34 Two men, the first part

 It suddenly appeared around evening.


Welcome to The Dragon Emperor's Lodging Tree. Are you staying the night? Or would you like to eat?

 I went out to serve the customers, thinking that the customers were coming in a little faster than usual. I looked at the customers who came in and saw that they were a pair of men.
 One of them came towards me and started talking, while the other looked down and seemed to be thinking about something.

'No! I'm sorry! I asked the guild because the other lodges are full, and I heard that this one is empty today.
 By the way, the landlady is a beautiful person~. You should go to another big inn, not this lonely one.

 The man who had been talking to me was suddenly rude to me. The other one still seemed to be thinking about something.

''No, this inn is more suitable for me and.... More importantly, are you staying here? He said that the other lodgings were full...
'Yes, the other lodgings, so we're staying here... what?'

 I asked him if he was going to stay the night, but he seemed to be. I was preparing a ledger and pen to have him fill out the inn's ledger when I saw that the man who had been talking to me had turned around after being told something by another person behind him.

 ........what? You've never heard of a ledger? It's happened before, hasn't it? I can't manage customers without it....

The proprietress is beautiful, really. She's like a goddess~. This inn is the 'inn of the goddess'! Just kidding..... But it's really beautiful~. What do you think? Would you like to go out with me?
''I'm sorry, we don't accept such invitations.... Uh, sir? If you are not staying the night, I'm sorry, but please go home. Or are you having a meal? Then, if you give me a moment, I'll have it ready for you right away?
'No, no, my partner was a little reluctant, so... what?

 The guy who turns his back to you, as if he's been called out by his partner again.

(This guy is going soft all of a sudden, I hear that Italians hit on women first when they meet them, is it the same with people from other worlds? Well, it looks like he's staying the night, and I've got the ledger...

 I open the pages of the ledger with the men conversing beside me. I'm already finishing up the third book in this ledger. I need to prepare a new ledger soon.
 I wonder if Italians are all that quick to talk to each other? If I'm wrong, it's definitely the influence of TV........

 And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on........

'Do you have a minute?'
"...? Yes?

 The man who had just spoken to me called out to me, so I turned to him........


 There was a dull, silvery object in front of me.

'Do you know what this is? If you don't want that beautiful face of yours to be scarred, you'll have to give me all the proceeds.
'Oh? Didn't you hear me? Let's see if you can come up with some money for the store. Oops, there's no point in trying to resist, I used to be a level 43 adventurer by the looks of it, and he's ready to cast magic at any time behind me.

 The two robbers, the customer changed to a customer who changes his face to one that is confident of victory while holding a knife to me. They seem to be convinced of victory as they are holding their weapons to me, who is almost unarmed.
 Well, since my equipment is a ledger and a pen, it can't be helped........

''Um~? Isn't this a sleepover?
What are you saying in this situation? Are you nuts? The sooner you give me the money, the sooner I can save you the pain. Just so you know, this knife isn't a threat. It's the real thing. So, in that case, give me the money, because he's not going to be as patient as I am and you never know when you might let loose a little magic. Or what? Are you ready to be my girl? That's fine with me, though.

(Oh - I knew a little bit of what to say, but I really didn't think they'd come to rob me by such a tempting means.

 .........hmm? How do I know?

 The guy who spoke to you said that he was referred to this one because the other lodgings were full, right? Well, it doesn't look like a very prosperous inn by any means....
 However, it is still a reputable inn that is vying for the first or second place in the capital. These days, there are some guests who have no choice but to stay at other inns because they can't stay at mine. The only place that didn't fall into this category would be 'Garden of Joy'.
 What should we do? Shall we expand the inn after all? That's going to be a burden on me. I think I can handle the sleep time with the skills that Ussin is increasing on his own....
 But, hey, I need some time to myself.
 Well, let's get more employees!

 Oh, and a knife won't hurt me at all........ (Likewise with magic)

 When I was more worried about the future management of the inn than dealing with the robbery, which was clearly not a marvel or anything, the other one spoke up, as if he thought I wasn't up to speed with the urgency of the situation.

'Are we there yet? I'm dying to try out this new equipment, and if you want to bang it out, I'm willing to fire it at you?

 When I looked, I saw that the man's finger was equipped with a disproportionately finely crafted ring.

 The ring was somewhat familiar.........