29 If it's a magical song, the second part

 I'd say the song of the evening was a great success.

 All the guests and others who had come for dinner applauded.
 The fact that so many guests listened to her at that noisy dining room must mean that she had a great voice. There was no mistaking the fact that I had seen through her at first sight that she was amazing.

 We went back to the room and talked about the day's success until late.


'You had a great day!
'Yes, Kara was very nice too, and I didn't expect her to treat me so well.
'I don't know. I know it's a little late, but why don't we go and say thank you?
'Well,' she said, 'I'll be up until all the guests are off, and I'd like to know the answers to the daytime questions.'

 I'm sure she's referring to the way Gilta plays.
 I've been wondering, too, if there's a different way to play Gilta?

'Yes! Then we'll go quietly so as not to wake the other guests.

 We nodded to each other and quietly left the room.


 We had just come down from our guest room on the second floor to the first floor and were walking towards the room where Kara-san was.

 Then we saw a figure walking out of Kara-san's room....

'Who could it be?'
I wonder if that hair is long enough to be Miss Kara?
It's too dark to tell, but you're right, Miss Kara, it is poi.

 For some reason, we hide in the corner of the hallway.

'What do you have........Gilta?'
I guess so... hey, you want me to follow you? Maybe we'll get to see another way to play Gilta?

 It was kind of disgusting, like prying eyes, but I couldn't let my curiosity get the better of me and decided to follow her after all.

 We walked down the dark hallway and Kara opened the door and walked out. We hurriedly followed her and opened the door too.

 It was the backyard. I wasn't sure if I could really call it a backyard, but....

 The Goddess was standing in the middle of the heavenly stage where beautiful flowers were blooming and the light of the fantastic moonlight was faintly illuminating.


 Carla had her back to us, but that didn't diminish the beauty of the place.

'Sir, as you can see, there's nothing here in the backyard. Wouldn't it be better for you to return soon?

 Kara-san asks me with her back turned.

''Hahaha, were you found out?

 She smiled at Carla with a dry laugh.

'Yes, firmly. 'So what's the matter with you? This late at night.
I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and, later, I'm anxious to ask you some questions during the day.
'Yes! Oh, first of all, thank you..................thank you.
 So what's another one of Gilta's plays?

 She speaks up at once to Kara, who turns around and asks me a question. Oh come on, you're hardly appreciating it, then.

'Is that another way to play it?
Yes, you've said that he has a strange way of playing, and... it bothers me. I can't help but wonder about it.
Huh ... okay, I'll play a little ...

 Karla holds up her guilta somewhat forlornly.
 She turns her eyes to Kara, who is holding her Gilta at her side, as if she has seen something strange. I know it's rude, but I would have the same look on my face.
 How does she play it with that kind of holding?

 ™", ™

 Kara popped the six strands of string, and the sound that flowed was the same as mine. As I looked at her at the slightly disappointing sound, Kara's left hand moved.

 She held a few of the six strings in her fingers.

 When he flicked the strings in that state, the sound that flowed from them was completely different from the sound he made earlier.

 ~~, ~~, ~~.

 Carla played the guillotine by changing the position of the strings and holding them down over and over again. There was a world of music that you wouldn't expect to hear if the giltas were used alone.

 We make a living playing simple music with a girta, an instrument with six notes. To us gilta players, one note per note is common sense. Kara's performance, which lightly breaks this common sense, was a bolt out of the blue...
 She is rolling her eyes next to me. She seems quite surprised, if I can learn this technique, it will be quite amazing to play along with her singing, right? I still can't think of what exactly was so amazing about it........

 -- that's how overwhelming the performance was.

 As I was doing this, I heard Kara's breathing sound, small, really small, but I heard her gasp. It was a small sound that could only have been heard because I was playing the guillotine.
 But this sound gave me a little insight into what Kara was going to do next.

'ra~~~ rara~~~'

 ---- Shock.

 Those were the very two words that ran through me and her.

 The high, crystal-clear, transparent voice reached my ears, and I could even hear the low sounds that were strangely not supposed to be heard. The low sounds are not so much grating as they are noisy, and they blend well with the high notes to create wonderful chords. The sounds played by Gilta are intricately intertwined there....

 The next thing I knew, she and I were crying for no apparent reason.

'Thank you for listening.'
"...What? It was over..... It sounded wonderful!
I'm not back yet.

 I'm suddenly brought back to the reality of the performance that was over before I knew it.

'The way you just played it! Where did you learn to do that!
I'm not back yet.

 Kara starts talking quietly to me as I listen with great energy. She still doesn't seem to have come back from the world of singing.

'This is the way I played back home. It's a place I can't go back to now, but...

 Oh my God.......... There was a family with such great gilta playing skills........ And you can't go home? No way..... No, let's not, this question is far too impolite.

 She finally seems to have come back as I'm struggling in my mind.

''....What? It was over......... That was a great song! It was a curious melody, but where is it from?

 The way you're coming back is the same as mine, but don't worry about it. I mean, how can you come back and immediately ask questions?

'The song is from home too, isn't it?'
I've never heard of this language before, but...
It's the language of a prehistoric civilization that no longer exists. It's a magical language.

 No wonder she's surprised, in fact, I'm surprised too.
 Magical language is a language that is said to have been actively used by ancient magical civilizations. I've heard that magic was much more powerful when this language was in full swing, and it was easy for people to fly.
 Nowadays, it's a valuable little thing that appears in old documents and is something that scholars are working hard to analyze in order to develop new magical techniques.

 They say the song is spelled in that magical language! I wonder if you realize how great you just said that, Kara!

Now, shall we go back to our rooms? You can't wait to go to sleep or you'll be affected tomorrow.

 Carla left that and went back to the inn.
 We were left behind, and for a while we couldn't move from that place.

 --The story of the beginning of the two who would later be called "The Diva of the Divine Realm" and "The Ghostly String Player".