21 Inn daily life 7

 It's been a few hours since I got rid of the daytime idiots and chilled out with the neighborhood uncles and aunts.

 Now it's night time.


 Today's guests are all adventurers, so they all eat and drink well.

 It's not easy for me to run the inn at night, so I have the help of an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Tillepoo, who are supposedly retired.
 These two are the fourth and fifth people who became fans of my cuisine, and who had originally wanted to run the place but had given up due to a bad back, so when I asked them to help out at night, they answered immediately.

 I asked them to help me at night, and they agreed to help me. ...No way, more free time means more time for that.

 Dinner is over, and the inn is now just a bar, with me moving around here and there to pour myself a glass of wine, and Tillepoo and his wife are busy serving drinks and making snacks while they eat the meal.
 There is no time to rest, to say the least, until this settles down.

Onee-san, get me a beer!
She's with me now, all right?
More snacks.

Hear me sing!

It's really noisy. I mean, the ones who are sleeping, go to your room, go to your room.

No~ I'm sure this is the place to stay when you come to the King's Landing.
Well, the food is good and the landlady is beautiful.
And the drinks are good, too!
It's really true to the phrase, 'The Goddess Lodging'.

 I appreciate it. I said to myself, "I wish the landlady would smile a little more.

I wish the landlady would smile a little more.
'Yes! It's the landlady's 'smile' that no one has ever seen before, right? I've heard it makes you happy to see it. Can you smile for a moment, landlady~?

 It was the customer who had said thank you words, but with those words, the hustle and bustle from earlier fell silent as if it were a lie.

(Whoa! What do you want me to do? (When you smile, you activate the 'Devil's Smile', and that skill is what makes you expressionless.

 I was inwardly upset with myself.

Hey, don't do that. The landlady said she was so shocked when she was little that she couldn't make a good facial expression. You don't want to try to nitpick it.

 The inside of the inn is quiet.

(Wait a minute, what's with that fake setup!!!!

'What? I heard that when she smiled, it was so beautiful that the husband saw it, and he didn't find his wife attractive anymore, so he poked her in the eye and left, and his wife's parents told him never to smile again?

 Even quieter inside the inn.

(That's a subtle difference, but I'm pretty sure that's Mr. Xta! Housekeeper from what?

'Huh? From what I've heard, it's extremely rare for the landlady to smile, so if you can see her smile, you'll use up your lifetime's worth of luck there, and after that, only bad luck will befall you...

'Wait. I've heard that anyone who sees that 'smile' will not be able to get that too beautiful face out of their head, and they will think of nothing but the landlady day and night, and finally go mad and die?

 There is no more silence in the inn at all.

(What's with that setup!!!!! (Am I a demon or something?!!!!)

Oh, landlady, haha, no, no, it's not that you have to laugh.

 The man who started the conversation said.

(Can I be angry about this? I mean, what do you think? (Seriously.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, people, most of that stuff is a lie, so don't let it bother you.
That's right. He was born with difficulty in expressing himself. I'm sorry.

 Time to lose your temper? The Tillepoo's appeared on the stage just in time to say, "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it.

(Ho, I knew I'd feel at home in a situation like this.)

 I turned to the customer, sending my heartfelt thanks to him and his wife.

'I'm sorry. As Mr. Tillepoo has told you, I am naturally difficult to express myself. It's not that I don't smile, but I may be causing you all some trouble because I don't show it on my face.
 Also, the rumors are all untrue. Rest assured that if you see me laughing, you will not die.

 With those words from me, the strange atmosphere of the inn was blown away.

 After this, the guests continued to drink for about two hours to clear their careless comments.


Thank you, Mr. Tillepoo.

 The time has changed and it's late at night.
 The guests have returned to their rooms and Kara is sitting in the dining room having a drink and thanking the Tillepsons for their hospitality.

We've noticed that you're a hard man to express, and you've taken over the inn for us.
That's right, you're like a grandchild of my wife and I.
Well, when you have a problem, you can ask for help, because it's a pleasure for a grandmother to listen to her grandchildren's whims.

 They are two people who are really happy to tell me that.

This drink is good too.
Thank you. Please take some if you want. I've got a few more.
'Ho-ho, do you mind if I do that? Well, I guess I'd better go home now........bye.
Right, well, I'll see you tomorrow, Carla.

'Thank you very much.

 Grandpa (....), Grandma (...)

 I'll see you tomorrow.

 Even though they were tired from work, the couple was light on their feet as they headed home.