18 Inn daily life 5

 The cleaning and washing of this inn, which does not have many rooms, does not take much time.

 Can you handle it all by yourself? I wonder if everyone has forgotten about the marvel that is SPD 500.

  It was raised by being an adventurer.

 I crisply worked on what I was going to make for lunch today.


 Time to clean, to do laundry.
 During that time, the Dragon Emperor's Wood will become a battlefield.

 In the 'Dragon Emperor's Inn Tree', there was a set time for cleaning and washing, or rather, it was dangerous if you didn't decide.

 "In the morning, after lunch, and after dinner."

 Those three hours are it.

 The cleaning after lunch and dinner was simple and without any of the rough and tumble atmosphere of a battlefield.
 You will see me cleaning in the usual warm and fuzzy air.

 The problem is the morning.
 I've decided that everything at the inn is to be cleaned in the morning. An hour between 8:00 and 9:00, to be exact.
 During this time, guests can choose to go out of the inn or stay in the inn on the condition that they never go out of their rooms.

 So why do we do it?


 I'm now sweeping the path in front of the main entrance with my broom. ...and at the same time, I'm wiping the entire inn dry while simultaneously washing the bedsheets and other items I brought from the guest rooms and hanging the finished ones out in the backyard. She also makes the beds and arranges flowers in a vase at the inn.

 You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, maybe if you look at a situation like this, anyone would........ If I were in the same position, I'm sure everyone would have had the same impression.

 Well, I'm just running around the inn at super speed. The floor, the wall, and the ceiling, in every direction.
 It is a superhuman movement as if the art of the alter ego is also seen.

 Now, when seen from the eyes of an ordinary person, it is probably possible to confirm that there are about 18 of me in the inn.
 It is a horror of sorts.

 If I stepped into the inn by mistake, at that moment, I would collide with one of my alter egos and disappear from the world without leaving a trace.
 A mercenary who was actually thinking of evil? A couple of men have disappeared from the inn, and I'm sure they wanted me to be alone at this time.
 I guessed that they wanted to take advantage of this time when I was alone, but I didn't think that they were going to disappear from the world.

 Now, how can they move so fast that the inn doesn't collapse? You may be wondering, "What is the secret of the inn?

 First of all, let's start with the overall structure of the inn.
 As I may have told you, it is a wooden and plastered inn with the atmosphere of a tavern and inn that you often see in video games.
 Neither the wood nor the plaster can withstand my super speed. So why is it okay?

 ........The answer is because these are magical metals.
They are made by making good use of a metal with a texture similar to plaster called 【Asero Di Sandritos】 and a metal with the texture of wood called 【Mitar Bello】.
 These two are very similar to wood and plaster in appearance, texture, scent, etc., but they are moderately rare metals that have a hardness comparable to orichalcone when magic power is applied.
 It is a rare metal that can withstand my super speed.
 Naturally, furniture and other items of furniture are made of the same material, and it would be impossible for an ordinary person to carry them around if they weren't enchanted to reduce their weight.

 ........well, I can carry it. It makes me somewhat sad to say it.

 Next, the window, this one should also break normally, but it won't.

 This one is made from the scales of the [Gold Nugone], it contains glass.

 Even if this one is broken to some extent, it absorbs the magic element around it and repairs itself.
 It's just that it's made from one of the world's strongest species, the dragon.

 Take a look at the bed sheets being washed at super speed.
 They are scrubbed so fast on the washboard (also made of Mital Bello, of course) that no dirt is allowed to exist.
 The material of these sheets is also naturally made specially. It is made of the body hair of a wolf called [Jinro].
 The white fur of this Jinro is so white that it does not get dirty at all, even if it dives into the mud.

 Am I a man of ideas who thought of using this as a sheet? No, Woman?

 The inn is full of valuables that could buy a whole country.

 By the way, the cleaning and laundry were all done.

 Today's lunch will be oyako-don (chicken and egg) with moss.