall we?
Well, I don't care what you make of it.

 Can you really cook dinner at my house someday?

 Now, every day is exciting.

 I ain't giving up on it, you know!