52 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 3

 The carriage carrying 【Goddess Priestess】, 【Pamela】, was being chased from behind by the carriage carrying 【High Priestess】, 【Butcher Budeo】, who was also riding on the city road.

 That carriage, to put it simply, was 'flashy and big'.
 It was so large and flashy that it was hard to believe that a high priest of a church that valued purity and poverty would ride it.

 The carriage is so big that a horse can pull six horses and eight people can fit in it, and it is adorned with gold, silver and other jewels, and it is coated with a special stone called "rakeka (seven-colored) nozini," which is made of crushed ores that have different colors depending on the angle of the sun. It reflects and glitters so brightly that it hurts my eyes.
 To the point of apology, I can only make out the symbol of the church and the relief of the goddess, but without it, ''What mature bastard would make such a carriage?'' It was dressed in an outfit that made me want to comment on it.
 The chariot, making loud noises as it rode down the street, was an impressive sight, radiating nothing but a sense of intimidation around it.

 While the carriage in which Pamela, a goddess priestess, rattles and shakes when she stumbles over the tiniest of stones as she goes down the street, the carriage in which the high priestess rides does not falter even when she rides up on a stone that could be used as a deadly weapon if thrown. The stability of the carriage is evident in the fact that the best wine on the tables in the carriage remains in the same place without any spills.

 And so it should be. The carriage in which the High Priestess rides has been designed to make the interior of the carriage more comfortable, and the most advanced technology currently being discovered in the world has been used sparingly. One of them is the latest technology created by the master craftsman Lara Kaigus, so it's hard to imagine how much money was spent to make this carriage.

 The interior of such a carriage. A man sits on a soft, well-furnished couch that is instantly recognizable as luxurious. The man, who is in the position of high priest of a church that values purity and poverty, has an appearance that doesn't seem to fit the word "poverty".

 The word "flesh" is the only word that comes to mind. No matter how famous and wise he is, or how well he speaks every language in the world, if you say the word to describe him, you will surely say "meat".
 It looks like meat already. In fact, it was so flesh that I began to think that the flesh was trying to look like this man.

 This, 'No matter how you look at it, it's meat! A man with the appearance of a man with the appearance of a man with the appearance of a man with the appearance of a man with the appearance of a man. He is the actual head of the world's largest and only religion, the Clan religion, the position of the [High Priest], the Butcher Budeo.

 For some reason, the Butcher sits on the sofa, completely naked. The flesh of his belly overflows to the tips of his knees, and it is flowing down like Niagara Falls. The Butcher has no dignity, and his disheveled flesh is unreservedly exposed. The inside of the carriage in which he rides is swirling with a strange heat and emitting an indescribable sense of animalism.
 Such is the foot of the Butcher. There were two women, also naked and kneeling, looking up at the Butcher.

 (Kukkuk, we're almost there. Soon I'm going to have you just like these guys...)

 Budeo turns his disgusting gaze on the two women, who are vaguely similar to someone else. His thoughts drift to the future.

 After enjoying the flight in his mind for a while, he slowly reaches out to the two women to give them both the overflowing thoughts he has been storing in his imagination.

 The two women are expressionless, with no emotion in their eyes as they stare at the hand from the Butcher.

 Their eyes were somewhat unfocused and hollow.


 The King's Capital was as peaceful as ever.

 Kara, whose four-day holiday rotation had come around, had come to the market in King's Landing. 
 Today was because she wanted to resume her search for spices and other things that she hadn't been able to do at all recently.

 As expected of a world created by Ussin, everything that can be eaten on earth exists.
 While there are ingredients unique to other worlds, the fact that there are vegetables and other foods that are the same as those grown on Earth is something that Kara is very familiar with.
 However, not all of the ingredients were found immediately. Vegetables that weren't actively grown were hard to come by and expensive. On top of that, there are many ingredients that are not recognized as food. Rice was even used as food for livestock.
 It is also possible to eat a plant that looks very similar to a lemon (peeled, of course, but only the fruit), but tastes like tuna. The juice and other textures are exactly the same as those of a lemon, but the taste is tuna. The tuna juice spreads in the mouth. I was tempted to smash it to the ground and make it disappear.

 So Kara came to the marketplace in search of information. She strolled around the market while chatting with some of the market's merchants, who were good friends of hers.

 This time, however, she didn't find anything of note.

 It's a bit disappointing, but in front of Kara, who buys a few items of foodstuffs and tries to return to the inn, an indescribable scene spreads.


 ---a market street.

'Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, young lady, you're too much of a worm to try to shut up after bumping into someone, aren't you?'
 Then one man grabs the woman's arm.
 The woman who is grabbed screams in surprise at the suddenness of the situation.
No, stop it, let go! Somebody, somebody help me...

 That woman desperately needed help.
 Watching the scene, Kara sighed.

 Huh, what is she doing........

 A feeling similar to a gasp floats in Kara's sigh.
 Just as she was about to take a step forward and stop that folly.

Wait! You there! What kind of a ruse is it to raise your hand to a frail maiden!

 Out of nowhere, those words came out of nowhere.

'Duh, who are you!

 A man in a panic.
 In front of that man, 'To! A man jumped in with a single voice.

 The moment she saw the man, Kara sighed deeply.


 From there, it was a blur.
 The man who had grabbed the woman, robbed of his fun by the man who jumped in, is upset. He leapt at the man who jumped in, but the man who jumped in quickly dodged and fought him off. The assailant spits out a discarded line and runs away. The man who jumped in turns back to the woman who was being attacked and says, 'It's all right now. The woman who had been attacked also bowed to him, 'Thank you for saving me,' and left a little early. The family must have made her wait.

 After watching the sequence of events, Kara approached the man who jumped in.

'So? What the hell does this mean?

"Oh, that's Kara. No, what. I was just in the marketplace on a little inspection tour, and I found a woman being attacked by thugs. I had to help her or else I would be dead to the king.
'Yes, I suppose so. Yes, it was a good story about saving a woman (the castle maid) from being attacked by a thug (a castle soldier). It would have been a bit more interesting if she hadn't been playing a bad actor.

 Gogog! A sense of intimidation was emitted from Kara.
 Even the king, as expected, is having a hard time with this.

"What, no, that? That's funny. It's just that if I do this.
 "Oh, my God, Kyle Stecky.
 It's my duty as the king to protect the people. But you're the only one I really want to protect.
 It's supposed to be 'Ulesey, Kyle, and Ditey'!

 The moment he said those words, the intimidating feeling that filled the surroundings became many times heavier.

''Fufufu, I see that you have even caused trouble to everyone in the castle for such a travesty..., Kyle, you know what I mean.
'Oooh, ugh, ugh!

 King Kyle always goes out from the King's Castle at noon.
 From this day onwards, no one was seen going out from the royal castle for about a week.......

 The royal capital was peaceful today as well.