16 Inn daily life 4

 When I came to the kitchen to do the morning preparations, I decided on a morning menu that had me scratching my head.

'We'll have something light in the morning, or around bread, salad and corn pottage.

 It was really a light breakfast thing.


STEP1 Baking

 The bread making process includes the following processes: preparation of ingredients, making dough, kneading, primary fermentation, splitting and rounding, bench time (secondary fermentation), shaping, shaping fermentation, and baking.
 Other processes may also exist, such as making cuts after forming and fermentation, but that's okay.

 All the knowledge is diverted from the [Information Network of Chaos].

 What? You haven't heard the name of a skill in a while? Well, guess what.

 My signature bread is made every morning, every afternoon and every night. I only make what I order because it would be a waste of time to run out

 Yes, the process of fermentation, which takes time.

 In a world that didn't have soft and fluffy bread, there was naturally no such thing as yeast, so I started by making natural yeast. Once I was satisfied with the yeast, I made some bread....

 Natural yeast. It uses far less bacteria than the yeast that was widely used on earth, and it takes at least 12 hours for the first fermentation.

 At that point, I almost fell behind. I thought about taking this technology to a bakery and only getting paid for its success.

 Honestly, I'm sorry to all the main characters of the original otherworldly reincarnation that I made fun of at the time.
 This hardship may be much harder than forming a monopoly market.

 As such, I wanted to let you all know that baking takes time.

 So how do you make bread after receiving an order in such a situation?

 It's magic.

 After making the bread dough and kneading it all at once, I transferred the dough to a bowl and cast a spell.

Time Compression.

 It is a spell that speeds up the time in a certain space. This spell can only be used by me.
 I'll tell you the story of how I figured it out some other time.

 For now, let's concentrate on the baking.


STEP2 Making corn potage

 In a way, I made the main dish of potage.
 As for the bread, I only baked it afterwards, so I saved it under the spell of [save].

 Do you know how to make a potage? It's surprisingly easy to make.
 First, slowly fry the chopped onions.
 When the onions become soft and sweet, add the corn.
 When the corn turns bright yellow, add more bouillon or water to the corn. (You will make the bouillon, of course.)
 Put Laurier in at the same time as 4 and 3. (This is a normal find.)
 5, When it comes to a boil, taste the corn. If it's sweetened, it's OK.
 6, Remove the rough heat, remove the bay leaf, and grind incessantly. (The hardest work, what an easy task if you have a mixer.)
 7, Strain.
 8. Cool it thoroughly, and the original is completed. →You can freeze it.
 Put the original into a pot, adjust the density of milk, and add fresh cream to make it rich. (The fresh cream is also homemade.)
 10, season with salt and you're done!

 This is just a solid and delicious corn potage at home.

 Well, that's okay, because you can buy the source of the potage faster, but there's no such thing in this world.

 Oh, and while I'm at it, it's getting to be a good time.

 I'm sure some of our guests will be waking up soon. Let's put the finishing touches on it.


 STEP3 Making salads

 I don't think I need to tell you.
 Finish with homemade mayonnaise.

 Mayonnaise ..........


 The inn's dining room is full of guests. They are all looking forward to Kara's food.

'Thank you for waiting. Here's today's breakfast.

I'm waiting.
I'm here for this!
"Simple is best!
Will you marry me?
No, wait, wait, wait, wait. You can't just run off.

 You seem to be talking about a lot of things, but it's through and through.

 I put the food in front of the guests.

Please enjoy your meal. Then, let's eat.
""Thank you for this."

 You can't eat in this inn unless you say "Itadakimasu" or "feast your eyes".

 ----It's a good thing that you're not an exception, even for the king.

 There are a number of people who have already been barred from eating. The king has been shut out a few times. But even so, the number of customers has not disappeared because the food is delicious.

 After that, the guests were satisfied and left the inn.

 Now..........we have to clean up.