50 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 1

 A room with an air of tranquility.

 Dressed in a robe clad in a hint of sacredness, the woman was receiving a report from a man.

'Yes, has someone appeared in the name of the goddess?
"is making a lot of money by touting his inn as the 'Inn of the Goddess' and other such claims.
I see. It's outrageous to play with the one and only god, Lord Clan, for your own benefit.
That thing deserves its own punishment. I think it should be a punishment...
I know. Get ready, High Priestess "Butcher Budeo". I will go directly to execute [divine punishment] on that fool.
'Ha! As you wish, Goddess Priestess!

 Then, the man called the High Priestess hung his head deeply.

 The woman who was called a miko did not notice that the face of the High Priestess was black and gloomy underneath the prone face.


 The inn is peaceful as usual.

 The 'Recure' in charge of the reception desk is serving customers with the interminable voice that has become familiar, and the 'Silves' in the kitchen is wielding his skills. Since 'Luka' is taking care of the maintenance, today's 'Kara' was off.

 It was difficult to work since she had started the inn and was unable to take a day off due to the training and the problems that arose during the actual work afterwards, but with the addition of this new employee, she can now take a day off every four days.
 The three newly hired employees, through Kara's hellish training, are now competent enough to run the inn on their own, one by one. Taking into consideration the fact that four such talented people working at Kara's inn, which is not that large in size, is overpowered, and Kara was not able to take a break, Luka suggested the current inn management system, where the three of them take turns taking turns and one of them takes a break.

 Kara, who had taken the day off, was lounging around and taking a walk by herself.

 This often happens when you have a sudden day off from work, but I'm sure some of you have had the experience of not knowing what to do at times when you're usually working.
 Kara's walk this time around was one of those times when she said, "I don't even know what to do when I'm supposed to be off during my normal working hours.... And everyone I know is working......... I'm bored..." kind of thing, and it's a wanderlust with no purpose or purpose that comes from emotion.

 Then there are all kinds of pseudonyms. I've been doing this kind of work for a while now, but it's not always easy for me to do it seriously, even if I'm asked to.
 It's that kind of thing where you can easily write a novel during your lunch break from work, but when you try to write it after work, you can't do it right.
 In the event that you're not a fan of this, you'll be able to find it in your own home.


(Sigh..., I'm bored...)

 It's been a long time since I've had a break. By increasing the number of employees, I have more free time to myself. I'm very happy about that, and it's what I had in mind when I started to hire more employees, so I'd say it's a success.
 But ... but ... but! I never thought I'd have this much time on my hands! Who would have predicted that!

(Angel and the others haven't gone away for a bit, Lyrica-san is on business all day today, and Anna is sticking around her parents' inn to practice and improve the first method of running the inn that I taught her two days ago.... I wonder if Mr. Laporte will come over? I could teach you to cook a little something now but what? (That was...)

 It was good that I came out of the inn with too much time on my hands, but, to tell the truth, I had nothing to do.
 It is only on such a day of rest that I don't have any visitors, even though they usually come to me.
 As I was walking along, I saw a person I recognized walking up ahead.

Cross-san. It's been a long time since you've been here. When did you get here?
"Mm, Miss Kara. Long time no see. We just got here.
'I see. How are Kaku, Tri, Maru, Kona, Kadreen and the others doing?
"....fine. ....Kaku has been even better lately.
'Well, well, well. That's good to hear. Because when the leader is healthy, the party comes alive.
Huh, I agree.

 The person who walked over was Cross-san, a B-class adventurer, the sub-leader of the adventurer's party [Edge], whose abilities have been recognized by the King's Capital Guild.
 Everyone in Edge is a good customer who often uses the house inn, and the leader, Kaku-san, is a person who has come to the employee recruitment exam. ........well, he was rejected as fast as he could. Specifically, he was one of the few members of the team who had handed down a rejection during the interview test and couldn't come to the announcement of his acceptance.......

''I apologize for not being able to get a reservation at our inn this time.
No, that's okay. I've taken the Ursa Minor's Rake Pavilion. And the food there is quite good.
Thank you. So? How long do you plan on keeping it up?

 Mr. Cross answered my questions in a disciplined manner. However, he didn't seem to understand just the last question.

''Huh, it's my stomach. You have a child, right?
'Yes. Congratulations. It's Mr. Cross's baby, so I'm sure he'll make a cute little boy.
...Thank you. 
'Yes. The blessings from your party members are priceless. So take care of yourself.
Yeah, well I'll come back another time. I'll send you back another time.

 With that, Mr. Cross left. He really is a quiet person, but today he was a bit chatty. .........Is it natural? I've had a child of my own.

'Good. A child, huh? Since you were born a woman, you should have at least one child. ...Oh, look at the time.

 It's been a few minutes since I left Mr. Cross. I was thinking a lot about my own children, and it seemed to take me a while.
 I have to get home soon. It's almost time for Kyle to come in to ask for food.

 My steps were much lighter than when I came out of the inn without thinking about what I was going to cook today.