30 Appearance! ?? Ex-boyfriend of the goddess Part 1 Episode 1

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't make a reservation for that date.

 I know it's selfish, but for that day, I just couldn't do it.

''I'm sorry, but we are unable to accommodate you today.

 I'm sorry for the guests who stayed at the hotel, but there's nothing I can do about it.


 Once a year I always go to a certain place. The place is so far away that I spend 6 hours just to go there and back. If I go to such a place, I have to close the inn.

 Huh? Why don't we just use our cheat abilities?

 ........I don't want to use my cheat ability because of the location.

 That's why the inn can't function now that I'm the only employee.

 .........more employees? We don't really think about monopolizing technology these days....
 Well..........maybe I should put up a billboard next time to recruit a new employee.

 I continue to apologize to the customers as I think about this.
 Tomorrow is finally the day of the year.


 I wake up in the morning and immediately get dressed. The inn is quieter than usual because the guests haven't taken since last night.
 I put a sign in the inn saying it's closed today, lock the door and leave.

 --We're aiming for the west of the royal city.

'Good morning,'
Good morning. Carla, you look as beautiful as ever today.

 The person who spoke to me in such a manner was the Knight 'Dick', the Knight of the West Gate Guard [Captain] and the Royal Capital Guard [Captain], a man who is still called 'Serious Soft Knight'.

"Dick-san, how long are you going to remain a soft boy? It's about time you got your shit together, don't you think?
'What? No... this is a personality thing that can't be fixed.

 You must pass through the city gates to get out of King's Landing, but how long have these knights been around? It should have come out pretty early in the morning, right?

Do you want me to go to your wife? whispering
'No, look, your wife is not an angel! Kara is called a goddess. So, you see?

 It's been a while since I met Dick, but he still has the same soft-as-a-b*tc* vibe. I poked at that and threatened him a bit, but he responded with an interestingly upset response. Or rather, did you hear that muttering, Dick........

'It's a lie, I won't tell you. Then I'll let you pass, won't I?
Oh, ho. Don't scare me. If it comes to a fight, I can't win.
 And you're going to go to him again, aren't you? How can you do that for a guy you only see once a year, year after year? Is it surprisingly single-minded?

 What are you talking about, Dick, you have to see him once a year.

 Only with that guy [never]........

'Not that I'm single-minded, but, well, it's my birthday and we're celebrating a bit........ I'll be off then.
Oh, have a good day. As a former adventurer, you may not need to do much, but there are demons around the capital, so be careful.

 We exchanged greetings and I departed from the royal capital.
 Dick's muttered "I think you're single-minded enough to go to a dangerous place to see me," never arrived.


 I've met that guy every year, but what should I look like this year.......

 I was thinking about that as I grabbed the horns of an attacking unicorn rabbit and swung it around, embedding a mixed army of goblins and kobolds in the ground.

 After I passed, they said, only the heads of the goblins and kobolds, whose heads had been lightly crushed, were left behind.