51 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 2

 The Holy City 'Clan de Mycohesili' was a small town until a few hundred years ago.
 It didn't have any particularly famous specialties, it didn't produce any world-famous great people, and it was a town that was a bit more developed than the usual long, quiet villages that can be found everywhere.

 There is a reason why this not-so-rural town was called the "Holy City". One day, a girl working in the town's church was visited by the one and only God, the Clan, and he gave her a blessing. We don't know what the god Krang was thinking and what he used to give his blessing to a girl in a small town, as there has been no research, but this event is the beginning of a small town being called the Holy City.

 The people of the world, about 90% of people, believe in the Klan religion. Moreover, even though it was small, it happened in the church where the priest was officially sent, so the girl became the head of the Clan religion at once as a priestess of the Goddess.
 At first, it is recorded that the high priestesses of the time sneered at her, and the Inquisition was held, but in the middle of the Inquisition, the Clan God descended and said in a voice that resounded directly into your head, 'Calling a priestess who has given you my blessing a heresy, you must have the blessing of a god of a higher rank. It is written that it is no longer possible for a miko to

 The role of a maiden is various, but the most important role is to communicate with the Clan God.
 Once every four years, on the first day of the year, the god of the clan descends to the church where the girl was given blessings. The priestess reports to the descending Clan God on various information about disasters and political changes that occur in various places. As soon as the report is completed, the priestess is given an immense blessing that is more than humanly possible.
 There are many theories as to why the priestess is given this enormous blessing, but the main reason is said to be to prevent the priestess from causing unnecessary strife in the world.

 Religions inevitably create conflict.
 The reason why some people believe in God and others misuse God is because they do not see God's blessings.

 It is thought that the Clan gods do not like fighting among people over blessings, and that they maintain peace in the world by giving visible blessings to the world through their priestesses.

 The priestess is a stand-in for the Clan God, and is the only one who can communicate with him.

 A miko is such a maiden, but she does not deviate from the category of a human being in any way.
 She is born, lives, and dies. Nor does it mean that because she is a priestess, she has to remain a virgin all her life. There is even a record of a woman of a strange age who was chosen as a miko, who had experienced marriage and even childbirth.

 When the miko has fulfilled her natural life expectancy, a selection ceremony is held to select the next miko, and the knowledge of the miko is passed down from the previous miko to the new one. At the same time as the knowledge is passed on to the new miko, the previous miko departs to the Clan God.

 Some people may wonder what would happen if the miko were to die in an accident before the 【Selection Ceremony】, but you don't have to worry, because the miko will "never die outside of her life span" thanks to the power of the Clan God's blessing.

 This [Rite of Selection] is also performed in the church where the girl was given the blessing.

 The church in the town where the rite of descent of God and selection of the priestess is performed is proudly called the "Holy Church". The town itself came to be called a holy place, and as Klan members from all over the world rushed to the city, it rapidly expanded in size, eventually becoming a city.
 However, the city would never become any more huge than it needed to be.
 The church leaders, believing that the holy land would be defiled by the increase in people, appealed directly to the priestesses. As an oracle from the Clan God through the priestess, they are told by the Clan God that no more than a certain number of people can live in the city.
 The holy city, Clan de Mycohesili, was born after such a process.

 The Holy City is known to many countries as the sacred place where the god Krang descends, and the place is also located in a position called the miracle of God.
 It is the center of the Three Great Powers. It exists at exactly the same distance, in a straight line, from the capitals of the three great kingdoms, the Ocran Kingdom, the Elkran Empire, and the Mirkran Kingdom.

 Whether it is a coincidence or inevitability, it is all said to be guided by the Clan God, and it is talked about as one of the miracles of the God that continues to this day.

 Such was the appearance of two carriages departing from the holy city 'Clan de Mycohesili'.


 The two carriages proceeded southwest along the city road with an escort of several knights around them.

 The carriage ahead of them had the current generation's [Goddess Priestess], 'Pamela Shrine Maiden', and a few attendants, while the carriage following from the rear had the [High Priestess], 'Butcher Budeo', riding with a few others.

 There was a reason why the two of them, the two tops of the world's largest religion, the Clan religion (the head of the religion is a priestess, but since they don't act outwardly, the actual head of the religion is said to be the High Priestess), departed the Holy City in a carriage like this.
 Recently, in the royal capital of the Auchlan Kingdom, Clanclan, an inn that proudly calls itself the "Inn of the Goddess" has appeared, and it is said to have amassed enormous wealth from its immense publicity effect.

 When Pamela, the goddess' priestess, received this report, she was furious.

 For Pamela, who has lived a simple life as the head priestess of a church that values purity and poverty, the act of deceiving the name of God to make a fortune was unacceptable.
 This is not to say that there have never been incidents like this, deceiving the name of God, but all of them had been uncovered and slaughtered by the priestesses of various generations in the name of [divine punishment].
 This time in particular was a big deal, and according to the High Priestess, ''It's a deserted inn by all appearances, but they've made enormous wealth by flaunting it as a goddess' inn.
 That high priest, who was always smiling and kind and had never been seen angry, that man who was friendly to everyone, who was supported by everyone, and who had risen to the position of high priest at a young age, that high priest who always put the people first and always tried to lead the world to a better place, was so angry that he turned his face It was such an event that it made me get down and shake my voice. It was truly the greatest villain of all time.

 Indeed, easily carrying out [Divine Punishment] was not as commendable as the act of cheating the name of God. However, the scale of the story was different this time. Unlike the previous events that only involved a few people, if one investigated, they found out that it was a problem so big that it could affect many parts of the world.

 It was no surprise to Pamela that he himself declared the activation of [God's Punishment].

(To the fools who deceive God, surely, [God's Punishment]!

 In the humble carriage, which rattled and swayed as it moved and was not flattering to sit in, Pamela's eyes blazed with justice as she made a firm decision.