36 Two men, the second part

 The robbery part 2 stopped moving due to the consumption of mental power from wasting magic shots. The other one rushed in without confirming whether he was in a hurry or what had happened.

''What? I don't know what you've done, but be prepared, this mithril knife can cut through anything.

 Robbery number one, who is a few paces away in an instant, has a mithril knife firmly in his hand.

(But a mithril knife that cuts through everything...)

 The robber, who closed the distance in front of me, pulls out a knife. The speed at which he closed the distance and the speed at which he wielded the knife, it seems he wasn't playing a level 43 adventurer for Datei.


 A knife strike at me was met with a pen. That's right, the quill pen, as you can probably guess from the sound.

I'm sure you'll be able to cut through anything. But since you can't even cut up a pen like this, shouldn't you take back the idea of tearing up everything?

 I said with a bit of sarcasm.

''...! There you go! That one's a decoy!

 Apparently, the knife was drawing his attention to it. A closer look revealed that the knife was not made of mithril, but just iron, and a soft iron of low hardness. This would only be able to hurt people a little.
 Even so, don't you notice something strange when you can't cut through a quill pen? Well, I guess I'm upset.

 Robber #1 swings his sword down, aiming at my neck as if to hit my blind spot as he is checking the material of the knife.

''Well, that's also obvious, but........


 The sword was blocked by the pen again and stopped a few inches before it hit his neck.

'Using a decoy to attack from a blind spot. It's a trick often used by cowards. Even so, it's too late, I dared to create an opening and you can't even react to that opening...
''Nonsense this sword is properly made of mithril, unlike a knife! Why is that...
I'll tell you the good news, since you won't be seeing him again, this one is made of mithril and won't take a scratch off. This pen is made from the feathers of the glorious phoenix.
 So, Mr. Robbery? ....

 I hope you'll be very sorry for yourself in your castle prison.

 With those words, he slowly approached the man. The man ran away, perhaps driven by fear.

''Close (lock).''

 A short muttered magic spell. With this, the door of the inn is no longer open at all.


 A burglar kicks up the door to smash it down. But that door is now as solid as an orihalcon.
 They would be greatly surprised that it was just a simple wooden door when they came in. It's as good as made by [Mital Bello]!
 The man, frustrated that the door won't open, runs to the window. ........Totally, wayward.


 A man jumped out of the window to break through it, but it bounced off the window in reverse.

'It's not glass, it's the scales of the Golden Nugone...'
'Nah, what the hell is this innkeeper?

 As soon as he whispered in his ear, the robber started screaming loudly. A little too loud.


 The screams that echoed in the inn never echoed after that.

 We need to clean up quickly for the sake of our guests!

 He waved the knife he had taken up for starters to the side. The knife he waved had disappeared into the void except where he had grabbed it.


'Kara! We're here!
Welcome to the Dragon Emperor's Lodging Tree. ........What is it, Angel? So much hurry.
We have a report that the men responsible for the string of robberies at the inn are here in the capital. You're the owner of the inn, so you'd like to give us a word of advice. Who are these people?

 The one who came in with great gusto was Angelica, the girl I was paired with in school. I was wondering what kind of incident she was in, since she came rushing in looking extremely flustered, but it seems that she came to tell us about the crisis. They have been good friends since their school days.

I'm sure you're a good friend who has been a good friend of mine since my school days. The first inn you came to when you arrived at the capital is like my house.
Well, was it? I was going to advise you not to go too far, but it seems it's too late........ So what are we going to do with these people?

 He's not here to worry about me, he's here to worry about the robbery. ...a really good friend.

''It would be helpful if you could take it to the castle, as it would be a hindrance if I left it here, but I have a lot of preparations to make for the inn to receive our guests from now on.
'I understand. These people will be delivered by this 'Angelica Hondenkloof' who will be responsible for them.
Thank you, thank you.

 Angelica left, carrying the two men, who were still unconscious. Since it was Angelica, she would certainly deliver them to the castle. I'll have to make them a feast to thank them later........

 Afterwards, I heard that Kara and Angelica, who were happily talking, were seen inside the inn, which was thirty percent more beautiful than usual.