35 Two men, the second part

 A man equipped with a familiar ring is increasing his magic power.

(Haha, it seems like adventurers these days, as soon as they have a strong tool, they want to use it. And that's just for this stupid thing.... I feel sorry for the tools in that case. The girl at the magician's shop I used to come to had a better use for them.
 .........and you have to use the right tools for the job, or else there's a risk of them going haywire, do you understand? (Should I tell you something?)

'Oh? What's going on? Are you ready to give me the money? Or my girl....
''No, neither of them... but more importantly, you need to use the right magical equipment for your size, or else you will be in danger. That magical armor is for those who are level 50 or above, right? I'd better take it off right away, but...

 Well, I could vaguely predict their reaction, but I warned them anyway.

'Shut up! Shut the f*ck up! I'll kill you, you bastard!

 It was just as I expected. It might be better to say that it was so predictable that it was difficult to remove it any longer.

 The man must be a mage, if he is a mage, he should have more than 50 MAT on average, but this man said he was around 40, maybe he has a complex about his own lack of magic power, and he is feeling good about it because he found a magic armor to get rid of it.... . Well, whatever the reason, it's not a good reason to bother people.

 So, what do we do with these two?
 Anyway, the only thing I need to ask you is...

'Huh..., what are you going to do with the proceeds? And do you think paying for it would help me?
What you do with the money is none of your business. And if you give me the money, I'll give you the money to keep you alive. I can't afford to lose someone as beautiful as you. I'll take you back to the lair and have you as my personal slave. What do you think? It's a good deal.
 You can pay to live as my exclusive slave, or you can die here without paying, and you have so many choices.

 Robbery #1 with a grin and a disgusting laugh. I'm almost sick of all of them laughing in the same way that I'm sure they won.

''Well that's neither gratuitous nor gratuitous. And they're both suggestions that make me feel bad.

 Ummm, I guess so, okay! I'll let you two spend some time in the castle prison.

 As soon as he declares that, he holds up his pen. Of course, the one who can write doesn't point it at the other, because it's sharp and dangerous.
 When the two robbers saw that stance, they started laughing hysterically.

''Ah-hyah-hyah-hyah! This woman is going to fight!
Hmm, I see. It's my favorite thing to train a woman who is resisting me to my liking, so I'd like you to keep on resisting me, even if it's futile.
'Keh! I still don't understand your taste. Well, maybe my magic will make you disappear to your bones.
Be gentle with me, will you? If you live a little longer, you can fix it as much as you want with the recovery potion.

 The robbers give a lowly smile. It's time for the official guests to arrive.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can't get away with it. A miscellaneous sorcerer with about 40 MAT?

 I dared to provoke him.

''!!!! You! f*ck you! "Fire (Fire)!!!!

 The very first very rudimentary magic that you learn in the training school flew out from the opponent.
 Due to the effect of the magic armor, a huge mass of flames that couldn't be considered very elementary magic was coming towards us. However..........

"...hahahaha, hi-ha! You made me look like an idiot and you made me look like an idiot, and now you're gonna pay for it... huh, you're gonna pay for it! !!!!
Oh, as I said, that doesn't even leave a bone in your body. I'm truly sorry, but this is also her fault for provoking him, so it can't be helped....

 A man who is a mage who has had his mental powers taken away because he used a powerful magic that was not suited to his size. After all, it doesn't seem to be working well because it's not on the right level....... That's why I warned you.
 Beside the breathless mage man, the other man, who didn't seem to be disappointed at all, put his hand on his head and muttered.

 A mass of fire coming straight at me. If it came this close to me, the ledger, which is just a piece of paper, would be burned, let alone me. If they burned the ledger, I would probably quit running the inn.

(It can't be helped......... I'll have to put out the flames.... What would you like to do? Ah! (Let's use that magic.)

 I muttered quietly.

''Extreme Heavy Crushing Realm (Gravitieria).

 It's a magic that forms a force field of extreme gravity that crushes anything that enters it to the atomic level. It takes about 200 MAT to shoot it.
 I place that magic in my opponent's magic and my line of fire. The only thing that looks the same is that nothing has changed. The opponent's magic that reached the force field of my magic was annihilated in an instant, as if the huge flames were a lie. 

''Wha! What!

 I'm not going to be able to get a good look at them. I'm not sure if it's inevitable because I was forced to drown out the magic in the process.
 I won't be able to get up again.

It's not a good idea to have a good time with them. That's what happens when you use equipment that doesn't match your stature. From now on, don't rely on that kind of equipment and try to grow on your own.

 After I said that, Robbery No. 2 stopped twitching.