45 Increase the number of employees. Episode 9

 In front of the inn, where more than half of them could no longer even protest, Kara's explanation continued.

'Next, the reasons for those who were accepted. I think there are many people who don't fit into the reasons why they failed this time, who feel that 'the reasons don't apply to them'.
 For those people, I hope the reasons of the person who was hired this time will convince them.

 That was the most important opinion. Some of the ones who had taken the test this time were serious about becoming employees of the inn. The reasons for not hiring them did not apply to them.
 It could be said that their desire to have an explanation was rather increased by the knowledge of the reasons for not hiring.

"Then, as to the reasons for hiring these three, there are three items that I consider important.

 The first is 'strength,' the second is 'depth of resolve,' and the third is 'future potential.

 The silence in front of the inn was so great that I tried to listen to Kara's explanation word for word. It must have been so crowded with people that one would think there was a festival going on, but it was so quiet that one could almost hear the sounds of things a hundred meters away.

 In such silence, Kara's not-so-loud, but unusually well spoken voice echoed.

''First, let me explain about 'strength'. "When I say 'strength,' it's not just martial strength. We have chosen people who have the strength, such as patience, because this profession provides many opportunities to come into contact with various customers.
 All three of you are former adventurers, and all of you are B grade or higher. Needless to say, they are all pure military strength. Other than that.
 Despite being given an ignominious nickname such as 【Dexterous Poverty】, Silves-san never complained about it and continued to improve himself. The guild staff told me that she was left behind by her companions who traveled to Clan Reed, and the drunks around her were messing with her, but she never stopped being an adventurer and spared no effort to improve her abilities. I have no doubt about her abilities.
 Next is Licure-san, and as her name suggests, she is a nobleman. However, she became an adventurer because she got tired of the nobles who were only interested in gut-checking, expanding and enhancing their power. She graduated at the top of her class from the College of Adventurers, was promoted to Class A adventurer at a young age, and even conquered the third station in the Clanrido Mountains.
 However, rather than living a life full of danger, she wanted to work in a job that was safe and brought comfort to others. Deciding to take the opposite of her family's business of fighting monsters, she made the rounds of greetings to all her party members, guilds, and other related departments.
 There were some people who hurt her with thoughtless words, but no matter what they said, she accepted them, knowing that her actions had caused them to do so. Can you catch a glimpse of her "patience"? That's why we chose her.
 Finally, there is Luka, who has visited the inn more than once. Each time I visited, she negotiated the hiring process for her employees directly with me. At the time I didn't have any plans to hire more employees, so I didn't shake my head at her words. But this time, she came to me 12 times, and I was impressed by her tenacity.

 Kara speaks off at once. She talks about the reason of strength, and nearly half of the candidates who hear it again say, 'I don't agree,' or 'If that's the reason, doesn't it apply to me?' I have a look on my face.
 After looking at the faces of these candidates, Kara starts to talk about the following reasons.


"The next reason is 'depth of resolve. We have seen how much effort you can put into the inn and what sacrifices you are willing to make for the inn, etc. Oh, it's not that you will be accepted because you have the spirit to sacrifice for the inn, so please pay attention to that.

 Kara gives a preamble to her next reason. 'I'd die for the inn! On the contrary, I don't trust people who say things like "I don't know what to do". I didn't want them to make that much of a mistake.

 As Kara's explanation began, the candidates, who were still flickering with dissatisfied faces, stepped forward, not wanting to miss a single word.

'Now, contrary to what I said earlier, Luka-san is the one who came to negotiate many times, as I told you when I gave you my reasons earlier. However, there are several others who have negotiated many times, and some have done so as often as she has. Those are the ones who say, 'Why her?' You may have wondered.
 So, why did I hire her, she says she always follows a set procedure when she comes to negotiate. The first is "Quit being an adventurer." The second is "I'll negotiate after I've ranked up to B grade or higher." These two are the two things that she has set herself up for. She had made this much determination and desired it. However, I think it's inevitable that I will naturally be treated differently than the person who was here to negotiate.

 Some people, especially the adventurers, were astonished to hear this.

 ---Some of them, especially the adventurers, were astonished to hear that.

 It's easy to put into words. But in reality, the question is, "How will I live until I earn more money? What about guarantees of identity? There are many factors that come into play, such as
 As long as you are an adventurer, no matter how low your rank is, the guild will treat you as if you are employed by the guild, so your guild card will serve as your ID card. However, once you quit, your card will no longer be valid, so you will need to issue a new citizenship, register, etc. Moreover, once you quit, you have to wait for at least a month before you can re-register as an adventurer. There is no way you can quit and become an adventurer again easily. This is a guild that deals with trust and confidence, so at the very least, they have thought this through very well.

 In addition, they raise their rank to B level or higher every time.

 This is not an easy thing to do either.
 There are ten guild ranks, starting from G grade, with SSS grade being the highest rank. (There is also a Transcendent level, but it's considered impossible for a human to reach it.)
 If you start out as a normal adventurer, you start at F level (the reason you don't start at G level is because G level is the lowest level of people you can say "I'm an adventurer". In a sense, it's at a level where it's easier for you to defeat them if you become a thief, etc.), and from there you can complete requests, etc. From there, you will be able to make requests and gradually increase your rank. If a former adventurer re-registers, he or she will be able to start over by upgrading their previous rank, but they will still only start at a maximum of D level. On top of that, there is also a specialized advancement test to move up in rank. It is quite difficult to move up to B level.
 It must have taken a lot of determination to be promoted to such a B level every time, and then quit being an adventurer, overcoming the stasis of those around him to go negotiate with Kara. Moreover, in a situation where it was not certain that he would be accepted....... Normally, he would have been shying away from it. He had to do that 12 times in a row. That's because, besides his determination, he also had first-class strength of will.

 The adventurer-turned-testers all realized the depth of Luka's resolve.

''As I explained to you earlier, Mr. Recure was a great adventurer as well. She was a person who was almost certain to improve her rank to S-rank. Would the people around her leave her alone like that? Also, what did her parents think of it?
 The answer is simple: she was obstructed from quitting as an adventurer, to say the least. From the guild, there were poor obstructions, such as not carrying out her request to cancel her adventurer registration, or blatantly putting in a long-term request to force her to continue as an adventurer, while from her parents' home, there was a series of utterly unpleasant obstructions, such as sudden requests to return home and forcing her to incorporate her matchmaking partner into the adventurer's party.
 He didn't give in to those obstacles and pressures, and he didn't let his sweet words fool him into quitting his job just so that he could move to this inn. Do you all have any idea how much that means to you?

 Kara's explanation caused several people to look surprised again.

 The benefits they would get if they ranked up to S-class are immeasurable. At lodges affiliated with guilds, the price would be lower depending on the rank, but at S-class, it would be possible to stay in a top-tier suite for the same price as an F-class adventurer would pay for the lowest-ranked room for a large group of small fry sleepers.
 Even shops selling weapons, armor, etc. would be able to sell good weapons at a discount because they would be famous for creating and selling weapons used by S-class adventurers.
 The best equipment that an average C-level adventurer could buy for a reasonable price would be turned into mere scrap metal, and maintenance would be free.
 Work would be prioritized, and after all, you would be recognized as a nobleman. (The king didn't want to create such a system, but the other noblemen had reluctantly agreed to it when they were urged to do so.
 This is exactly the kind of treatment that ordinary people dream about.

 Even though he was offered such a path to S-class status and even sweet-talked into giving him various other perks, Liquure's heart remained unmoved and he quit his job as an adventurer in order to move to the inn.
 ''Why are you sticking to the inn?'' But I could tell that his passion for the inn was not half-hearted.

 This could also be described as a great resolve, comparable to that of Luke earlier.

 The rejects, who had been dissatisfied earlier, were ashamed of themselves for not having had that much resolve when they heard the two women's reasons, knowing the depth of their resolve.
 And I was curious to see how prepared the third one was.

 As if he had read the psychology of those rejects, Kara's explanation resumed.


'The last one is Miss Silves? She even went to the Guildmaster and decided to quit.

 The word rippled through the audience more than ever before.

''She has failed to challenge Clan Reed twice. How good she was at that time is currently impossible to glean, but it seems that her lack of firepower was the cause.
 This led to her dismissal from the party, the subsequent loss of reputation for her, and many other things.
 However, she had continued to train all the time, dreaming of traveling to Clan Reed, she said. Her current abilities are as good or better than Ms. Recure's. It's just my opinion, so I'll leave it to your imagination whether it's accurate or not.
 However, rumors are a tricky thing. The rumors about her had become so large that even if the guild was working on it, they couldn't do anything about it at the earliest.
 She was lost for a long time. 'I'm sure I've trained and gained strength, but I haven't been approached,' and 'Maybe I'm not cut out to be an adventurer? And.
 After some hesitation, she chose the path of consulting the Guildmaster.

 The gathered spectators found out how much of a problem she had. Until now, even though she had been called 【Dexterous Poverty】, she didn't even particularly refute it, but the troubles that Silves had were that great.......

 ''Consultation with the Guild Master.
 In fairy tales and heroic tales of the past, there are often scenes of 'friendly conversation' with the guildmaster or 'being approached directly by the guildmaster with a request', but of course, this is not possible in reality.
 As a guild that responds to the opinions of the people, it is natural that it is often approached for advice. The guild master's job is to confirm the content of the work requested, check the appropriateness of the remuneration, determine the suitability of the rank, confirm the reality of the request, conduct regular inspections of the various bases and secure the personnel to go to them, and so on.
 It's the kind of consultation that requires the guildmaster to act on his or her own to solve the problem.

 It's not just the king's request, but also his own, and he generally refuses to listen to the nonsense of a single adventurer. The consultation of Silves, who had penetrated to that position.
 This speaks eloquently of the importance of her consultation.

 The Guildmaster certainly does not address Silves directly. It was because she was not a high-ranking adventurer to be considered special, so calling on her there was likely to be perceived as favoritism.
 If they were to come, it would be from the Silves side. It was probably the biggest concession the guild could offer (privately, but...).

 And Silves, who decided to consult with the Guildmaster, must have also made a pretty big resolution.

 The consultation with the Guildmaster would, by its nature, be described in the 'Soul Contract'.
 Inscribed in the Soul Contract, the contents of the contract must be fulfilled no matter what.
 If the covenant is not fulfilled, the person is immediately sent to jail, or worse, executed.

 I don't know what kind of contract Silvus signed to take the exam, but going to 'Consult with the Guildmaster' is such a thing that he has to consider death at worst.
 There was no way she could go to the consultation with a half-hearted resolve, and this also showed the depth of her resolve.

'This is why I chose these women.

 Kara's voice, in conclusion, reached everyone's ears gently.


 At the earliest, no one was able to argue with the inn's front door, which was quiet.

 Kara's explanation was in the final stage.

"The last one is 'potential'. This one, unlike the previous ones, is not so complicated.
 Each of these women is capable of improving themselves. They are young, in their mid-20s, and have a lot of room to grow.
 Not only that, but I believe this inn will be out of my hands in the future. I don't know when that will happen, but with people like them then, the inn will prosper even more, and eventually it will become a large scale inn with bases all over the continent.
 So, "potential" is not only about them, but also about the inn itself.
 The development of the inn will happen because of their presence, and the decline of the inn because of their absence. I chose development.
 At first I thought that I would only be able to continue this inn in my lifetime. For that reason, I never hired anyone as an employee, no matter what they came to me, but now it has become something that I don't want to end in my lifetime.
 With that in mind, I have chosen people who are capable of taking over all the skills I have," he said.

 Kara's words in conclusion.

 No one was going to be able to argue with that.
 Those who had been harboring evil thoughts were reminded of their own shallowness, and even those who had made up their minds to do so were reminded once again whether they were truly prepared to do so.

Finally, the question I posed to you. There is no right answer to that one.
 There is no right answer to the question I asked you. If you answered 'You are God' in a pure and sincere way, then there is nothing to say. That's just one answer....

 The answer to the question did not matter to them at the earliest.
 No matter what the correct answer was, it was no match for the words of a person who was prepared to do so. It's because he was struck by how flimsy his answer was.....


 A crowd of people leaving the front of the inn. Their expressions were all cheerful. It's not the face of those who have failed their exams, but each one of them was full of energy in their hearts.

 The husband and the new employee met in front of the inn, which had gone quiet.
I'm going to make sure you learn the business of the inn from tomorrow. Good luck, everyone.

 Kara's voice echoed, expressionless, but I could tell she was smiling happily.