23 Adventurer's man novella

 It was a while later that we arrived at the inn.

 If you think about it, there is no way that I, who do not know the location of the inn well, can get to the inn straight away.

 Fortunately it was a famous inn, because it was an inn, the place was known immediately if you ask the people of the town. So it didn't take me much time, but....

(Even so, I didn't know there was a surprise like that. Anyway, now that we finally arrived at the inn, let's think about today's meal).

 I put my hand on the door of the inn and slowly push it open, thinking about the "raisu" that I will meet today.

 --I'll be able to see you.

 Is it a bell to announce a visitor? The door of the inn opens at the same time as the bell makes a small sound.

 On the other side of that door, a more shocking encounter than earlier awaited us.


Welcome to the Dragon King's Wood.
Welcome. Oh, that's the old man from earlier.

 With such a voice, a white-haired woman of such beauty that she could be mistaken for a goddess, and the pretty girl I saw just now, Lyrica-dono's daughter, 'Aika', appeared.

(Why are they here! If you look closely, you can even see Lord Lyrica! (That's the last thing I wanted to see right now...)

"? How can I help you?
"...? Wow!

 I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I apparently didn't even notice the woman who approached me. When I looked up, I saw an expressionless face up close that was as well-formed as a goddess.
 It would be impossible to tell me not to be surprised.

''? Um, what can I do for you today?
'Oh, yes. I have a reservation at this inn today.... Is the innkeeper here?

 For now, it is more important to stay at the inn than this beauty.

''Well, I'll be the innkeeper in a manner of speaking, but........

(What? He's the owner of the inn? (Where's the innkeeper = well-dressed lady theory?

 You don't have a reservation for your guests, do you? We've never met before today.

A good-looking woman... what?

 I had heard that the inn was booked, so I thought I could stay there immediately, but I was betrayed by the unexpected words.

'The inn is full of other booked guests today and...'
"...what? But I've heard from the guild staff that you've been booked?

 I'm pretty sure the guild officials were saying, 'We've got an inn.

''Well, I'm sorry. Our inn is built on a relationship of trust with our guests, so all reservations are only accepted by guests who come to our inn.
 We do not accept reservations on behalf of guests...

 It is said that for those who are looking forward to staying and not being able to do so, they will be given a once-usual transmission magic tool called "DARIGORUS" to reserve the next visit.
 You can make a reservation for up to three consecutive days before and after the visit, and no one is allowed to stay there no matter how many rooms are available during that period. It's surprising to hear that even His Majesty the Emperor was unable to stay there.

(What........what? (My inn for the day, or rather, my food...)

'Oh, that's right, I was trying to tell you that the guild staff was caught up in the fake booking scam group that's in trouble right now, so I was trying to tell you that you're not getting booked. And yet you're leaving the guild screaming on your own....
 Anyway, I've made a reservation for 'Garden of Joy' again, so you'll be staying there today, right?

 Lyrica-dono spoke to me in a frank manner, unlike in the guild.
 I gulped and poked my knee.




 Aika poked me on the cheek, probably amused by my nodding face. She's got a really nice smile.

(Ooooooh.) Stop it. Don't peck me on the cheek with such a cute smile. You're going to make Aika-chan want to grab your cheeks too.

 For the record, I'm not a pedophile.

 The conversation between the adults was taking place above my head.


'Hey, Lyrica, I didn't hear anything about that? Was it a fraudulent group?
'No, look, we already know where we're hiding, and we're just going to get things under control, or else...'

 Lyrica replies with a bland answer while being slurred by Kara's change in the air she wears.

It's not a surprise that they haven't contacted me, the party involved, right? What's the reason?
''Well, you know~, uh~ better not hide it? .........No~, honestly, this case was something that affected the inn, right? When Kara-chan heard about the criminal's hideout, she asked me if I would like to blow up the entire city.
 When it comes to lodgings and guests, Kara-chan's temperament is gone.

 The handling of Kara in the guild is exactly what you would call a 'coagulated explosive gem', it's beautiful and beautiful looking, but it's true in the sense that if it's handled wrongly, it can lead to a catastrophe.

''That's rude.......do you think I'm that unsuspecting?''
No, if anything, it's beyond human...
Did you say something? But you do know where they're hiding, don't you? Where is it? When are you headed out? Today? Tomorrow? Now?

 Zuizouzoui moved closer and Kara, the highlights gone from her eyes.
 Lyrica managed to answer back with tears in her eyes.

'The place is a two-story building in the middle of the second back boulevard, south of the commercial district~. (Crying)
 It's easy to find because it has a sign that says "Signpost to the Dragon Emperor (Legio Asse)" on it~.
 When we'll be heading there is still undecided though...
 Don't do anything like that, Kara-chan, please don't try to get in the car~

 Kara, who brought the highlights back to her eyes at Lyrica's response, spoke up with a calm look in her eyes.

'I won't, there's even an inn........
 For that matter, sir, please stop nodding off at that point and take a seat.

 That was the moment I was reminded of his presence.


You said your name was "Raise", didn't you?

 The owner of the inn, "Kara", who stood in front of me on a chair, asked me this. Or rather, "Kara"? I think I've heard this before.... Even so, the way he's holding Aika-chan is very picturesque.
 It's rather erotic. The soft OPPAI crushed by holding Aika in her arms has an indescribable erotic quality.

''Yes, I heard that it's a fantastic ingredient that can only be eaten by those who stay at this inn, so I came here to enjoy it.

 I talked about the purpose of my visit while trying to avoid thinking about OPPAI as much as possible.
 This was a surprisingly difficult task.

'So, one more thing, what exactly was 'well-dressed auntie' all about?'

 It seems that they heard that muttering too, after all.

''No, um, that was........''
What's that?
When I heard that this is the Goddess' Inn, the innkeeper of the inn is always a well-dressed lady, so I expected a slightly thinner lady to come out.
 But I didn't expect to see someone so beautiful.
Well, you're a beautiful girl, Carla.

 Thank you for a nice follow-up, Lyrica-dono.

Is that so? Well, I can't be a good-looking lady. I'm sorry.
 And about the "raisu", you can eat it without staying the night, right?


Could you wait a little longer? It's almost time to go...

 The impact you get today could be the biggest one of your life.