55 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 6

Activating 【God Punishment】, Pamela closed her eyes as she felt the power of the blessing given by the clan slipping away from her own body.
 This was because she did not want to see the tragedy caused by the effects of 【God Punishment】 in the future.

The effects of 【God's Punishment】 are dramatic.
 A single ray of light descends from the heavens on the one affected by the effect. Like a divine blessing, the light embraces the body, illuminating the target of the effect divinely and giving them a moment of peace. The target of the 【God's Punishment】, those that are mourning or trying to escape, even the screaming hellscape is instantly transformed into a calm space by the compulsory tranquilizing effect, the target is calmed to the point of even smiling, and the aspect of crying is shown as if it is a lie.
 Up to this point, even Pamela could see it. In fact, the first time she invoked the divine punishment, she had only heard of it and didn't know its actual effect. That was also the reason why she was able to use divine Punishment without any hesitation.
 That's right, the effect of [divine Punishment] is not mental stability.

 Even if a mentally stable person was born, the light shining from the heavens would not disappear. And the next moment.

 Beguiled! And with an indescribable sound, the head of the person who had been accepting the light was crushed in half. Gosh! And with a fierce sound, his right arm dug into his body. Goykin! And then there was a rumbling sound, and then the left leg leapt up from behind and stabbed into the remaining head.
 With a thud, the human being is compressed. Despite being in such a state, the person continues to show a calm expression. It is a vicious work of God that carves fear into the viewer.
 It is a technique of fear that proclaims the end of something as big as the wrath of God as much as it does the end of something that has been touched by God's wrath.

 But it doesn't end there.
 As if to say that the person who was touched by God's wrath cannot be allowed to pass away peacefully, he is compressed and various parts of his body are caved in, bringing back to reality the consciousness and painful sensations of the human being who has been touched by God's wrath, but no longer has only his head.
 The head is crushed, the body is compressed, the body is bent, and so on, and the unbearable pain is forced on us all at once.

 The echoes are screams.
 The roar that he makes in a state of not being human is closer to that of a beast than that of a man, and it is not a word.
 But despite being in such a state, he is not dead, and his forced mental stability prevents him from fainting, and there is no way for him to escape the pain. In the course of a short period of time, about a minute or so, they continue to inflict enough pain to kill thousands of times in that time. As soon as the hours of pain, which could feel like hours, were over, an intense light would descend from the heavens and destroy every last soul.

 Pamela saw it.
 As a priestess, speaking for the goddess, head on.
 A person folded with a calm expression, a face twisted with pain, and the eyes of complex emotions directed at Pamela....

 It's not that I want to see people die, not that I want to see people die, no matter how much the other person is an enemy of the church. To avoid seeing such things, Pamela closes her eyes.

 About a minute later in time.
 At that time, an impossible word is spoken.

''So, when will the [divine punishment] take place?''

 A woman's voice that sounded confused. A woman's voice that should never be heard.
 Pamela looks ahead reflexively, startled by the words that were spoken.


 There was Kara looking at Pamela as if nothing had happened.


Well, I don't know what to do.
 Kara thinks about it.
I know that the goddess priestess standing before Kara used some kind of great technique called 【God Punishment】. I've been feeling the power of the clean light that is laden with magical power to embrace me.
 But that's all.
 If you think that there is some sort of more change, it's not like that. When I called out to him to see if this "divine punishment" thing was still on, he just stared at Kara with a terribly surprised face. Apparently, for the miko standing in front of Kara, it's terribly surprising to see Kara as she is.
 Since she doesn't react too much, she has no choice but to think about how to break this mass hypnosis, and finally the miko 'Pamela' raises her voice.
''Bah, silly...''
 I can see the terrible dismay in his words.

'Oh, no way ..., no way! The [divine punishment] is firmly in effect! I also felt the divine power sneaking out of me! Then why does it still exist right in front of you!
Well, since you put it that way...
The High Priestess! What is going on here!
 Pamela's own belief in the 【Goddess】 and the ultimate act of slaughtering all of her enemies. Even though she received that 【God's Punishment】, Kara is still standing completely unconcerned. That fact makes Pamela feel as if her faith is being completely denied and something is crumbling away under her feet.
 Pamela is so disconcerted by her usual dignified appearance that she is no longer her usual mature self, but a girl who is no different from a girl her age. The only person she could rely on was the High Priestess, who had been taking care of her in some way for a long time.
 She hurriedly turns to the High Priestess and thinks she can get him to explain the impossible phenomenon that happened in front of her.


 What I saw there was

 It wasn't the usual meek and gentle face of the High Priestess....


What, High Priestess?

 Pamela's bewildered voice responded to

Guh..................... Guffffffff!

 It was the High Priestess' smile.

'The High Priestess? What are you laughing at?!
''My goodness, I didn't expect you to dismiss even [divine punishment].... It seems that the rumor that you have God's blessing dwelling in you is true after all.......
What? What are you talking about, High Priestess!

 The High Priestess seems to be talking to Kara as she shies away from the wandering Pamela. However, unable to keep up with the High Priestess as she speaks again, Kara begins to move on with her story.
 For starters, she claps a hand, gathers her eyes, and

'I don't know what you're talking about, but is it safe to assume that there will be no [divine punishment]? Well then, High Priestess.

 Can you undo the suggestion (...) you made to the residents of the town (...)?

 He suddenly asks a core question.

 Kara's words echo in front of the quiet inn.

'Hey, oh, what are you even talking about! High Priestess, what is this guy talking about!
''Ho........as expected of Kara Grice....... To realize the suggestion you've made to the inhabitants....
Oh, hey...
'Don't you think I wouldn't notice? With the current state of affairs, where we've seen a number of reactions specific to the implied ones, it's not like we've had such a cheap experience that we don't know that.
Well, not again! Don't proceed without me!

 Pamela yells out involuntarily as she is left behind.
 However, it seems that Pamela's words were trivial to the High Priestess who started to move.

''Oh, come to think of it, I forgot........ The little girl who forgot her long-standing debt of gratitude and took out a big attitude towards this me just because she got the blessing of the goddess...''
What the hell do you... High Priestess!
"If it weren't for the grace of God, a little girl with no more power than a little girl would stand above me? Do you think I would allow such a thing? Eh, girl.

 Pamela's face twisted at the High Priestess' words. What was colored there was 'anger'. With that anger, Pamela uttered the words.

''Guh, High Priestess! You have tricked me!
'You're just realizing that now? You've got a very happy head.
You! Right now, the power of my protection is weakening, so I won't do anything about it, but be prepared for it when the power returns to me!

 Even after Pamela's statement, the High Priestess's expression does not waver.

 No, on the contrary, it twists even more ugly and starts to smile disgustingly.

''Nothing, you don't understand anything, little girl........ I've been waiting for this (...) moment!

 Finally, the High Priestess' malice began to work.