46 New employee training part 1

 It's been a night since my acceptance was decided.

 The discussions that followed after I was accepted went relatively smoothly.

 Let's recap a bit of yesterday's situation, shall we?


'Well then, I'll have you in training as soon as possible, starting tomorrow. I can't just put it in front of the customers. It won't be that difficult, but you can rest and regain your energy today.

 I think the three of us were all fired up after being told by Kara, the owner of the inn where we will be staying, that we were all ready to go.

I mean, we'll be starting tomorrow, but our luggage is still in town.

 It was said that he was a former nobleman, recure-san's words. His language doesn't sound like an aristocrat, but what's up with that?
 Oh, and more importantly, I'm still leaving it in the town where I was based........

Oh, I've left it in the town too. It would take me two days to go back and forth to get it, but.......
You want one too? It's going to take four days to get to our town and back. Kara-san, isn't it a bit difficult to start tomorrow?

 I said and checked with Kara-san.
 Even after receiving our statement, Kara-san's blank expression didn't twitch.

''Oh, it's fine. If you ask the guild for your luggage, the guild members are supposed to take responsibility for transporting it. More importantly, is Luka-san's luggage safe?

 Carla calls out to the other successful candidate, a woman named Luka. Come to think of it, she didn't seem to react particularly well to our remarks either.

''I'll be fine. I always made sure to pull out of my base before I came to visit Kara-san to ask for help.''

 She is a very resolute woman. Karla was talking about her determination, and I could tell that she was much more determined than I was and wanted to take this exam.

So, what are you going to do? If you're going to ask, I think you should ask the covert-type guild receptionist there, 'Lyrica-san', who is still secretly hanging around here. Isn't that right, Lyrica-san?

 Kara-san calls out to me about between me and Luka-san. We should be the only ones in this vicinity...!

'Oh no, I knew Kara would find out. The other girls didn't seem to notice.

 Wavering, the space shook, and before I knew it, a woman in a guild uniform was standing there.

 When did it happen........

''Lyrica-san's power of secrecy is amazing, you know. As expected, she's a legendary adventurer who couldn't even find her tail for two months, even though the guild had all hands on deck to search for her.
''No, no, I'm subtly happy to hear that from Kara-san, who has lightly detected my covertness and has even become a living legend within the guild........?

 Happy for you! I wonder if she is really a former nobleman? There's no end to the folksy smell.
 Well, I'll tell you what.

Um, Lyrica, was that you? May I ask for a package? We're here in one piece, so I think we can just carry it out.
Yeah, I'll need mine too. I don't care if they're stolen, but just in case...

 Lirika-san and I have a jovial conversation with Carla, and we request her to move our luggage.

''We accept it. Our guild will take responsibility for transporting them.

 Lyrica's expression has changed from that of a nosy neighbor lady when she was talking to Carla to one of a more serious woman with a serious work ethic. Her ability to switch gears is uncanny.
 After confirming a few things that needed to be done, she gallantly returned to the guild. She's a very, very cool woman.

 Well, I've heard that the guild in King's Landing is large in size and the staff is thoroughly supervised, so it should be fine to leave it to them in regards to the luggage.
 I was wondering what we're going to do now.

'Now that we've taken care of the baggage, I'd like to move on to the training.
 As I've said before, you'll be staying overnight from tomorrow for training. Oh, and don't worry about your room, you'll be in the same room as the three of us, but we have a room for the employees. It may be a little cramped, but make yourselves at home.
 So, tomorrow morning, we'll start the training at 8:00 am. Please meet in front of the reception counter.

 Then I'll show you to your rooms.

 After saying so, Kara went into the inn.

 The three of us nodded to each other and followed Kara into the inn.


 Oh yeah, it was like this. I still have two people beside me, but we got to know each other a little better in the room.

 As soon as we walked into the inn, Carla asked me to follow her. As I thought when I stayed there before, the atmosphere of the inn is not just old, it's historical, and the atmosphere is calm and comfortable. I'm very happy to be working at this inn from now on.
 I have dreams of conquering the Clan Reed Mountains, but I'm not sure I'm good enough right now. From what I hear, Kara is a former adventurer and is one of the conquerors of the Clan Reed Mountains. I think it would be a good idea to ask her to teach me a lot of things.
 There have only been eight people who have conquered the Clan Reed Mountains in the past, and all of them have been SS-level adventurers or higher. This means that Kara-san was at least an SS-class or higher adventurer, although it was hard to imagine from her appearance. Come to think of it, Lyrica-san had told me earlier that she was a living legend or something........ Truly, people are not what they appear to be. Where is the power to conquer the Clan Reed Mountains hidden in that slender arm?

 In the meantime, we came to the front of one of the rooms. The room around me looked vaguely familiar.

'This will be the room you will be using. We have everything you need to live here. There is no bathroom and toilet in the room, so you will have to use the bath and toilet in the inn. We don't have a specific bathing time, but please don't behave too strangely as you may run into guests. Well, let's leave the details out of it....
 This will be your home from today, so please make yourselves at home. Now, I have a lot of business to attend to.

 With those words, Carla walked into the room.
 It was no surprise that she looked familiar. The next room was where she had visited three days ago.

 Now, it seems that he is free to do the rest. But the three of us looked at each other, unsure of what to do with the suddenness of the situation. I would have to say something here, being the oldest (and probably the most senior), I would have to say something.

'For now, let's go into the room, shall we? Let's calm down a bit and introduce ourselves properly. We still only know each other's names.

 When I suggest that.

Haha, you're right, I forgot that we just met today. Well then, let's go in, shall we?
Okay, I'll open it.

 Licure-san agreed with a light laugh. I feel like the hard air has loosened up a bit. Her unique way of speaking seems to have the effect of softening the air.
 In response to that, recure-san's words, Luka-san opens the door of the room.

''This is........''

 When we opened the entrance door, we were surprised by all three of them. ........I guess that can't be helped.

 The room that opened up was quite large.

 There were three beds lined tightly with clean sheets, and a desk for office work. A table and chair set for enjoying a little tea, etc., and a cooking area for making tea. Bookshelves lined with books that are relatively easy to obtain thanks to recently developed paper technology, and large windows overlook the inn's backyard, where a variety of flowers are in full bloom. The room is equipped with a magic lamp, which allows the room to be brightened even at night. That alone was surprising enough in size, but there was something even more surprising.
 There was a door with a lowered plaque with our names on it, and I wondered what it was, and when I opened it, there was room for five of us to lie down, at least for me. From the looks of it, I guess it was like a wardrobe or a storage room. To be honest, it was more than I expected.
 No, it was far more than I expected.

 At worst, the three of us were face to face with each other, and we were even prepared to sleep with small fish, but we were treated too well, weren't we?
 The room is twice as large as Kara's room, which makes me more than a little nervous. Fortunately, the other two people also froze in place, perhaps because they were not expecting it, so we didn't have to face the embarrassing situation where I was the only one who was surprised to see this room.

I didn't expect this. I didn't expect to be allowed to use such a nice room.

 After each of them looked around the room in amazement until each of them were satisfied, they just decided where to use the bed for now and settled in.
 When everyone was falling in love with it for a little while, Licure-san started to wave the topic around. Oops, I can't keep falling in love with him as an elder.

''Yes, I heard that you hadn't even decided how many people you were going to hire, and since you suddenly hired three people, I thought you were going to sleep in a big room with a small fish in the worst case scenario.
That's true. That's what I thought, too.
Yeah. Well, even if it's urgent, I'm sure Kara can handle at least one room.
Hmm? Why not?

 What does it mean to say that Kara can do something about one of the rooms?
 Licure-san also wondered about it and visited Luka-san.

''Oh, no, I'm a regular visitor here, but every time I come across a strange scene, I always encounter a strange scene.
 I don't think you can understand what I'm saying, but it's a strange phenomenon anyway. I've asked Kara about it, but I still don't know what's going on because it's a secret, but...

 A lot of Carla? Isn't that more than a mystery, but a bizarre phenomenon?

It's strange. Maybe we'll be one of those mysteries from now on.
That's all you can get rid of!
Hmm~? Well, we'll just have to put it away, won't we? In fact, if you don't see it, you won't know how strange it is.

 I'm convinced that's true, too.
 Thanks to Luka-san's mysterious topic, everyone seems to have recovered from their own surprise, so I'm going to go ahead with the conversation, although it's forced.

 Let's start with me.
 I am "Carmine Silves". I don't feel like I've been exposed to a lot of embarrassing pasts, but I'm the [Dexterity Poor] Silves, that's me. I'm not now, but before I quit, I was a B-level adventurer. I'm 25 years old. From now on, I look forward to working with you as a fellow worker at the same inn.

 I'll finish introducing myself without incident. Receiving the disgraceful two names of [Dexterous Poverty] is not a good memory, but since getting two names is an honor, I think it's two names that end up being one or the other.

 As I finished introducing myself, they each said "hello" to me. As I sat down on the bed, Liquure-san stood up on the bed next. And, as usual, she began to introduce herself in her unique tone of voice.

The next one is Aata. I'm Liqure Adolph Berkson Myrredia Kasben. Well, it's a long name, but don't worry about it. You can call me "Liquure" when you call me, you know. Ahh, they've given me two names: Hitotachi no Hime. My adventurer's rank is A. At least they said it was an associate S-class, though. I'm 26 years old. Nice to meet you.

 ...and he was older than me. And the two names are cool. It's definitely better than [Dexterous Poverty].

 Ricure-san is a perfect looking noblewoman. Her face and hair are so neat that it's obvious that she always keeps her face and hair clean, but she's dressed in light armor that reminds me of a strong man of the past war. Because of this, she looks like a noblewoman playing around in the garb of a commoner. However, the most surprising thing about her is her unique way of speaking, which is hard to imagine from her appearance. The way she speaks, with a slight stretching of the end, is very unbalanced compared to the young lady's appearance.
 Well, I don't intend to pay attention to the way people speak, since it's just a matter of their taste....

 Luka-san and I all returned the words, "Nice to meet you".

 Recure-san nodded with satisfaction at that and sat down on the bed with a thud. It's really a behavior that is not like a former nobleman. Ah, so it's good that you're an ex.

''It's me at the end. ''My name is Luka Zukunft. I'm a former adventurer just like you all. His rank was B grade. My age is 25. It's nice to meet you. Also, do I have to say my two names?

 Finally, Luka-san stands up and begins to introduce himself. You're the same age as me........ Let's get to know each other from now on. Let's start by calling me Luka, shall we?

''No, that's not necessary. Luka-san we're the same age, so it's just Luka, right? ........Luke's two names might be embarrassing, and if they were as disgraceful as mine, he wouldn't want to say them.
You're right. There are a lot of poor adventurers who have been given two names that they think are cool. Most of them are rather uncool, if you ask me. It would be pretty embarrassing if people thought I had a cool name.

 I was cringing. I thought it was cool or something....

 Just a simple tweak to a question that no one has been able to say for years, recure-san. It's true that there were times when I thought, 'That's so tacky' or 'Isn't it embarrassing to be called like that?', but it's rare for someone to be so blunt, isn't it? Most of the time, people would just turn away and mumble the words, 'Yee, that's a good two names, ohohohoho...'

'Oh, I see......... Thank you very much. I look forward to working with both of you in the future.

 With these words from Luka, the self-introduction was concluded.


 Our conversation went on like this, you know. We ended up having a great time after that, and we kept talking until Kara came to ask me out for dinner. We're going to be working together from now on, so it's good to be able to get to know each other.

 By the way, why am I reminiscing about yesterday, right? Well, it's a bit of an escape from reality...

 It's 9:20 now. The training is starting at the inn at the time.........

 Why are we in the wilderness?