48 New employee training part 3

 I know you're probably talking about how heavy a single chair is, but I can't help but be surprised by what I saw.

 And that wasn't the only thing that surprised me with Kara's explanation, which was still going on.

 I went through the exchange after the chair in order.

 The chair is heavy because it's made of magic metal.
 Not only the chairs, but also the walls, windows, and even the sheets are all made of magical metal, disaster-designated monsters and divine beasts.
 All of them are made of the same weight as ordinary wood and cloth by magical tools.
 Kara supplies magic power to the magical tools every day.
 From now on, you'll have to help me with the supply of magical power.
 The MP required for each supply of magical power is 2500 points. (It should only have a max of 999 points...)
 7. that you can raise your MP to 9999 points by using a technique called limit breaking. (It would change the whole world.)
 7. come on, let's be strong.

 And that was that.

 No, no, no, no, no, wait, wait. Let's get you settled.
 Okay, for now let's just...

 Yes! What's that! What do you mean, breaking the limit?

 It would be impossible to be surprised.

 The world has rules. God's rules.
 Humans only need to live a hundred years at the most, and even the immortal elves actually age and die in thousands of years. This is the natural order of things.
 999 HP is the maximum and so is MP. Ability values such as STR are maxed out at 100. This should be the same for all living creatures, the law of the world.
 It is said that in rare cases, things that deviate from the world, such as dragons, exceed their limits, but I don't know if that's a lie or not. This is because no one has ever been able to examine them.
 What did the woman in front of me say about that now! ''If you break through the limit, you can do it,'' he said as if it were a matter of course! You can't really do that! ........Oops, I forgot to add the characterization.

 Even though each of the three of us expresses surprise, Kara-san's explanation goes on and on. Stop it, Silves is on the verge of relapsing from too much shock....

 After that, a parade of stories that break the conventional wisdom that follows. I thought I knew that Kara-san was out of the norm, but is that part of me that I know only scratches the surface of the word "out of the norm"?

 I took a short pause and started to sort through the information for a while. My head was about to explode from stuffing too much information into it, but I managed to get it back. And, apparently, Silves also managed to stay conscious. We rejoiced in each other's survival in the shadows. After all, even the unreadable Luka was staring into the void and his mouth was watering. During the pause, they butted heads once again and shared the information they had gleaned from the previous explanation. By sharing the information with each other, they managed to calm each other down.

 ........But this was even more of a shocking parade from here on out, which was even more shocking than the previous one.

 It could be about magic (recovery magic and time magic? (Are you talking about the priesthood magic that only the Clan God can use? , this and that about the inn (what did they say about cleaning time?), and the Clan God (is that true?!). Please tell me this isn't true. (Don't you think the temple will be watching us?

 Kara looked at us in bewilderment and said, "I've only told you this far because I trust you.

"I've told you all this because I trust you'll be able to trust me. Any information could cause the world to be confused, so please take it to your own grave.

 Carla's words made the atmosphere of the place instantly heavy.

 I mean, Silves is already trying to put his foot in the grave, though! A sort of white smoke that looks like two heads of Silvus rises from his mouth........! You're losing your soul!

 We hurriedly brought our souls back and managed to get out of trouble.

 After that, everyone had already given up, or they were looking for foodstuffs as usual. Since it hadn't been touched by human hands for many years, this former Goldie site was extremely rich in resources. It's a hassle, so let's call it the Goldie Wilderness.
 Each of us encountered a monster, but we fought it off and came back without getting a scratch. It seems that everyone has solid skills.

 At this point, it's around noon. We chose a few dishes from the ingredients we'd gathered, and Kara cooked up something impromptu but satisfying enough to satisfy our hunger, and we all indulged our taste buds.

 From there, she explains things again. For all the times I've said, "Please be strong," he doesn't even train, let alone train. If they can break through the limit with this kind of thing, they should have broken through the limit long ago.

''Oh, you don't train or anything?''

 But if you ask me.

Can you wait a little longer? I'm afraid I'm a little late coming.

 That's all I can say.

 What's coming? And then, as is becoming customary, the three of us began our meeting.

 A couple of minutes have passed.
 I'm not sure if they are training to be strong, but I'm sure they are thinking, 'Training to become strong, how about a fellow ex-adventurer? I came to the conclusion that someone would be coming to train us, ''I have the impression that Kara-san's friends are all S-class adventurers...'' And at about the same time, Kara-san's murmur of "Finally, it's here......." and

Carla, here you are. I'm having a little trouble putting on my makeup.

The voice said.

 We turned around in anticipation, and there, indeed, was the one who had been called to train us.

 The person had crimson eyes that were redder than bright red rubies, was taller than me, who was taller than the tallest of women, and was the color of jet-black.......

 It was a huge dragon, but.........

 Oh, wait, wait, wait, phew, okay, this must be a dream. You were saying something about 'makeup~' earlier.

 The three of us laugh at each other hahaha, turning our attention back to Silves and the others. I don't know why, but I feel like my laughter is dry, including mine. Then, after a bit of an escape from reality, I said, 'It was a dragon, wasn't it? They nodded to each other and prepared to go on and on, and d........

''Ah, everyone. This is 'Fafnir-san', who is in charge of this training, the familiar 'Fafnir-san' of 【Name Lost Evil Dragon】 and 【Fallen Dragon Emperor】. It is said that he lost his name, but he still has a name, but please feel free to call him "Fafnir-san". But please feel free to call him "Fab", but I can't accept questions about why he changed his name to "Bu". Please remember that "Fab" said that "Fab" was fine. 

 I was smashed as soon as I was ready........

 More importantly, isn't [Fallen Dragon Emperor] an imaginary creature that only appears in fairy tale heroic tales!
 And all at once, we turn around, and we are.
 In front of us is a huge dragon with a vicious face.


'Look, it's no use being late. You can be forgiven if you were late because you were helping people or something, but how much time do you have to spend on makeup! Do you understand? You're still a former Dragon Emperor! We need to give you a little more time to act!
'Yes, I'm sorry! (Crying)

 There was a blank expression on Kara's face as she scolded the dragon.