38 Increase the number of employees. Episode 2

'Kara, are you okay? You must have a fever!

 Lirika-san said rudely in the guild that was filled with loud screaming.

''You're rude all of a sudden, Lirika-san. I haven't had a fever in a long time.
Then why are you hiring?

(Well, I suppose I should be curious about that...)

 I don't mean to boast, but the family inn has never hired an employee before. I am a "tripper" from another world, and I have a "cheat ability" that happens to "trippers" (I hear there are more and more people who don't have it these days, but when I was on Earth, the number of people who didn't have it was increasing. (I've heard that there are more and more people who don't have it these days, but when I was on Earth, it was a perk that came with almost every person who traveled to another world.
 The abilities granted by the hand of the Supreme God were many things, but among them, his status was outstandingly extraordinary. To put it simply, all abilities were at least five times higher than this world's max status. Furthermore, many special 【Skills】 were also granted, and currently there were countless numbers of 【Skills】 granted to him. Maybe.........
 If he made full use of those skills, he could easily run the inn by himself.

''Didn't you say you didn't want the actual state of the inn to be stolen? I think you said something about preventing the proliferation of technology?

 That's exactly what happened. When I first came here, I was determined not to sell technology, which is common in otherworldly reincarnation/tripping things. It's a so-called monopoly on technology.
 Various people came to me for this technology, but I turned them all away.
 It must have been an amazing experience for me to recruit a new employee.

It's a fact that it's getting harder and harder for me to work alone now that I've expanded the inn, so I want one or two people to work with me. I'd like to make some alone time as well...

Yeah, it's a bit of an anomaly, isn't it?
But what do we do? You can't just come in and work right away, can you?
Well, that's true, so I'm going to take a week off, and I think I'll do some thorough training.

 Naturally, we plan to provide training. It could be said that there is almost no training in this world and everything is done through OJT (On the Job Training) (training through actual work in the workplace). But of course, that's not the way things work. .... but no one gets into that.
 But I won't let that happen at my inn. I intend to educate them well and raise them to a level where they won't be ashamed to be seen by anyone.

 Hmm? How can you educate yourself that much in a week? Huh, it's a silly question. It's not a question of "can you do it, can you not", it's a question of "will you kill it or not".... Of course, if I'm going to train you, don't worry, I'm going to pour all my skills into training you to a level that will give birth to an honest cripple. Even if the Demon King is a guest, I'm going to train him to a level where he can respond normally. 


 Kara-chan suddenly fell silent while emitting a black aura from her back (not an illusion, but actual leaked magic power that is probably turning black in response to Kara-chan's emotions). Okay, for now, can you suppress the release of magic power? It's easy to see that the air is "dying" from Kara's magic. Moreover, her expressionless face is as expressionless as ever, which makes it even more frightening. I'm sure it's even more powerful than the king of the earth dragon we met on a mission in the past, isn't it?

Well then, I'll let you know that we're going to have a week of training as well, if that's okay with you?

 When he asked that question, the black aura he had been wearing disappeared in a huff, and he returned to his usual appearance.

'Right. So, please. I'd appreciate it if you'd write that you'll be conducting an interview afterwards. I'll use it to judge your character. Oh, and I'm sure you'll be absent from the inn for about ten days, including the exam and training period, so if you could let me know that as well....
'Yes, yes, I'll write that down as well, and when are you going to take the recruitment exam? I don't think we're going to be attracting people anytime soon.

 He continues to talk while already writing on the information terminal. Beside him, the guild master is nodding yes and no. Or rather, Master, you should get back to work.

You're right, it's a good time to do it, so let's start at the beginning of next month. It's a good idea to have a good time and start at the beginning of next month.
They'll know in plenty of time. In fact, in two weeks you could have people from all over the world.
'You have to get people from a lot of places to get good talent...'
All right. I'll make one for you. Kara, you're going to have to make sure you do some publicity at the inn, okay?

 That's what I said, and I'm the one who will be updating the information. About two hours from now, the information will be sent to all the branches around the world, and well after that, it will be delivered to all the card holders.

 At no time did the two of us have any idea that in the next two weeks, some areas of King's Landing would be engulfed in an extraordinary frenzy.