24 Adventurer Man Part 2

 Bang! The man jumped in with a force that could have blown the door off.

'Here it comes~. 'Whoa? Lyrica and Aika are here today too, it's gorgeous.
 Hmm? What's with this guy? Carla won't do it, okay?

 I'm surprised by what he said as soon as he jumped in. I mean, where have I seen this before?

Always the same, my king.
Oh, baby.
'Oh? Good, good, good, Aika is such a sweetheart. When me and Kara have a daughter, you'll be my friend, okay?

 The king holds up Aika-chan while saying such things.



The king? It's certainly King Kyle if you look closely! How did it get here? I mean, making a daughter with Lord Cara.... (You're a lover!)

 I'm surprised by the shocking fact that I don't know how many times I've already been shocked. But that's a good thing, it betrayed me in a good way.

'What are you talking about, Kyle, you're being silly. You're not even going out with me, let alone planning to do so.
"Oh, no pulse today... Anyway, Kara, I want to eat again. Marry me while you're at it.
'I'm not getting married. Instead, I'm going to have a seat at the table with all the other guests there.
 It's hard to clean up when the food is all scattered around.

(What's with this husband and wife comedy, who can believe they're not lovers now? I mean, I'm sitting with the King! (Such fears are common)

 I was about to stand up to decline, but someone held me back.

 .........It's Lyrica-dono.

''It's not really possible to eat Kara-chan's food and at this time of day, so you should take your time.

 Lirica-dono says with a dazzling smile.
 I can't relax just because I'm sitting with the king.

 Even this king was an admired figure to us adventurers.
 The king, a former adventurer, was one of the geniuses who succeeded in giving adventurers, who until then were treated as mere pretenders, a status by creating a guild and arranging their living environment to the same level as the citizens.
 He would be an indispensable person in the Oaklan Kingdom, which continues to develop even now.

 To put it bluntly, sitting in the same room with such a person makes me want to run away right now.

You're going to eat, aren't you? You better listen to Kara or she's going to throw you out, okay?

 It seems that the king has already been thrown out a few times.

 The king's intimidation that sat face-to-face afterwards pushed him to look towards the kitchen while being soothed by the cuteness of Aika-chan beside him. There was Cara-dono's figure cooking.


 A lot of vegetables are being cut up.
 Chinese cabbage, onions, cabbages, bamboo shoots, carrots, and fluttering black things (kikurage) are also visible. Almost all of them are chopped up with a thumping sound.

 Next, Kara took out a huge frying pan (wok) and put it on the fire.
 She put a little fragrant oil (sesame oil) into the pan to make sure it was hot enough.
 Then she added the chopped ginger and garlic to the pan. As it was being fried, an indescribable aroma of ginger and garlic and an unusually appetizing smell filled the inn.
 Cara nodded her head in agreement with the good smell and then added the pork, squid and shrimp, which were cut into bite-sized pieces and fried.
 After making sure that the pork and squid were cooked through, she added the vegetables.
 The trick is to add the vegetables first, starting with the ones that are hard to be cooked.
 Finally, add a few small eggs (quail eggs) and fry them just a bit.
 Combine water, chicken stock, oyster sauce, sake, soy sauce, and salt and pepper to taste, and put the ingredients in a frying pan to boil.
 When the core of the Chinese cabbage has become soft, add an appropriate amount of silken pods.

 Carla transfers the soup made in this way to a small plate and tastes it for a while.
 The eyes of the men are focused on those lips.
 You can also have a look at the same time.
 I really envy that small plate being sipped by a beautiful woman like Kara.

 The soup must have been good, she nods with satisfaction.
 The air around Kara felt heartily clearer.

 Next, Kara added a little bit of white powder (potato starch) dissolved in water to the soup.
 And what do you think, the inside of the frying pan, which had been so squishy just a moment ago, was filled with the thickened bean paste!

 In this still underdeveloped culinary world, it would have seemed like magic, to say the least.

 What kind of magic could it be? The food goes on, even though the adventurer man is surprised.

 Karla, perhaps satisfied with the quality of the red bean paste, takes out a plate next.

 She puts something shiny and white like a jewel in a deep dish (a bowl) and pours the red bean paste on it.
 The same thing was repeated five times (one of which was a smaller bowl), and with all of this, she came to the seat where the king and his friends were waiting.


Here you go. A Chinese-style bowl.
We've been waiting for you.
You always look so good.
... (laughs)

 I was stunned by how quickly and deftly the food was prepared.

'What's wrong? It's a dish made with what you call 'raisu', right?
"...what? This and "Laissez"? Ah! Is it that fluttery black one?
The fluttering black stuff, that's kikurage, the stuff you put underneath the bean paste.

 Could it be that white, glittering jewel? That's "Raise"! I can't wait to try it.
 I took the deep-bottomed spoon-like thing they gave me (lengua) and tried to eat it as soon as I could.


 It's kind of painful to see the eyes around me.

There are rules in this inn, don't you think you can eat without permission?

 Realizing something from the king, I put my spoon down.

'That was a close one, dear.'

 Saying that, Lirica-dono shifts his body a little. There's........

 1. You should chant a word of thanks before you eat.
 1. It is important to say "Thank you" after a meal.
 First, we should eat a meal together.
 Do not quarrel during a meal.
 Do not quarrel with each other during the meal.

 If you can't follow the rules above, you should be prepared to be forced to leave.

 The rule in the dining room of this inn was written so decisively that I wanted to lament why I didn't notice it even after this.

 Eh........I didn't even notice the rule that is written so big? Isn't this a real problem?

Good thing His Majesty stopped you. You would have left without a bite of the rice you came all this way to eat.
Hmm, I wouldn't have minded what happened to this guy.

 Your Majesty Your Majesty a twinkle in the eye?
 I mean, is tsundere the right word to use? A fellow adventurer said it's a word that can be used in situations like this........

If you had been a little closer, I would have knocked you out, no questions asked.
 Before it was posted, everyone was eating as they pleased. After I put it up, people started to eat more calmly. Well, there are still people who don't try to follow the rules, but those who do have to leave the restaurant.
 Well, I'll leave it at that. Now, I would like to say thank you to all the lives that have become our flesh and blood.
""Thanks for the food."
"? Would you like some?

 I didn't understand it, but they all said it out loud, so I mimicked it and said it too. Is this the way to say thank you?
 If I hadn't told you, I would have been kicked out.......dangerous.

 Even Aika-chan, the king and the other kings started to stare at the call earlier, and even she was eating while gagging.

 It was a lovely scene.

(I can't let my fellow adventurers see this. I'm sure they'd hustle for sure.

 While thinking about these thoughts, "Chukadon (or was it?) to my mouth.

 The thick thick red bean paste spread in my mouth was well-seasoned and the vegetables were still appropriately crunchy. The squid and shrimp were plump and plump, and the unique flavor of the red bean paste combined with the flavor of the squid and shrimp raised the level of flavor to a much higher level. The "raius" underneath, with a little bit of red bean paste, is also exceptionally delicious.
 The slightly sweet "raisu" is mixed with the salty red bean paste, and the crunchiness of the vegetables leaves no room to complain about the crunchiness.
 The appearance is colorful and beautiful with the red of carrots and the green of silken pods.

 It was so good that I can say that I've never tasted anything as good as this in my life.

 I couldn't help but scream, but this was a yell of instinct.
 I couldn't stop myself from screaming.

 The king and Lirica-dono looked at me as I ate everything in one fell swoop, as if they were smiling at me.

(I'm kind of embarrassed. (Let's just look at Aika and relax.)

 I was comforted to see Aika still eating very softly.

 After that, we all chanted, "Thank you for the food," and finished our meal.

(I was satisfied just to be able to eat Raisu, but I didn't expect the food to be this good.

 As I was thinking about this, I was about to head to the Garden of Delight, when I was approached by a voice.

Do you have a minute? Here.

 Saying that, the one presented to me by Lord Cara was the Faraway Voice (Daligoras).

You are always welcome to come back. Please make a reservation there the next time you come.
Oh, thank you. I'll definitely be back.
Yes, he's expecting you.

 Kara-dono bowed to him.
 He swore to himself that he would definitely come again.


 The next day, I left the noisy royal capital, satisfied that my request was successfully completed and that I had eaten Raisu.

(No, it was good, it was good. The Garden of Delight was a nice inn, and I'm sure I'll be able to stay at Kara-dono's inn next time I come back. I didn't expect to become acquainted with Lyrica-dono and the King, but....
 Who is really Kara-dono? If she's that beautiful, there's no way she wouldn't be famous~.

 Hmm? Kara? Carla, gray hair, beauty, excellent proportions, Carla, Carla........



 So, that's Kara from "Mysteromahia Princessa", huh? That legendary transcendent class! (I heard you died fighting the legendary Evil Dragon!

 I was the one who realized after all this time that an amazing person had run the inn.
 The reports to my fellow adventurers will increase dramatically....


 At the same time, in the royal capital, there were various discussions about the part of the commercial district that had suddenly disappeared yesterday.

(Cara-chan. You said you wouldn't get in.)

 There was Lyrica working while shouting in her mind and smiling so as not to interfere.