14 Inn daily life 2

 --Karanka karanka karan.

Welcome, 'Ryuu....

 Since Kyle had returned to the royal castle for political duties and all the guests had gone out for sightseeing and the like, the "Dragon Emperor's Inn Tree", which had a little free time until the evening hours, heard the sound of a bell to take over the guests.

 Kara, who was in the kitchen for the night's preparations, tried to serve the guests with her usual expressionless face and as much affection as she could, but...

 A girl who was clearly dressed suspiciously was scurrying around inside the receptionist and counter.




Uh-oh! It's so annoying! Hah nae seh!

 He quietly approached, grabbed the girl by the neck, who had unusual colored glasses and a cloth wrapped around her mouth that completely hid her mouth, and lifted her up to her face at once.
Naturally, it was natural for her to suffer.
She's being grabbed by a grip that's still stronger than Kara's vise, and it feels like her bones are making a mish-mish sound.


'My God! Break, break, break! I'm sorry, Kara, I said I'm sorry!

 .........Correction, she actually said it.

 Even the suspicious girl seems to have raised her voice at the excessive pain.

 The words that she began to apologize to Kara with tremendous force, and it was obvious that she was an acquaintance of Kara's.

"Ann~na~chan, I always tell you, if you want to come to visit me, it's fine, but don't do anything so spy-like!

 Unusually, I can hear Kara's angry voice.

''I'm telling you - I'm pretty sure there's some kind of secret.

You can say pretty, but you can't do anything.

 The girl called Anna sat at the counter with her cheeks puffed out.

 She is one of the daughters of the owner of the largest inn in the capital, the Garden of Delight, and she is also a hardworking person who plans to make the Garden of Delight more exciting in the future.

 Therefore, she must be curious about my inn, which has been getting a lot of attention recently despite being a newcomer.

 To put it bluntly, the Dragon Emperor's Wood and the Garden of Delight are different in terms of scale.

The Dragon Emperor's Wood is a small-town tavern and inn that often appears in games and the like, and it can only accommodate up to eight pairs of guests.

 In contrast, Joyful Garden Pavilion has a luxurious structure and number of rooms like a high-class resort hotel, with suites that do not live up to its name.
 In addition, it is well-defined and provides a space where both the common people and the aristocrats can stay in a relaxed atmosphere.

 It seems that they are doing something akin to this kind of reconnaissance to see where they feel threatened by such differences in Kara's inn.

 That's why I see her relatively often.

 Most of the time it's the seizure of a spy site....

'So what's up with you today? Do you want something to drink?

I thought today was the day I'd reveal the secret to sales, ha-ha.


 I thought I heard the air freeze.

''...Reveal the secret of sales? What are they talking about?

 Gogo gogo, Kara asked while carrying the sound effect that she might be able to see something that looked like a shadow behind her.
 For some reason, that anger could be glimpsed even though she should be expressionless.
 The apple in her hand is already in pristine condition.

 ----It's not even a broken apple.

"Jeez, jeez, I'm just kidding, just kidding. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Can I have a cup of tea, please?

 Anna let out a dry laugh, horrified by Ringo's odd appearance.
 When I ordered a cup of tea for now, the angry air I had been feeling until a while ago disappeared.

Tea, give me a moment.

 From this moment on, the same calm and serene air began to flow through the "Dragon Emperor's Tree" as usual.


'I'm sorry, but I'm getting tired of being in an inn that big.
 This is a good fit for me.
 And what will happen to your reputation if you have such unfriendly employees?

(Kara-san, I'm so out of touch with my looks!
 There are even bets going on right now as to who can get Kara to break out.
 Coup de grace? I don't understand it well, but I think the uncles in town were talking about it.
 Ahhh, if she's this beautiful, she's welcome at the house inn....
 (Maybe I should come back next time to solicit him again?

There may or may not have been such an exchange.