19 Inn daily life 6

Come to my room tonight.

 With a smirk on their faces, the men in front of them said.

''...Yes? I'm not sure I understand what you mean?

(Well, I know it's true.)

Don't play dumb with me, but there's a whole inn full of them. You're doing something right, aren't you? Besides, we're going to go along for the ride, which can't be a bad thing, can it?
Well, you just need to show us a good time, like you always do, and if there are other customers, you can come after them.


 When I looked, the guests around me were looking at the men with gasps.

''Um~ What are you talking about?''

Oh, I don't understand, an old witch, such a crappy inn is one of the top vying for the first or second place in the capital, and it's run by a woman.
That means the service is good, of course, and I don't mean to be blunt, but... well, you know, come back to our room tonight.

 They were these kinds of pricks, after all.


 The old inn has recently started to thrive.
 A woman has rebuilt it all by herself.
 A woman runs the inn all by herself.
 The merchants call it a goddess' inn.
 That's how beautiful the woman is running it.

 If you pick out these words and paint them with fantasy and desire, wouldn't all men come to the same conclusion?


'[No one under the age of 18 can see this! I came to the conclusion that "you can enjoy the service of the inn where you can enjoy a good service.

 This duo who came this time might have been imagining that.

 We hit the jackpot the moment we entered the inn. It had a target air about it.

 I probably shouldn't have dressed today either.
 I tried to pair a sensational top that opened up from the chest enough to show the shoulders wide and a pair of shorts that exposed my healthy thighs....... Did I fail?
 Normally I dress more conservatively, but today I thought I'd change my tune.... Why are they here on such a day?

 Well, they were our guests, so I went to deal with them, but the moment I told them there was no room at the inn, they said the first line of the story.

The moment I told him there were no rooms available, he said the first line of the story: "I'm sorry. Sorry, but we don't provide such a service at the inn.
 If you want that kind of service, I think it would be better to go to the inn called [Sanctuary of the Lost Lamb], which is located on the main street behind the commercial district?

 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
 Anyway, I'm going to ask you to leave.

Sir, we're going to have to... "Don't mess with me, sir! I'll f*ck you right here and now! Ah!

 Is this how all these guys get angry?
 He raised his voice and made them obey him by force.
 Come to think of it, I think the three bandits said the same thing....... Do they have a line template?

Please do not speak too loudly. It would disturb the people around you.

 Instantly, an indescribably cold air enveloped the two men.


 The two men are probably mercenaries, mercenaries are almost the same guys as bandits, but let's just say that they are different from bandits in that they don't betray you as long as you keep paying them.
 These two guys must be reasonably competent as mercenaries. Even with a quick glance, they seem to have about 8 points more offensive power than the surrounding customers.
 That seems to have set them on edge.

(Well, shall we take them back?)

'What? What?

 The men paled at the sudden and unpredictable coldness that hit them.

''You're making a little too much noise. There are other customers here, so please take it away for now.
 We will refund you the price. Then go outside.
Oh, hey! Wait! We're customers, okay? You can't act like that!

 The men still ask me for the money, even though I politely thrust it back at them.
 I'm still pale from the cold air, but I'm still bracing myself.

 I'm starting to get annoyed with them.

We have already returned the money to you. I'm sorry, but you have been downgraded to the rank of 'annoying people who will always be in front of the counter'.
 We're not your customers. Friends who came to visit? It's the number one thing.

 If you still make a nuisance of yourself to the customers around you, I'd be happy to downgrade you to 'trash that wanders around in front of you forever', if you like.

 The men snapped at my ridiculous words.

''You're going to kill me!
Don't you dare get carried away!

 Men reaching for their swords on their hips.

''And you can make the mistake of thinking we're strong, but please do so where it won't bother those around us.



 --Go! ×x2

Like this fragile sword, you will be like that, won't you?

 I quickly snatched the sword from the men's waists and grabbed it lightly, but the entire sheath was crushed.
 The sword rolled on the floor with a crash.
 The men are pale and muttering like ramblings, "The sword of Komishtar........

''Well, please take it back for today as it will disturb the other guests.

 I begged the men again, but the next thing I knew

'Wow. It's a monster.... They're going to kill me.
'What a goddess inn!

 He wanted to run away without shame or offense........
 Who's the monster? Who! They're rude! I mean, take this sword with you. You're in my way.

"Ooh. That's just like Kara~
That aura of anger is always so powerful.
'I mean, are those idiots still here? You should know by now that this is a decent inn by now.
Anyway, Kara, why don't we have lunch? Hurry up, or the King will be here in a few minutes.
Oh, you mustn't do that, because I don't want to stand in the way of Kara and the king's love life, Auntie.

No, I mean, it's not like I have anything to do with Kyle, but...
'You don't have to be shy, you're close enough to call the king by his name, right? Aunties, we're rooting for you! Hang in there!

 --No, I'm not cheering or trying to do my best, but really nothing with Kyle~!

 Afterwards, they messed around a lot, and they may or may not have been able to see the rare Kara who fumbled around.

 Maybe the king was depressed that he couldn't see the floundering Kara, or maybe he wasn't....