44 Increase the number of employees. Episode 8

 The buzzing throbbing slowly recedes in front of the inn, where things have calmed down.

 Some people are stunned that they didn't get accepted, while others are surprised that it was a woman who got accepted.
 What in the world is going on here?

Give me a minute! I'm not convinced!

 One man raised his voice as those who hadn't been called by name turned to leave, saying it was no use if they had fallen.

'? Exam number 2822, 'Leon Arquedyne', what's going on? And I'll make sure to explain it to you, okay?
I can explain, all right. But it's funny! Why haven't I been accepted! The reception would have been perfect!

 He started screaming about such things. What is he talking about?

"'Your reception was perfect,'? Really? Do you remember what you answered to my last question?
Yeah, I remember! What are our guests? That would have been the question! That's why I responded with the words that you, the landlady, hold up: 'The customer is God'! There's nothing wrong with that! That's the test to see if you can answer that! If you're just looking for a mate, there's nothing wrong with that answer!

 Mr. Lyon said, expressing his anger. Or is it more like 'finding a mate'? I'm even more confused as to what you're talking about?

".........Rion-san, I don't know what kind of feelings you had when you took this test. However, it is not good if you take the liberty of replacing 'employee recruitment test' with 'finding a mate'. And one more thing..., the last question I asked was 'What does a customer mean to you? I don't think you've heard a word I have to say. We need to hear what you think of our guest, properly, so that we can see what you think of our guest. If it's not your opinion, what's the point of the test?
'Ugh.... But, you see, even for me, the customer is God. If that's the case, then there's no problem!

 Leon is desperately trying to bite back. It's a pain in the ass, as it were. I'll explain why I didn't choose it clearly at this time. You need to explain to the others as well.

Huh, Rion-san, let's explain why you failed. I will explain to everyone around you why you were rejected and the reasons why you were accepted. I hope you will understand it well. It may be my one-sided opinion, but that's also with the inn in mind.... If you don't agree and act in a way that causes some kind of harm to the inn...

 I cut off my words here and looked around a bit. In the distance, I see Lyrica-san turning a little blue.

''Well, all right. Now, let's start with the reason for the rejection.''

(You don't say!!!!

 At that moment, the minds of those gathered in front of the inn were united, except for several people.


The main reason for rejection is that people are thinking of 'retiring' from adventuring.
 There are many reasons for this, such as that adventuring has become too hard for them, they can't level up anymore, or they start to think it's not for them. But can the work at the inn be done by people who don't take responsibility for what they have started and think, "I want to quit because it's getting too hard"?

 .........I have to say "no".

 In the hospitality industry, such as inns, patience is very important. They have to endure the selfishness of children, the unwanted stares of adults, the slander and abuse, the repetition of the same tasks day in and day out, and even the expression of a spirit that is exhausted by these days.
 People who are thinking of 'retiring' from adventuring, especially those who want to quit because it's 'hard', will never be able to follow such work that requires 'patience.

 More than half of those rejected were blinded. They had all been blindsided.

Let me say further that the same goes for those who became adventurers without even considering their own abilities and thought about retiring for reasons such as 'I'm beginning to think it's not for me.
 It's fair to say that these people have even more difficulty with patience. If you're not interested in the job and you're trying to continue, it's still something to think about, but if you're thinking about quitting, you're too scared to hire someone because you're afraid they'll quit because they're not interested in the job.
 Also, there is a great danger that those people will throw their jobs away. I can't hire people who are at risk of giving up their jobs to run an inn that is built on trust with customers.

 Some of them nodded, "Sure."

Next, those who answered, 'Our customers are God.' These people were also eliminated from this selection process.
 How many of you answered, 'The customer is God,' after really struggling with it? In my eyes, most of them seemed to be thinking, 'This is a good answer to this question,' or 'It's written in the policy of the inn, and that's what the landlady (me) always says,' without thinking about it at all. As I told you a little earlier, there is no way you can pass the test even if you say my opinion as it is.
 The reason I use the term in the first place is
I am who I am today because of the guests who stay at this inn. I am here today because you stay at this inn. It is a miracle that God has given me life. Then I will use my best ability to serve the guests with the spirit of returning thanks to God.
I use it to briefly express my awareness of the fact that I am not a fan of this. However, this is just my opinion and I don't want to impose it on you.
 As with anything, there are many parts of the rules that are imposed on us that we don't agree with, and if they are forced on us, we may not like them. This is especially true when it comes to work, isn't it? However, if you do your job based on the rules you have made, you will at least try to follow them. You will be able to do your job naturally.
 So I've made sure that I have my own attitudes towards my customers this time around. Of course, if you bring my rules that I made up there, there's no way you're going to adopt them.

 A few more people nodded at these words.

''Lastly, there were a number of people who said, 'I can't see how serious you are.
 Lastly, there were many people who didn't seem to be serious at all, like 'It doesn't matter if I'm accepted or not' or 'If I fail, I'll just continue as an adventurer.
 There are no rank restrictions on adventurer requests, and there are many simple and unexpectedly profitable requests, such as harvesting requests, that show that they don't mind failing the test.
 The people who are recruiting are paying attention to such things unexpectedly. We don't hire people who are clearly not motivated.

 Candidates who have been dumbed down to the point where they are
'Stop it! I (me or I) have zero HP now! And I was thinking like a girl asking some millennial king to stop.