17 Questionnaire result announcement

 I am the author.

I'm happy to report that the results of the "Questionnaire that may affect the future development of Chi-Shuku" are in.

 Oh, please don't mind the title, it's just something the author decided for himself.

 A total of 77 people responded to the survey.

 Thank you very much.

 First, would you like to hire more employees for the inn? Can't we increase it? As a result of the

 Add 48 votes.
 No. 26 votes 
 Neither. 3 votes for "Neither".

 I would like to increase the number.

 And I'll give you a little bit of a reason.

 Reason for increasing
 I want to see the interaction between Kara and the employee.
 Wouldn't she die of exhaustion if she was alone?
 Pretty girl please. Huh.

 And so on. Thank you for your clear reasoning.

 Reasons for not increasing
 Isn't Carla's charm eaten away by her employees' characters?
 If you can handle it all by yourself, don't you need it?
 Isn't this an industrial espionage target?

 And so on. I can understand the reasons for this one very well.

 Other than that, Anna reappears, or somehow pulls the kid, or is it better because it's messenger-like?
 Thank you for all your opinions, such as.
 After that, there were a lot of people wishing for a woman, and in spite of the fact that there's a beautiful woman named Kara, you all like her. Well, I like it too.

 I'm not sure if what you had in mind matches up with what the author had in mind, but
 Look forward to their appearance.

 Next, will you bring out the other incarnations and trippers? Can we get this out of here? About.

 19 votes.
 No. 51 votes. 
 Neither. 7 votes

 I'm not going to release it.

 I'll tell you why.

 Reason for putting out
 As a compliment to the main character.
 How about getting excited about running an inn as a fellow countryman?
 Pretty girl please. Huh.

 These are some of the reasons.

 Reasons for not putting out
 There's no need.
 There's no point in letting it out.
 It is not necessary in the main story.

 I don't want her in the main story.

 Surprisingly, many people who voted for "No" seemed to say "It's okay to put her out, but don't make her antagonistic to Kara".
 This one had a lot of people wanting a male, and later "Kara (or is it Ryuta?) I think a lot of people said, "I know someone who

 Thank you all for your answers.

 The employees who will be appearing in the room will probably be after we finish explaining the inn, etc., so I don't think they will be appearing yet, but we would appreciate your help.

 Thank you so much for your various opinions.