33 Appearance! ?? Ex-boyfriend of the goddess Part 1 Final story

 Kyle, who was close to visual range, came running out. Let's see, how do I explain this guy?

'Hey, I think we're going to pretend we're brothers, if that's okay?'

 I'll make a suggestion anyway.

"I don't mind. You and your brother sound a little interesting.

 It was surprisingly easy to accept. Well, I knew this guy who likes to do funny things would do this much....


 Kyle comes sprinting in while spreading the Doppler effect.

'Get back there!'

 With the same momentum as he rushed in, Kyle struck the instant brothers standing next to him. His fist never reached the target, and he flew through the air.
 Kyle's body was dodged, and even though he hit a stone behind us, he changed his trajectory and struck again. The agility of that one is overwhelming, and this time it will be impossible to avoid it.



'Huh? What?

 Kyle's hand was stretched out to grab the chest to avoid it, but he seemed to have grabbed a different one.

'Kara do you think it would be more interesting to scream in this case?'
Huh...? Huh?
Well, it's going to be somewhat interesting, isn't it?
Well, it's just an m...

 A woman screaming at the top of her lungs. Kyle doesn't understand why and hasn't been able to let go of the hand he had grabbed.

 .........Hey, let go of my hand for good, or else I'm just a pervert.

 Then there was Kyle, who kept looking at the three men who were catching up with him as if they were looking at a pervert.


Yes, she is my sister.

 My words in return caused everyone here to scream in surprise. Well, the story I just made up about having a sister was an impromptu one, and even I would be surprised. And this guy.........

"I guess it's good to start, I'm 'Ushin', I travel all over the world, so I may not get a chance to see you often, my sister is always there for me."

 Yes, it's that Usin.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's not.

You must be Kyle. I always hear about you from Kara. You are the king, but you come to dinner every day and look bored... Well, I'm glad you always look so good eating your food!
 And besides it's not...

 I've also discovered that you're a hardy person who can suddenly grab people's chests...

 The moment he said it with a bit of mockery, the divine majesty disappeared somewhere else.

''No, that was a force majeure...''
'I've never been grabbed so hard before.... You need to treat him a little more gently or the girls won't like you, okay?
No, so that was...

 Woo-shin teases Kyle. Isn't it unusual for someone to be able to tinker so much with the king?

 Well, Ushin isn't a person in this world, much less a person........

''Um~ Kara-chan, can I have a word? According to your husband at home, I believe he's here to see his ex?
'What? Ex-boyfriend? I know you're not my ex, but you do visit men.
That man, he's...

 Where? I pointed to the stone that Kyle hit earlier, as if to control Lirica, who wanted to say, "You know what?

It's that one.
"? Stone?
'Underneath that one, to be exact. It's not alive anymore.

 -- an indescribable air of indescribable air in the place.

'Um, sorry. That was a weird question.
That's okay.
Well, then why are you here?
'Oh that's.......this is the person who was my starting point and the one who brought us sisters together. We didn't get along, we sisters....

 I'm building up my story, although I'm improvising to a question from Lyrica. Then Usin, who may have finished tinkering with Kyle, comes in to cover me.

"He's my ex-boyfriend, and when I talked to him about the fact that I wasn't getting along with my sister, he told me to 'leave it to me'........ My sister and I were able to mend our relationship from there, or I would say it started.

 Ushin's explanation was somehow strangely convincing, and Lyrica seemed to have been convinced with little to no questions inserted.

 I mean, don't use the Supreme God Power here........

''So, he, I was wondering what to do when the anniversary of 'Lutha''s death coincided with Kara's birthday....... I didn't get over it right away either, so it was hard for me in the beginning.... But Kara told me that my brother-in-law would be happy if we had a birthday party here every year, so we always come every year.

 Woo-shin shows a gesture that makes him look a little tearful.
 This guy's acting is absurdly good.

 It's a surprisingly deep story for a guy who made it up on the fly. There's even a single tear mark on Lilika's cheek.

 ''I'm sorry! It's a super impromptu story. Because there's no such setup.

'So it was......... Wow! Karaaah, I'm sorry.

 Kyle was crying a lot. A bit annoying.

'Yes, yes, Kyle I won't cry, I won't cry. 

 It seems that a surprising amount of time has passed since I first heard the explanation. I have to get home soon, or I won't be able to reach the capital before nightfall.

Well, I'd better get going too. I'll see you next year. See you next year.

 Babu! Ushin flew far away, leaving a sound behind. I was inwardly chagrined by Ushin's inhuman behavior, but everyone gave me a very disgraceful approval (she's Kara's sister, after all).


 On the way back to the royal capital, Kyle suddenly spoke up.

''Huh, it's not like you had a single-minded interest in the old man...''
'So ... as I'm sure I told Dick, it's not like I'm single-minded or anything. For that matter, Kyle, what's up with all the playing around until this time of night and the governmental affairs?
'Government affairs got a day off today. It's better than that. Okay, Kara, let's get married.

 Kyle spoke to me with a more serious face than usual.
 Well, my answer is a given.

'Vacation? Really? Surprising. And you can't marry someone who suddenly grabs a man's sister's breasts.
The only thing I can think of to say is that it was a force majeure.

 --Hah, I knew it was no good this time, too....... I thought we could make it today with a couple of bucks.

 Kyle looks back while burying the demon. There was the sight of a smiling couple and their daughter, holding hands with their father and daughter, walking together.


 Later on, a letter that arrived from Ushin said, "Because I adopted that instant setting as Kara-chan's character setting☆".