15 Inn daily life 3

 A day in an innkeeper's life begins horribly early.

 When I first came to this world, I was not at all interested in that.
 I just wanted to spend my time in peace, and that's when I set out to build such a thing as an inn.

 I was reminded that I may have been thinking a little too easily.

 Starting the inn itself was easy.
 I was an adventurer and above the B level, and I was able to get the King's permission surprisingly easily. (Note: The king wasn't interested in Kara, he just wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible.)
 Although the place to open the inn is a little off the main street, we were able to take over the inn as it was run by an elderly couple. Well, this couple had recently suffered from a bad back and they said they would close the inn they had been running for many years in the near future.
 They met me when they were looking for a place to open an inn, and they gave it to me rather than losing their memorable place.

An opportunist? .........well, I haven't been here in a long time.

 .........Well, because of that, I was able to quickly set up the place to open the business, and I immediately took the plunge into opening the business, but as a matter of course, there was no way any customers would come.
 Originally, since the days of an old couple, it seems that people stopped coming because "Garden of Delight" became famous as the best inn in the kingdom.

 ........I have no intention of denying or criticizing the Delightful Garden Pavilion.

The equation was that people who couldn't stay at "Delightful Garden Tei" would drift to other inns, and those who couldn't stay at "Delightful Garden Tei" would come to stay at my inn, which was a newcomer.
 In those days, with few guests, there was hardly any busyness, and we would often have a good time with our old adventurer friends who came to stay.

 However, once you stay there, you know the inn.

 The first guest who happened to stay at the inn was a merchant.
 He seemed to like my food and appreciated the atmosphere of the inn as a whole, and said that he would definitely stay at my inn when he visited there on business.
 He said that he would stay at the inn the next time and the next time after that.

 In a sense, it was probably this merchant who saved the inn.

 One time he came to the inn with a fellow merchant and his family.
 The next morning, however, the merchant came out of nowhere in high spirits and had been questioning me since the last two or three times he had been peddling.
 When I questioned him, he said he was staying at an inn called "Dragon Emperor's Wood", an inn I've never heard of.
 Is it a famous inn? It is said that he was irritated by the merchant who only slurred his words vaguely when he asked, and the flow of taking him along.
 There was no reason for us to refuse him, of course, or rather there was no reason for us to refuse him.
 The merchant wanted to be served with the best of his ability to be amiable (expressionless).
 It was the beginning of the turning point of the innkeeper's career when the merchant, the merchant's friend and his family came to stay.

 Merchants and their business dealt with information, and they had a wide range of information, from reliable information to little more than rumors. People would come to them to get that information.
 One day, such merchants began to talk about something that has become a hot topic of conversation among them.
 It is the "Dragon Emperor's Wood" inn.

 The merchants say that it is an inn where the goddesses live and where you can eat the food of the heavens," a rumor that is far from credible.

 At first, the shoppers listened with half-hearted interest, but when the merchant pulled out something, they realized that the half of the story was not a lie.

 What the merchant took out was 'bread' --the bread of heaven, according to the merchant.
 One of the housewives who ate the bread confidently presented to her almost fainted from its deliciousness. The customers who were watching around her were naturally curious about the taste, but the person who received the bread finished it in a frenzy.
 Everyone in the room thought that "Heavenly Cuisine" was real. Then, naturally, the other "inn where the goddess is" would have some credibility.
 The expectations of the guests were inflated.

 But that's as far as the information obtained from the merchants. The location of the inn, the name, and other information about the inn, and even the 'goddess' was never passed on.

 "The merchant's 'goddess inn' as he calls it, is real" This rumor quickly spread among the common people.


I never thought I'd be this busy.

 I, "Kara Grice," was stretched out in a room at the inn before the sun came up. I'm about to start preparing breakfast.
 It's the time of day when our guests are asleep, so I get off my bunk and change my clothes so I don't make a lot of noise. Since my body is already familiar to me, I don't have to worry about it and head for the kitchen.

 I can't relax on the way to the kitchen.

 This is a moderately old and small inn, and of course there is no soundproofing equipment such as magic. It's not a problem if you use your own magic, but it's also useless because the effect is lost when I sleep.
 You can use a magic tool, but I don't have one at the moment, and it will take some time to produce one.
 That's why I have no choice but to leave it as it is.

 I've already told our customers about it, so please bear that in mind.
 I'm going to get a number of magic tools soon.
 And there's no problem with making noise from the time the sun comes up for the most part.

 I quietly made my way to the kitchen while thinking about the day's meals.