28 If it's a magical song, the first part

Are you a traveling entertainer?

 The owner of the inn asked us about it.

He said, "I was, but I've been having a hard time traveling lately.... We've decided to work in a place where we can relax a bit.
 What do you think? I don't want to say every day, so will you allow us to sing?

 We are desperately trying to sell it. If it doesn't work here, we'll have to stop singing.


 Me and him were traveling entertainers." I was." But that doesn't mean we've quit yet.

 We continued in the style of a duo where I sang and he played "Gilta", but more and more comedians are nowadays able to do both in one piece, and the cost of performing in a duo like us tends to be high and is often discouraged.
 At first I thought about doing both, but I had to concentrate on singing to get a good voice, and he's a devastatingly bad singer.
 We were such a duo that we were working less and less and less, and I even thought we were not going to make it past the end of the year.

 So he and I talked it over, and we decided to quit our jobs as traveling entertainers and become hired performers who performed a few songs at the inn.
 After spending most of our remaining money from the provincial towns, we finally made it to the King's Landing and tried to get a job, but all of them had contracts with solo performers, and they wouldn't even sign us, who were a combination but could only perform songs with Gilta.

 We asked the guild for a good place to stay, and they introduced us to "Ryuko-tei no Yuku-ki".


Haha..... As you can see, we're not a very big inn, you know.
'Even if it's just for one day! If I can manage to sing a song.
Well, it's fine if you want to sing, because it doesn't take up much space, but I don't know how good you guys are, either.
 Are you both going to sing?

 I think the innkeeper's reaction is justified; I hate to think of hiring someone who doesn't even know what they're capable of.

'I'm the only one who sings. He'll take Gilta.
'Yes! It's Gilta! If you're saying you don't know what you're capable of, I'm going to sing it now, so you can judge for yourself...

 We were desperate to bite off more than we could chew.
 I heard that this is the only inn in the capital that doesn't have a contract with an entertainer.

''Well, unlike the one-day traveling comedians, you are a comedian who will be working at this inn under contract, so I'd like to see you once.

 We received a response from your husband that seems to be pretty good.
 He and I are quite nervous as we prepare for the event.


The instrument "Girta" is a hollow wooden instrument to which six strings are attached, and it is a reproduction of the instrument found in a mural painting of ancient ruins excavated more than ten years ago.
 By changing the thickness and strength of the six strings, various tones can be produced, and these days the instrument is often played at parties of the nobility.

 As we finished preparing to show off our skills to the innkeeper, we were filled with a different kind of tension. When I took my position to sing, he took up his position too.

-- 'Girta' vertically.

 At that moment, an indescribable air wafted from the innkeeper, but we were too nervous to notice it.

''~, ~~''

 I nervously begin to sing.

'~~, ~~, ~~'

 We sang a relatively short song, which is our specialty, but his voice flipped over twice, probably because he was more nervous than usual, and he got upset and made a lot of mistakes, too.

 I looked at him and sighed, saying, "Well, I guess we can't sign up for this place, either.

Do you have a minute? Does Guilta always play like that?

 The owner of the inn asked me a question I didn't quite understand.

"....What? Oh, yes, I'm definitely playing this way rather than the usual. That's how Gilta plays it! And it's derived from the picture on the mural...rather, what's a different way to play it?

 What is your husband saying? Is it more of a pass than that?

Yeah, well, okay, it's kind of a strange way to play....
 Would you mind if I asked you to start singing today?
"....! Really? Thank you, sir!

 I didn't get an answer, but that doesn't matter.
 I couldn't help but bawl at the sheer joy of my husband's words.

Yes, he had a nice, clear voice, even if it was a little backwards. Well, we have to negotiate the fee and all that.
 I think you'll stay here tonight.
Thank you!

 Not only did they let us out, but they even provided us with a place to stay.
 Thank you so much.


 The performance fee negotiations that took place afterwards were also surprisingly high.

 I'm sorry if I get paid that much for my performance!