43 Increase the number of employees. Episode 7

 How did the people who came to take the test fare?

 In addition to the people I've introduced to you.

"Industrial espionage
"The man who dreamed of a man who could save the world.
"A misunderstood guy who thinks he's the coolest guy in the world
"The Evil Dragon Who Saw the End of the World
"Self-proclaimed 'bereaved mother'
"The self-proclaimed pirate king who conquered the seven seas.
"Goddess Watchers Association
"A King.
"Civilian A
The One and Only God.
 ........in one day.

 So what did I do for the rest of the day, except for today and the day of the exam, I kept worrying about who to hire.
 After a whole day of worrying, the sunrise was peeking through when they finally came to a conclusion.


''Huh, you're all such good people, I couldn't decide who to take...''

 The outside of the inn suddenly became lively, so I went out of the inn to get my appearance in order. There, unlike the last time, there were candidates lined up in a tight line.

 It seems that the number of people in the room is a little smaller........


 Ah, it's because the people who were forced to leave, or His Majesty's party and others were left out. I didn't think the number of people who were forced to leave would be reduced to a little over 1,500 if the people who were forced to leave were taken out. Maybe I miscalculated quite a bit........

''Good morning. Everyone is up early. The soldiers of the castle are also hard at work early in the morning. 

 It seems that the chaos of two days ago was not good. At first, the guild had expected a certain number of applicants and had prepared for a certain number of people, but the number of applicants was beyond what they could handle. You will understand when you see that Lyrica-san was buried in people.
 It seems that this time they borrowed a group of knights from the castle to deal with it. As expected of a guild master, he's not half bad at his job.

''Well, it's getting to be a good time, so I guess it's time to make an announcement.

 Cough one out with a cohon and

Thank you all for taking the test for employment at the inn. Thank you for taking the test to hire an employee at the Inn. Now, I would like to announce the person we are hiring!

 He began to speak slowly.


 When the front speech of the innkeeper, Kara, echoed, the air around them changed drastically. The atmosphere in front of the inn had been somewhat fluffy until then, but now there was a tense atmosphere as if you were dealing with a giant monster.

''Well then, the person we'll be hiring as an employee this time is........

 Exam number 1250, 'Carmine Silves'.

 Doh! There was a groan.

 "Carmine Silves"? Even I was surprised by that name. I didn't think that 'Carmine'
I didn't know "Silves" was taking the test....
 I'm sure the people who are screaming over there must feel the same way I do. Some of them are saying, "Silves?! He sounded surprised. That's probably true.........

 -- "Carmine Silves", an adventurer from "Elenthia", the northernmost city of the Imperial territory. He can use both swords and magic, and despite the fact that he can use both swords and magic at a high level of power and accuracy, he has never been able to reach the top-notch level, and his nickname is [Dexterity Poverty]. If there's one person in the party, he can use it reasonably well, but if he goes to a place where demons are strong, such as Clan Lead, he's a poor guy who instantly loses popularity.
 By the way, he's a B-class adventurer. (Even here, there would be a sense of not being a top-notch adventurer.)

 Well, if you don't think about going to Clan Reed and other places, she is a secretly popular female adventurer because of her young age (25) and her neat appearance. --.

'What? Huh?

 Well, the person who was chosen is flummoxed by the sudden attention.

 While looking at the woman a few meters away, I was inwardly raising my opinion of her.


 After the announcement, the buzz was hard to stop, with some trying to leave, perhaps because they hadn't been accepted, others analyzing the successful candidates, some disagreeing with each other, and others trying to ask why they hadn't been accepted. Some of them must have gone wild, I don't know the details, but some were even seized by the knights.

 In the midst of all this.

Gentlemen, please be quiet. We haven't finished the announcement yet, have we?

 The tension returned to the words Lord Cara had announced. The buzzing had quieted down to a lie, and now I could almost hear even the sound of a needle falling to the ground a few hundred meters away.
 Yes, all those who had been buzzing around had thought, selfishly, that it was only one person who had been recruited.... But in fact, it was different.

 Kara-dono's words brought vitality back into the eyes of those who had given up on the idea.

''Now, let me announce the two more recruits.

 Two more......... The words rippled for a moment in the silence. The confident ones had smiles on their faces, the ones that didn't had despair on their faces, and they listened to the names that would be called next.

 Now, two more people, do you see my name in there? I suddenly felt uneasy.

'First of all ...

 Examination No. 586, 'Liquor Adolph Berkson Milredia Casben,'


 Exam number 2, 'Luca Zukunft', we are pleased to adopt the following people.

 A moment later, a buzz, even more than before, exploded.