57 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 8

'Huh, dear, I really only came here to get Pamela, so I didn't really care if the inn here tricked the goddess or not.
"But, but..... How could I let this extremely dangerous inn that stimulates my lust go unchecked........ No, I can't. So, let me, the High Priest and Supreme Personality of the world, Mr. Butcher Budeo, take charge of this inn!

 Butcher starts to declare out loud.
 Kara looks at it with a look that says, 'What the hell are you talking about, you piece of shit...', but Butcher, who is intoxicated with himself, thinking that he has the miko in his hands and has become the equal of a god, could not sense it.

 But as expected, I'll take care of the inn (from the very top of my head), and I'll take care of the inn (from the very top of my head), and I'll take care of it, and I'll take care of it, and I'll take care of it, and I'll take care of it, and I'll take care of it, and I'll take care of it.
Most of all, even the very, very mild-mannered Carla was out of patience.

I don't understand pig language, so I have no idea what you're talking about, but I do know that you thought some crazy thing about this inn. Well, you swine," he said, "how can I help you? What can I do for you?

 Kara is slurring and spitting out dirty words that she would not normally use.
 This is one act that shows that she is really angry.

'Guffaw, calling me a pig etc......... Her mouth is not reduced and her mouth is graceful to this point. But I forgive you. You will soon be mine, too.

 The Butcher still speaks with plenty of time to spare. As soon as he finishes his words, he activates the 【God's Gift】(Gift). Feeling the wave of the 【God's Gift】(Gift) that was activated to accurately capture the Butcher's desires and fulfill them, the dazzling and frenzied party with the top-level beauties of this world, the inn's employees and the goddess priestesses, accelerates in the Butcher's mind with a sense of reality.

''So, I told you I don't understand pig language, didn't I? I thought you spoke human language earlier, so I thought you had a certain amount of intelligence, but apparently I was tremendously mistaken.......

 Huh, Kara shows a deep sigh. Coming there, for the first time, isn't [God's Gift] (Gift) on? The High Priestess begins to question him.
 However, he thinks he has gained the same power as God, so he sinks even his doubts into the depths of his own mind and exercises the 【God's Gift】(Gift) even deeper.

 The wave of [God's Gift] (Gift) released from the High Priestess. It continues to drift around Kara as stubbornly as the High Priestess. To put it in an understandable sense, it's like a thin piece of skin is sandwiched between, and all around her body is filled with a black life form named G.
 The indescribable creepiness of that indescribable feeling of not touching it directly, but knowing for sure that it is around, causes a blue streak to appear on Kara's forehead as well.

''Huh.......it's so annoying!
What... what?

 A blackmail with Kara's power causes the [God's Gift] (Gift) wave that was floating around to dissipate.
 The first time Butcher shows signs of agitation as his own power is forcibly drowned out. But it's too late.
 He drew out the wrath of the Great Demon God with the outrage of his own fight.

 Kara takes a step forward, emitting an aura of anger so intense that the landscape appears distorted with a gurgle.
 The Butcher couldn't escape, he could only slump in front of the overwhelming death that was about to befall him.
 But here, Kara takes an unexpected step.

 After taking two or three steps toward the Butcher, she stops her footsteps and speaks up, "Oops, I mustn't, I mustn't, it's not my place to judge you, is it?
 At Kara's statement that she would let someone else take over the role of killing her without the overwhelming death of Kara befalling her, and yet someone else would take over the role of killing her, the Butcher, who could be obeyed up to the level of a goddess priestess, regained his composure and asked Kara back.

'Hou, who is going to defeat me? Everything else has become my servant in this situation except you.

 The Butcher's leeway is a given, and all the people who still surround the Butchers are in the hands of the Butchers.

'Which one of us doesn't understand the situation, I wonder?
Uh, Miss Kara. What should we do~ what should we do?
'Oh, you guys get the inn ready to go. As soon as we get rid of this pig, we'll reopen the inn.

 Carla hits the truth to Butcher, who was talking in a relaxed manner.
 At the same time as her words to Butcher, she gives a hand signal with her back and tells the employees to start moving. Receiving the hand sign from Kara, the employees start moving as if nothing had happened, and in their usual fashion, they begin an easy conversation with Kara and return to the inn without incident. Leaving behind the sound of the door closing and the light sound of the bell announcing a visitor....

 It was Butcher who was surprised by the sight.

 There are four people who didn't accept the absolute [God's gift] (gift) that he has. That fact crumbled Butcher's confidence from his feet.
 However, once she went on the offensive, Kara did not relax her pursuit.

''Well, I've sent my employees back to work, so let's get this over with.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

 With a declaration, he claps one hand with a pang.
 I look at the pig in front of me, whose shoulders shake with a jolt at the sound.
 It's the pig that was messing around with something about the inn. I'd rather buzz him off with my hand, but there are people more qualified than me, so I'll give it to them.

''Nah, what's the koke-dodge.......''

 This pig, who doesn't understand the meaning of the Kashiwa-te (Kashiwate-de) I went to, and even more so the sacred air that spread in space at the same time as the Kashiwa-te, seems to think that nothing is happening and is relieved.
 That can't be true, maybe he's a real idiot.

'Well, gentlemen, as you have heard, the mastermind behind this time was the greedy High Priestess there. This kind of folly by the High Priestess, who should be spreading God's teachings to the world and living in accordance with those teachings herself. How would you like to be judged?

 I call out to the people who have been listening to me all this time. The High Priestess is puzzled because she doesn't understand my actions. But he still doesn't seem to notice that the air around him has changed.

''Let's kill that kind of man!

 Someone says. Although it was only one person's statement, a single word that represented everyone's feelings caused the anger of the people, who had been listening, to explode.
 A chain of shouts to kill the High Priestess spread.
 At this time, the High Priest finally seems to understand that the [God's Gift] (Gift) has been released.

''Oh, no..., why?''
'It's actually very easy to unlock your [God's gift] (gift). There are actually countless people who have that kind of ability. They have varying degrees of power, though.

 The High Priestess has a despairing look on her face at my words.
 As for the High Priestess, the rest is up to me, so let's settle another matter.

 Once the people have been set on fire, they will continue to hear about the High Priest's misdeeds endlessly from their own mouths through my trickery, and it is likely to become an unmanageable conflagration. If this continues, a riot is in the offing.
 If that happens, the nearest inn is likely to be affected, and I can't afford to overlook that.
 I shout loudly in front of the people who are on the verge of turning into a riot.

''Well! I would be happy to punish this greedy High Priestess by me or by your help, but this time there is a dispute within the Church, and there are two people involved! Although I think it would be best to let the other party involved, the [Goddess Priestess], decide here! How about you all!

 The people regain a bit of composure with my blackmail, which also carries my intimidation. On the contrary, the【Miko】sama who was suddenly feted up was in a panic.
 The people, who had begun to run amok with anger, have regained their composure for a bit.


 On the verge of a riot, the people had regained a bit of composure, but as there is an exception to everything, it seems that the lack of a riot was disconcerting to those who had taken advantage of the commotion to carry out various dark moves. 
 A slender man raised his voice from among the people, who were regaining their composure.

''Miko-sama, you say miko-sama, but what good is a little girl who doesn't even understand the reality of her own cult and was manipulated for good? Isn't the priestess who was controlled by this fat piece of garbage equally guilty? Besides, I may not be able to trust the Goddess anymore. The fact that the head of the cult is such a rotten person and doesn't like God's punishment means that Goddess has given her approval. What in the world is the goddess that lets this kind of guy run around, what is she thinking?

 No matter how much of a clan religion it is, 90% of people believe in it, and the remaining 10% of people don't believe in the clan god. This slender man would be one of those ten percent.
 As soon as the man's words are finished, the men who were around him begin to shout in unison. It seems to be a group made up of the same 10% of people.
 The words of the men who would normally just be listened to without a care in the world, had a tremendous effect at this time and place.

 The distrust of the goddess spread in a hurry. A small distrust of a god who has the power of blessings and so forth, but never shows himself, has grown with the great bait of the High Priestess.
 If this continues, the centripetal force of religion will diminish, various ideas will spread, fools will abound who interpret doctrines in a convenient way, self-proclaimed messengers of God will emerge in large numbers, and a culture of various religions will begin to populate and kill each other as infidels, just like the modern earth.
 We must do something before that happens....

'Pamela, hey, hey!'

 While the people's eyes are on the man who has started to develop his own pet theory, he calls out to the miko-sama in a whisper.
 Apparently, the man's argument is, 'How can you believe in a God who doesn't show up?' That's what they say. Then the story is simple.

 Yes, we can call the goddess. I'm sure the Clan and I have a history with the Clan, and they'll move quickly at my call, but that's not the way to go.
 It would destroy one of the settings of this world that Usin had created at the time.
 That would be a distressing thing for me, as I have been allowed to enjoy this world to the fullest.



 No, by no means, if the clan came out at my call, they would be feted by the Goddess Priestess, and if that happened, it would be difficult to continue the inn.
''Goddess priestess? It's not like I'm thinking, "What a bother...". Never.
 So, let's ask the miko-sama to call the clan here.

''Wha, what........''

 The shrine maiden is approaching with a sense of trepidation. By the way, the priestess's brainwashing was also released at the same time as the people.
 Or rather, what is she so frightened of? Oh, you mean you're scared of being exposed to the malice of the people, which is about to turn into a riot.
 I'm sure that for a little girl who would have lived without a large amount of malice, the overflowing rage on the verge of a riot would be bearable. Well, let's have them think of it as a little patience.

''No, no, even though it's because of your High Priestess, the distrust of the gods of the people gathered here has increased.
Well, I can't help but wonder if I've been brainwashed in any way, shape or form.
'Yes, there's nothing wrong with a miko. If you have been protected by God's blessings as a priestess since birth, I don't care if you have been protected by God's blessings as a priestess, but suddenly you were an ordinary woman before you became a priestess, you must have been an ordinary woman before you became a priestess. It is no wonder then that you cannot resist the power of the [God's gift] (gift) that God has given you.

 At my words, the miko-sama becomes a little relieved. But the frightened air still doesn't loosen up.
 And my words also continue.

''However, the responsibility for creating this situation falls on you as well.
Eh.... yeah.
Although brainwashing was done, you, who were blessed by the Goddess, were less susceptible than the others. Even if you don't care about anything else, you must take responsibility for only listening to the High Priestess's sweet words about the act of [divine punishment].
But... but what do I...

 She didn't seem to think about her responsibilities at all, but she made sure that she understood that she was entrusted with some of the responsibility. Fortunately, the miko wasn't the type to be stupid, make unseemly excuses, or complain, and she seemed to have a firm idea of how to take responsibility.
 She must be a very serious person.

 Now, let me make a suggestion.
'It's a simple one,'

All you have to do is call the goddess right here, right now.