20 Quiet story: Day of love and gratitude

 There is an air of buoyancy in the city today.

 Everywhere, thanks and love are being exchanged from man to woman and from woman to man.

 That's right, today is the Day of Love and Gratitude, "Skolle Dinklepoofi".
 It is an annual event loved by the citizens as a day to express their gratitude that cannot be said in ordinary times.

 In modern times, it's called "Valentine's Day", which is a day of pain for men of means.

 When you make a promise of love, you should always give a gift, but the latest trend is to send chocolate to your true love and cookies to your in-laws.

 Well, such a day. As for our Cara....


Mr. Malloy, you don't carry chocolate, do you?

 Me, who tries to ask at a loss.
 By the way, Mr. Malloy is the merchant of the inn's favorite.

...I have it.

 You have! I mean, Mr. Malloy, isn't that stuff old? How do you know that?

What are you going to do with the chocolate, though? It's not like Kara has a real love interest, is it?

 Mr. Malloy, I think you need to fix your character a little more, don't you?
 And what's the real deal?

Yeah, I was just craving some chocolate.
This bitter stuff? You're surprisingly fond of things.
'I'm sure you know that, Mr. Malroy. More importantly.....

'Kara's buying chocolate...'
What? This is a big deal...
Ooh, Kara, give me some chocolate, please!
"You idiot! Of course I'm going to get it, of course I'm going to get it!

 What's all the fuss about? If you want to eat that much chocolate, just buy it. (As a certain French royal said.)

 Well, now that the chocolate is in hand, let's go back to the inn.


Okay, sweetie, here's a cookie for you.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, ain't that little Kara? Hey, Katy, you got some cookies for me?
Oh, yeah, no problem.
'Oh? Isn't that Kara, that's unusual for you to be here at this time of day, oh yeah.............................yes Cookie.

 I'm getting some unusual cookies....

 What's going on?

 I went back to the inn while thinking about it.


 --Karanka karanka karan.

Wheeze. Water, water.
What's going on with you today, Kyle? You don't look so good today.

 When I cut him off, Kyle replied in a cumbersome manner.

'Ahhhh, today is a day for love and appreciation, right? There's an aristocrat who's selling it here and there. I said I didn't want it.
I don't want any more chocolate. Why do I have to make you eat those nasty things? Is it torture?

 What's that Valentine's Day kind of event.... I've never heard of that before?

That's why I'm here. I feel so much better in here.
Thanks, you can stay for a while, but you need to get back to work, okay?

 You look really tired.
 Do you want me to give you something to help you recover? You're the guest who comes to the inn the most for whatever reason.


Here's a little something for you. It's a good way to recover from fatigue.
What? Chocolate? Kara's would be more than welcome!
"I'm sorry, but the cake is here. Well, you can have it after dinner. I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow.
"Tut! It's not, well ... still Kara's defenses are hard, bosom.

 Now, Kyle's giving me a tongue lashing! Looks like you don't want the cake.

If you don't want it, I'll take it down.

 Then he reaches for the box.

'No, no, you need it. You'll need it. I'll have it. See you then~

 Kyle runs through at God's speed.
 How is it that he only becomes quicker to act at times like this?


 That day, the whole country was in turmoil.

 It was because of something Kara had handed out as a token of her appreciation.

       "Chocolate cookies." 

 They say the whole country debated whether they were the real deal or the righteous.


 Meanwhile, at the castle.

 --A message card from Carla--

 To Kyle.

 Thank you for always coming to the inn.
 I know you're tired from your political duties, so please have something sweet to cheer you up.
 Chocolate has a good recovery effect.

                      From Carla.

Sebas can I take this as the real deal?
'It's Lord Kara, you know. Wouldn't it be better to assume that you meant what you said?

 Cake is cake, sure, but ....

       "Chocolate cake." 

 Apparently there was a king groaning in front of his cake for an hour or so.