27 The secret wish of an adventurer woman Part 2

Do you want to stay at the inn?
Yes, did I do something wrong?

 The response from the landlady makes me anxious.

''No, it's not like that, but it's time to clean up now, so...''
Oh, is it? It's okay, okay?

 Since it's an inn, it's likely to be cleaned, and above all, it's likely to have bed sheet changes, so is there a problem?

'Then you can promise not to leave your room for an hour between eight and nine o'clock?
 Unless you can promise me that you will stay in the inn...

 The proprietress came at me with some kind of incredible power.
 If you look at her up close, she really does have a doll-like, well-defined face, which is a bit scary.

It's okay.

 I bit the reply.

''Well, nice to meet you then.

 When she said that, the landlady went back to the kitchen, perhaps to clean up.


 Returning to my room, I open the closed window and let the morning air in.

 The room at the inn was simple, with an overstuffed bed, a chic desk and a chair to go with it, but it all fit together nicely and gave the room a clean atmosphere.
 To pass the hour, I pulled out a recent novel and started reading it.

'The Strongest But I've Started an Inn' by Raith Kagura (Kagura)

 It is a book about a woman who runs an inn in a different world than the one she used to live in (it's called a different world, but I don't understand it) and confronts the various incidents that occur there, but the reality of the innkeepers and the hardships of running an inn is written in an interesting way with a few adaptations, which is something I have never seen in conventional novels. It's as interesting as it sounds.
 Conventional novels were mostly based on heroic tales of past great men and women, and the final episode was just the same old story of defeating the demon king, making a connection with the princess, and having a happy ending, which didn't make it interesting.

 Another characteristic of the story is that the woman was a so-called "outcast" adventurer with little magic and no power before she crossed the world, but then the world changed and she became the strongest person in the new world.
 If it were me, I would be going on a rampage to get rid of my old resentment, but the woman starts an inn to live in peace.
 She also gets criticized for being the strongest and most powerful woman in the world, but she gives the woman a cute impression and is very popular.

 I was reading this novel, which brought a new wind into the world of novels, in a room where the morning breeze blew in.

 Yes, I've had a strange thought. I don't seem to have the ability to write a novel.

 As I was doing this monologue, I saw the landlady sweeping the front door through the open window.

 Even the sight of her sweeping with a broom is a picture.
 I was watching her sweeping for a while when there was an unexpected knock on the door.
 The landlady was still sweeping in the doorway and I wondered who she was.

Yes, who is this?
Sir, I'm here to change your bed sheets.

 I looked back at the door and answered the knock, to which the landlady replied with a voice that I didn't expect.
 I hurriedly looked out of the window, but the landlady was nowhere to be seen.

I couldn't see the landlady. I was cleaning up over there just a few minutes ago, wasn't I?
Sir? May I come to your room?
Oh, come in.

 I invited the landlady into the room for now.

Thank you very much. Then I will exchange it with you. Oh? This book is....
Nice to meet you. That book is very popular right now.

 Noticing the book, the landlady picked it up and looked at it for a while.
 I spoke to her about the book's popularity while asking her to change the sheets, but she didn't respond well and put the book on the desk.

''........Yes, it seems so. I haven't read it because I don't have the time...''
'Really? You should definitely read it.

 The landlady looks somewhat puzzled by me pushing hard and peels off the bedsheets.

''........I'd like to read it if I get a chance. Now if you'll excuse me.

 Slamming the door and leaving me alone in my room.
 When I looked out the window, I saw the landlady cleaning the front door!

 I was approached by a puzzled me.

'Sir, I've brought you some replacement sheets, would you please open them?'
"? You just left just now, didn't you!

 It must have been less than ten seconds since he left.
 The landlady, who approached me so quickly, only confused me.

'? I'm here to change the bedsheets~
'Yes, sir! I'll open it now.

 I open the door even though I'm surprised to see the landlady disappearing from the front door.
 Unlike earlier, the landlady changes the bed sheets without even paying attention to the book. All at once, the bed feels clean again.

What's going on?
You left earlier, didn't you?
"? Yes? Did he leave?
You've been cleaning up outside, haven't you?
You're doing it.
You're here, aren't you?
You're here.
...What...what's going on?

 It was purely a question.
 At my question, the landlady clapped her hands in a pompous manner.
 He held his index finger up in front of his face and said

It's a secret.


 If the landlady hadn't been so expressionless with this, I might have fallen completely in love with her.
 It was such a destructive word.

''Now if you'll excuse me,''

 The landlady left the room, leaving me stiff as if I was in love with her.


 I lie down on the bed where the sheets have been changed and for a while I fantasize about what would have happened if the landlady had said that line with a smile on her face.

 I found the landlady cleaning up at the entrance of the inn.


 These are the strange experiences at the inn I can talk about.

 By the way, the landlady was a beautiful person.
 I wonder if I will be asked to help at the inn next time.