49 New employee training part 4

 Oh, it's been a long time. My name is Luca Tunkuft. Is this the first time you've addressed me by my full name?

 We are now almost at the end of the training program.

 Looking back, the training was full of surprises from the first day.

 I felt as if my head was going to explode because I was told facts that defied conventional wisdom, and even a dragon appeared. After that, it was a mess.

 Kara scolded the late dragon, who was called "Mr. Fab", for 30 minutes without any expression on her face, and finally the dragon began to cry. It was pathetic, as the dragon was no longer a dignified figure of the world's most powerful dragon, the last boss of a heroic tale.
 The dragon bowed its head repeatedly, but managed to get Kara's permission and spoke to us.

''Ho, are those the ones who have been trained by me?

 He said it with a lot of dignity, but on the contrary, the minute I saw him earlier, I couldn't help but feel funny. So, I don't mean to be rude, but I think a looseness, or something like that, ran through us, and I think we lost our minds a bit.
 Kara saw through our looseness and asked the dragon to 'give us a shot,' perhaps to get us to tighten up. Agreeing to this, the dragon stored its power in its huge mouth and spat out a mighty breath towards the Goldie Wilderness.

 A flash, an explosion........and silence.

 If I were to tell you only the result, I would say that the Goldie Wilderness was transformed into the Goldie Valley.......

 Having been shown such a powerful blow, we no longer had time to relax, and at once we tightened our attention and listened carefully to the words of the dragon and Kara-san after that.
 Apparently, what Kara-san had said earlier was true, and this dragon, 'Fafnir', was going to train us.

 Eh? Without even having time to think about it, Kara-san immediately said, 'Training is about to start. That's right, in order to become stronger, I expected that I would be fighting a demon, but I really didn't hear that it was a dragon that I would be fighting!

  The answer is really super simple. Just keep [attacking] the dragon. That's really all there is to it.

 It's already absurd.

 But the reason is surprisingly solid: attacking dragons (and mythical ones at that) builds up a little bit of experience in us, which helps us to level up. It means that if we can hurt them, we can furthermore earn more experience from the dragons that we gain from them. And by continuing to gain experience from mythical-class enemies, it causes us to break through our limits.
 This was the reason why. In other words, just by attacking these dragons, we become stronger, and by breaking through the limit, we can gain even more strength. Isn't that too good to be true?

 It is often said that all good stories have a hidden side, so I checked with Carla about that, and she said that in order to get her to work as an employee, she needs to be strong, so even with this level of conditions, she would be able to make change.
 However, there was a decent disadvantage as well, and since they would only continue to unilaterally attack opponents who didn't move, they wouldn't be able to gain any experience as a battle.
 If fledgling adventurers became strong in the same way that we did, we would have what is known as an "aristocratic adventurer" with a high level of skill, but not very good at tactics. Oh, the adventurer with a high level of aristocracy is one who uses money to buy the best equipment, but is not good at all. I heard that in the past, a lot of noblemen lost their lives because of this.

 In the end, we started training to break through the limit against the dragon "Fafnir" aka "Fab".

 All we had to do was to keep attacking the unmoving fab. You may think it's a simple task, but attacking the dragon's scales, which are harder than steel, means that the impact of the attack will be reflected in your weapons as well. Imagine that, everyone. It could be anything, and the pain would be as great as holding a stick and hitting a rock with it as hard as you can. What do you think? It hurts, right?

 He's attacking with all his might because of the target. If you can make a certain amount of scratches on Mr. Fab's scales, you'll know that you've broken through the limit, and Kara showed me how much of a scratch you've made.
 Kara points to a point on the belly and flank scales, which are considered to be the softest of the dragon's scales. There was a small wound there, about the size of a little fingernail. It was a really small scratch, but I was told that this was a sign that I had pushed the envelope. The first to react was Ricure-san. He said in his usual prolonged voice, "If it's this small, I think you can get it done right away.

 ReCure slashed at Fab with his beloved large sword (for some reason Kara had our equipment set with her). The blow was enough to cut through not only rocks, but even steel.
 However, the result was no good at all. On the contrary, the impact was so great that Ricure's own arm went numb and he was unable to move it for 10 minutes.

 This is where our training began.

 We spent most of the day attacking Mr. Fab, living a life of learning a variety of knowledge at meal times in the morning, afternoon and evening. The knowledge we learned varied, and we learned about food, minimal greetings, and manners, while also practicing.
 What took a long time was still pushing the envelope. Even though the work was simple, the fatigue that would accumulate was not half bad. Furthermore, the dragon's scales showed no signs of damage, and I couldn't even see any signs of growth, which made my motivation to grow even lower and lower. It's a vicious cycle that slows down their growth even further.
 In the midst of all this, the one who reached her limit the fastest was 'Silves'. She was probably the best among us in terms of hard work and perseverance, and even when Ms. Liquure and I began to lose our motivation a bit, she continued to train diligently and persistently. Furthermore, although she had just learned, Silves-san, who was also able to use the recovery magic that Kara-san had shown her, used her recovery magic to recover from her fatigue and attacked again. As such, she did not spare no effort to break through the limit.
 And then she broke through the limit. I can still vividly remember her murmur, ''Oh, I made it.......''

 From that point on, Silves got stronger and stronger. According to Kara, when he broke through the limit, it seemed that he would become level 1 of the limit-breaking state, and after that, he would start to grow cancerously.
 After receiving Silves-san's breakthrough, we each regained our motivation, learned recovery magic and continued training while using it together. It didn't take long after Silves-san broke through, and both of us were able to break through safely.

 After all three of us had broken through the limit, we spent most of the day training, attacking dragons and the like, but we spent more time absorbing other knowledge.
 Oh, yes, that chair, but I can now lift it up. When it comes to Licure-san, she can even swing it around with one hand with ease. The fact that he couldn't lift it up must have been very hard to bear.

 After coming to this point, Fab-san didn't have to be a dragon, so he began to participate in the training, taking on the puppet form by humanizing himself.
 This is the first time I've seen a dragon (it's officially called a dragon race, apparently. Those that cannot be humanized are called sub-longmen. The three of us couldn't hide our excitement at the moment of the humanization of a dragon (because we had seen the dragon race in human form before). It is said that the stronger the dragon tribe is, the more beautiful they become when they are humanized, so Fab-san's beauty was naturally the focus of our attention.

 The humanized Ms. Fab was very beautiful, with ruby eyes and jet-black black hair.


 What a man, Mr. Fab was a man!

 That was probably the most shocking thing that happened to me when I started this training program.

 Huh? Other training? It went off without a hitch, right?