37 Increase the number of employees. Episode 1

What's going on here at this hour? Carla.

 Kara visited the guild unusually at this time of day, a time that I would not normally see her, probably before noon, when she was probably preparing for lunch and so on.

''Ah, Lyrica-san, I have a little favor to ask you today...''

 It seems that Kara came to the request, another rare occurrence.

"Well, that's unusual. I can't believe Kara came to ask for help. I can usually get most things done by myself.
"Don't make fun of me..... I'm not that good at anything either.
Again - you don't have to be so modest.

 Truly, Kara's talent is amazing.
 She was an adventurer of the transcendent level that was thought to be unreachable to humanity in the past, present and future, and her martial arts skills are at a level that overwhelms Dick, currently the strongest man in the knightly order, the "Dick"... well, he's going to be my husband, but he's at a level that overwhelms Dick. The magic is a top secret that only a few people know about, but it is said that he can even use lost ancient magic to heal people. Furthermore, they can even revive the dead or something... To be honest, I don't think it's possible since the world would go haywire if they could do that, but....
 It's been a long time since I quit my job as an adventurer, and even now, many of them come to my guild to volunteer to be my apprentice. All of them were just ambitious, or wanted to make a name for themselves by defeating Kara-chan at any opportunity...

 After quitting his job as an adventurer, he became the owner of an inn, which he said was his dream since long ago.  She also has a nostalgic taste, which makes me shout, "I'm so nostalgic! How she can create such a nostalgic taste is still a mystery to me.

 Speaking of a mystery, she is 28 years old, but isn't she a little too young? She looks only about 20 years old at best, and her good looks would make any of us women envious of her. What kind of life does she have to lead to maintain her youthfulness? Tell me about it.

 She took over the inn that Tillepoo and his wife had been running, and she used her talents to run it alone (with the help of the couple at night only), and it is now the most famous inn in the capital. It's the only inn that doesn't allow guild brokers to act as an intermediary, and it has recently expanded to accommodate up to 16 couples.
 It seems that it has recently expanded and has secured enough rooms to welcome up to 16 groups of guests....

 Huh? I haven't been able to get too far off track, I think we were talking about Kara's talent.... Anyway, let's get back to the story again.

 She has many other talents as well, the master of the novel world "Lyce Kagura" is said to be her, and the legendary magic armor maker "Lara Kaigus" is also said to be her. 

 It is rumored that the head of the popular band "Fantasy of Eternity", the world's greatest gilta player, "Quelda Arcinacion", and the deputy head of the band, "Naos Ewangelion", aka the diva of the divine realm, also received lessons from Kara-chan. It's said that Kara-chan raised her troop, she has a connection with His Majesty the Emperor of the Elkran Empire, and it's said that she even makes the High Elf tribe, the only one in the Milk Run Kingdom who looks down on other races, bow down to her.... Isn't he truly a perfect superhuman?

 More to the point, Carla's portraits are selling for an unbelievable price right now. Well, the overwhelming beauty that is said to be a god's shape, and the proportions that are said to have no waste (isn't that OPPAI useless?!). I guess I can't blame them because I have a.... And there's no shadow of a man she's currently dating (her interactions with the king are treated as a kind of specialty).
 Aside from that, the underground organization "Beautiful Women are the World's Wealth" is holding a black market auction, and it's said that the sale of items related to Kara-chan is the only thing that gets people excited.

 I feel like I'm getting off track again, but I hope this has given you an idea of how amazing Kara is... And now Kara has made a request to the guild? I think it's more difficult to not be surprised, isn't it? Or rather, who was I explaining it to?

Lyrica? It's not so much a request as a request to use the guild's information network.
Hmm? You want to use an intelligence network? It's good, right? What? Advertising the inn or something?

 In the guild, you can broadcast information of various contents. It can be information about lodgings, demons, and more. This information will be instantly sent to other guilds and can be viewed there as well. In addition, the guild staff can also tell people who come to the guild directly. Recently, both the Citizen Card and the Guild Card have been developed, and a system has been created to transfer various information to the card. The cards are equipped with a notification function that makes them tremble. It even has a letter function that can be used to send messages to other players who are close to each other. I must say that the creator of this device, Lara Kygoose, came up with this kind of thing. Even Kara couldn't come up with this function, so she's not the same person after all, right? Anyway, the Guild's information network has evolved overwhelmingly.

 You want to use such a guild's information network? What can we do for him?

Yeah, I'm thinking of hiring more people.

'............................Eh? .........



 My great exclamation of surprise echoed through the guild.

 I'll seal the fact that I was angered by the guild master who heard the commotion afterwards in a corner of my memory. The guild master who heard Kara's story ended up having the same reaction as me........

 I'm losing my temper........ (Crying)