26 Secret wish of an adventurer woman Part 1

 My name is Luka, an F-class adventurer.

 I belong to a local guild, but I have come to the royal capital with a request to stay at the Dragon Emperor's Lodging Tree.
 I was actually planning to go home immediately after my request was finished, but I didn't have any silver to take home.

 Huh? You're an adventurer, so why don't you just escort him home with a request or something? You mean?

 Low-ranked adventurers like me need to hire an escort or they'll be attacked by demons and end up dead in a hurry....

 I try to choose relatively safe requests to take on, such as deliveries. (That's why I can't be strong, though...)

 So I'm hoping to take a request for a while in the royal capital from today and earn some road silver to go home.

 Eh? How did they stay at the inn without roadside silver? Is it?

 This inn is very conscientiously priced, and you can stay here for about two-thirds of the price of a typical inn. And it includes a meal! I negotiated with the landlady (she was very beautiful, and I'm jealous of her large OPPAI) and she said she could stay two nights in a row, so I decided to stay here for three days in advance.

 What I would like to talk about is the strange experience at the inn.


""Thanks for the meal."
Thanks for your help.

 This exchange is a customary part of eating at the inn. Last night at dinner, an adventurer who was about to eat his food without saying "I'll take it" was snatched away from him.

 After the morning meal was over, the landlady came over to me after all the other adventurers had gone out to make a request.

As I recall, you are an adventurer too, aren't you? You said you were going to make roadside silver, but do you think it's okay if I don't go to take the request?
The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that I'm an F-class person, so I can't make requests to defeat them due to danger.
 So I have to take requests for simple deliveries and so on to earn experience steadily.

 The proprietress also said she was a former adventurer (she doesn't look like that at all...) and she looked somewhat surprised at my words.
 Did something happen?

''Well you have to finish school to become an adventurer, so you must be strong in your own right, right?''
''Oh, the King's Capital Guild has a school system, but in the provinces, such a system hasn't been established yet. If you submit your papers to the guild, you can become a G-class adventurer there.
 So there are many adventurers like me who aren't very strong, but...
When you receive the G class, you will receive a brief explanation of the guild, the adventurer's mentality, how to take requests, etc., the magic power is measured and the theory of magic is explained, and how to treat wounds in an emergency, and then you can make a request normally.... ...What's going on?!

 As I was explaining, the landlady fell to her knees and nodded her head in disappointment.
 She seems to be mumbling something in the state of nodding, but I was too scared to listen.

 She finally came to a conclusion and stood up and looked at me with an expressionless face.
 I think it would be more beautiful if she smiled, but....

''I'm sorry, I'm sorry I made you look so weird.
''No, those who belong to the King's Capital Guild will always have the same reaction...''
Yeah? That's good.
 And? I don't suppose you're not going to ask for it?

 Oh yes, we were talking about this.

Most of the requests for deliveries come in the afternoon.
 We don't get many requests in the morning, so I'm going to take my time here until around noon.

 The landlady's reply to those words was the door to the mysterious world.