56 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 7

 The High Priestess 'Butcher Budeo' suddenly revealed his true nature.
Just as he declared, "I've been waiting for this moment," he had been waiting for this moment, this timing.

 Yes, this moment when Pamela used [Divine Punishment] and released most of her divine power.

 Pamela is burning with anger. Her anger was several times greater than when she had heard that there was an inn calling the Goddess, and she was even trying to grab onto the High Priestess at any moment.
 Suddenly out of the mosquito net, Kara stared at Pamela, who was burning with rage, and the High Priestess, who had revealed her true nature.
 Pamela, who curses in anger but never foul-mouthed, becomes even angrier at the High Priestess, who listens to the curses with her body as if they were nothing more than a breeze. Finally, she takes a step closer to take physical action.

 Pamela, who was approaching the High Priestess with a momentum that could have been a thudding sound effect, stopped dead in her tracks when she was a few steps away.
 The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have the right information.

Guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh.

 The [High Priest] Butcher started to speak.
 At the same time, Pamela spun around and changed her direction. The light had disappeared from her eyes, and it was a true indication that she was in a state of mental manipulation of some sort.

''........! You don't think....
'Oh, well? Yes, yes, it's exactly what you think it is now, Kara Grice. Yes, the Goddess Priestess 'Pamela' is in my hands.
No way... [God's gift] (gift)?

 Kara is enveloped in astonishment. A technique that doesn't use spell chanting, magic letters, or even magic power, but suddenly drops the opponent into a hypnotic state. There is no other way to bring about such a phenomenon other than 【God's Gift】(Gift).
 However, the 【God's Gift】 (Gift) is difficult to manifest, and even if it does manifest, there are times when you are not aware of it, and furthermore, only a few books on the 【God's Gift】 (Gift) are known in the world due to the fact that they have only recently been excavated from the ruins and research has only begun. It should be.
 The reason Kara knew was because she had multiple 【God's Gift】(Gifts) (which Kara and Ushin call 【Skills】) attached to herself as a gift from the Supreme God (Ushin).

''Oh, did you know........ As expected of Kara Grice, isn't it?

 Butcher says, seeming to say that he was just a little surprised. But he no longer had anything to fear.

'That's right. It's [God's gift] (gift). The [Gift of God] (Gift) that I have is [A crane's voice]. As the name implies, it is a [God's Gift] (Gift) that has the effect of forcing those in a lower position than himself to follow it.

 Butcher, who plainly reveals the name of 【God's Gift】(Gift). To have the name of the 【God's Gift】(Gift) known is to reveal one of his trump cards, which should put him in a disadvantageous situation, but he has no worries about it.
 And Butcher's narrative continues.

'This [God's gift] (gift) is tremendous. It's not just that I can give orders to those in a lower position, even those in the same position, but the moment they perceive me as above them, they are within the range of this [God's Gift] (Gift).
Guffaw, you look surprised, don't you? But that's not all. The moment I stand above my peers, everything that was previously in my league falls to a position below me. Really, really great ability, don't you think? So, consider the situation now..... Pamela, the Goddess' priestess, has fallen into my hands.

 Hearing those words, Kara realized with a huff.

''Yes, yes, that's right, Kara Grice. I am currently in a higher position than the Goddess Priestess. And only the [Goddess] can stand above the Goddess Priestess! In other words, I am now, as of this moment, this time, this moment, on par with the [Goddess] Clan!

 Butcher speaks passionately and enthusiastically. His face seemed to be drunk with himself somehow.


Butcher Budeo, he was a genius.
 He was born and raised in a rural area of a provincial city. He was born in a village in the countryside.
 He was born with an atmosphere that was different from other people's, and at the age of only four he acquired the knowledge to the point where he was called a child prodigy. In various fields, such as village management and defense against demons, he showed more knowledge than the village chief, who was an elder, and even showed enough eloquence to convince people. His eloquence, which could easily convince even the adults, was still being used to lead the village in the right direction at this time.
 It was only natural for him to be sent off by the pious villagers to represent the village and go to the town church to apprentice as a priest.

 At the town church, village prodigies were gathered from the ten villages that the church organizes. For the first time, Butcher had a sense of rivalry with the other prodigies he was seeing for the first time, but even among the priestly apprentices of his age, he was still head and shoulders above the rest.

 From this moment on, he began to get a little more intoxicated with himself.
 Every single thing he said was incorporated into the operation of the church as an official adoption, and in all of this he contributed to the development of the church. It's no wonder he's so drunk with himself.
 It was around this time that he officially began working as a priest.

 Later on, he joined the local city church as the city's church representative. Representatives from the ten cities organized by the cities met, but even there, he showed his talents above the rest.

 Naturally, it was obvious that he would be called to represent the provincial cities in the Holy Church of the Holy City.
 And with Butcher's ability, there was no doubt that he could work quite well in the Holy City.

 However, what was waiting for him in the Holy City were 'geniuses' even more than the Butcher.

 It was obvious, but they were all people who had experienced the same thing as the Butcher. Surrounded by such geniuses, the Butcher begins to have a hard time keeping up with them.
 How can I prove my abilities by overpowering these geniuses? That was all he could think about.

He did a lot of things. From the smallest harassment, such as fabricating scandals, to blackmail and even murder.
 But there was no one to condemn him. For there was nothing to prove that the Butcher had done it. He began to display his superior talent in the wrong direction.
 That made him even more of a force to be reckoned with. As if to further encourage him, the existence of the [God's Gift] (Gift) was confirmed, and he also received proof that he had the [God's Gift] (Gift).
 After learning of the [God's Gift] (Gift), Butcher's distortions are further accelerated.

 And he rose to the rank of High Priestess. This was by kicking out all the others who stood in his way.......

 When he became the High Priest, with all his status and honor, he wanted to own the great organization of the Clan religion. The one thing that stood in the way of that was the priestess, the one who was most in the way of that.
 It could be said that they were the very bumps on his eyes.

 But even here, something happened that could be described as heavenly guidance.

 The death of the previous priestess and the election of a new priestess. The new priestess chosen was Pamela, an apprentice priestess at the time she had raised her to suit her own convenience.
 The Butcher was at first delighted that the girl he had been eyeing from an early age and trained to do whatever he told her to do, had been given the position of priestess, but as Pamela gained the power of a priestess, she gradually lost control and became increasingly disliked.
 Several times he tried to give her poison mixed into her diet, but the power of the goddess' blessing did not kill Pamela.

 Butcher is even indignant that the bumps on his eyes have been restored.

 However, here, he discovers an unexpected weakness in the miko.
 That's right, right after the [Divine Punishment], it greatly diminishes the divine power.

 It was really a coincidence that he found it.
 It was the first time Pamela executed [Divine Punishment] against a group of people who were disobeying God and trying to revive the Demon King. This group of people were truly on the verge of resurrecting the Demon King, and Pamela's【God's Punishment】execution was a great feat of preventing the destruction of the world, but this was the moment when the Butcher realized something more important than that.
 What a surprise, it seems that the Butcher's [God's Gift] (Gift) can be understood when his divine power is diminished.

 Then he began to move.
In order to see the transition of divine power after exercising the [Divine Punishment], he forcibly made up the enemies of the church and verbally fired up Pamela to have her execute the [Divine Punishment].
 After that, he used 【God's Gift】(Gift) and gradually deepened the state of brainwashing.


And today is a great day for me to finally be in a position to take control of the world. I can't thank you enough, Carla Grice. You made it easier than I thought it would be to acquire Pamela. It was a real problem for me.

 Butcher spoke at length.
 Kara couldn't stand the long story all of a sudden, and she listened to it while half asleep. It was an extremely boring story for Kara.

'So.........I guess you don't have any more business at the inn, is that correct? If so, please quickly put you all out of your hypnosis and return to the Holy City as soon as possible.
'Guffaw, yes. Today's objective is to get Pamela. That has been accomplished, and I would normally go back to the Holy City and immerse myself in a world of dazzling fun....... Oh no, there are a lot of beauties in this inn, guffaw, we need to change our purpose a bit.

 Butcher's smile intensifies into a disgusting one, as Kara calmly but clearly tells him to go home.
 The man's bottomless desire for the inn has finally begun to turn on the inn.