58 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 9

In the square in front of the inn, where the voice of the bullish high priestess was echoing, in contrast to earlier, in the square in front of the inn where only the speeches made by a man who does not believe in the goddess resounded, Pamela was terribly disconcerted by Kara's proposal.
 That's also true, Pamela, as a priestess, does indeed have the ability to communicate with the Goddess 'Clan'. But that is the Holy Church, the highest church of the Clan, located in the holy city of Clan de Mycohesili. Only the priestess, the high priestess and a few attendants of the priestess are allowed to enter the room called the oracle room in the holy church.
 In the event of an emergency, an explanation of the situation would be placed on the table as a thought, along with a prayer to the gods, but it would be a one-sided prayer, which the Goddess Clan had never before answered.

 Pamela tells her that there is no way Kara can do this.
 As a reason, she cites the fact that even the priestess of three generations ago, who was even called the best priestess of all time, couldn't even be seen outside of the yearly descent of the goddess to make a plea for her descent and fulfill it. So, to put it bluntly, there was no way she could do it as a disqualified priestess who had been made to be a partner in crime.
 To Pamela, Kara only pushes her to 'don't worry, you have to try everything'. Pamela, it could be said, was at the height of her bewilderment.

 One of the speechmen who spotted the exchange between the two said

He said, "Ho, that unfit priestess of the goddess is going to call on the gods. Well, okay, let's have a look at that.

 The man says with a guffawing laugh. The cronies around him also give a lowly laugh.
 They know that the maidens of successive generations can only communicate with the gods through their own channels. That's why they can come up big here, too.

 Pamela was half panicked. It was a rage, and she couldn't fit into the vessel of a little girl who knew almost nothing about the world.
 Her panic showed no signs of subsiding at all as she was stared at by the anxious and expectant gazes of the residents, the empty eyes of the High Priestess, the sagging eyes of those who didn't believe in the goddess, the eyes of Kara, who was under crazy pressure, though she didn't know what it was, and so on.
 Suddenly she heard someone's voice in her brain.

'Calm down, my maiden.


 Just one word, let alone one word.
 A voice that resonates directly into Pamela's head. The supreme voice, which can be seen once a year in its noble form and can only exchange words for a short time, instantly restores my composure.

'You seem to have calmed down, my maiden.

 Pamela begins to communicate excitedly with the voice that follows.
 In an instant, the men who don't believe in the goddess became wary of Pamela as she entered a state of deep communication. At the same time, the residents, who had been anxious, changed their gaze to interest.
 The only thing that didn't change were Kara's powerful eyes and the empty eyes of the High Priestess.

 After what seemed like a long and short time of communication, seconds or minutes, Pamela's eyes were filled with power as she looked up.
 With an air of dignity, Pamela says, putting strength into each word.
'I have just heard the word of God. From now on, the God of the heavens will descend here. He wants me to be a priestess and help Him descend.
 Pamela declares clearly, gets on her knees to the ground and prays somewhere else.
 The people around her cannot hide their amazement at the story of God's advent. Even those in the group who did not believe in the goddess, who had been stirring up so much, could not stop talking about the seriousness of Pamela's intentions in her words.

 Pamela was so jubilant that she wanted to start dancing inwardly, but she was trying to remain blissfully calm, trying to play an important role that she could never fail to play. Excited to the point that if no one else was around, she would have screamed out a joyful yell of joy as she went through the steps of descent given to her by her beloved goddess, one by one.
 He offers prayers, dances to the goddess, and says the words of the descent request.
 Normally, it is the intensity of the prayer that opens the way for God to descend, but it seems that if it is only one person's faithfulness, the prayer does not reach the ears of God and God will not descend. This time, however, God picks up the request directly, so the request is sure to reach Him.

 In the square in front of the inn, where no one speaks anymore, Pamela's words are spun.
 The poem, wishing for God's descent, was accompanied by a strange sound that gave peace to all who heard it.

 After a few seconds of spinning the words, Pamela's entire body is engulfed in light.
 Even though the light was so intense that even the street about three streets away from the building could feel the light, no one's eyes were harmed by the strange light, a groan escaped from the people gathered in the square.
 The light that had been emitted around them gradually converged around Pamela and stretched out in a straight line towards the heavens. The light that broke through the clouds and still stretched onward gradually increased in its thickness.
 Everyone gasped at the sight, fell to their knees, and began to offer prayers. The men who said they did not believe in God were no exception, and they prayed as if motivated by something.
 How long did it take for a dot to appear on the path of light that led from heaven to earth?

'That's...' someone murmured, but no one responded to the voice. But no one responded, because they realized that they were the ones they had worshipped and prayed to every day.

 On this day, one of the great events in history, the descent of the one and only God, "The Clan", took place in this way.


 It was so divine that people were unable to look forward and just continued to face the ground. If they looked up just a little bit, they could see the Clan God, who could be considered a heavenly being, right in front of them.
 Pamela was no exception to this.

''Everyone, raise your faces.''
 A word from the Clan God called out suddenly. At the same time, all the people raised their heads at the same time.
 There was the smile of the one and only God, 'Clan', whom I respect and love.

'I have heard the story from the priestess. As well as the cause of what has come to pass.
''Well...'' the Clan God began to speak, as if to say, ''Well...'' No one could hide their surprise. It couldn't be helped, since the Clan God, who had thought that he would be communicating with the priestesses as he spoke, had suddenly begun to speak.
 But there was no one to blame. It was because everyone was fascinated by the beauty of the Clan God's voice. They were excited, ''To not only see the Clan God who had never been seen before, but to hear his voice as well...''

''I never thought that my not appearing in the past would cause so much anxiety. I suppose this is my fault.
 Speaking in an apologetic voice, the Clan God said, "No! I wanted to scream. But those words are blocked by the word of God that follows.

 God is hidden, why he did not show himself.
 God speaks, why he left the man called the high priest alone.
 God speaks, and how he loves all living things.
 He knows that it is His supreme pleasure to watch people grow up.

 People, regardless of who they are, shed tears because of the thoughts contained in each word of God.
 While regretting that they had been doubting the existence that loved and watched over them so much.


 Pamela's heart was filled with tremendous joy as she finished listening to every word God had to say. But at the same time, she was also filled with regret.
 As if he could see through her heart, the Clan God began to speak to her.

'O priestess Pamela. I forgive you. In the name of God, you must exercise divine punishment and make amends later to those who were destroyed for unspoken sins, but that is also the work of man. I love people, including their works. Especially in your case, since your sin was committed by a man who believed in you since you were a child and who used the technique of brainwashing, you can say that you did not have a choice. But the sin you committed is unforgivable. Therefore, I will pronounce one punishment for you.
 Pamela felt saved by those words.
If she had been told to 'forgive all' or something like that, she would not have been able to disobey God's word and everything would have been settled on the surface, but Pamela's heart would have been filled with regret.
 Then she was saved by being given the atonement of punishment.

'O priestess Pamela! You will continue to fulfill the duties of a priestess with your life and bless the people of the world.
 The punishment handed down was not a punishment. It was even no different than the current duties of a miko.
 The Clan God continued to speak, as if his thoughts were on his face, or as if he realized something.

'Go to all the frontiers of the world and bless all things, man, animal, plant and mineral. Be sure to go around the world with your own feet, and report to me once a year. And report to me once a year. I look forward to hearing what you have seen with your eyes and heard with your ears, and I look forward to hearing about them.
 Yes, this punishment was an order from the goddess to accomplish everything by herself. It is a punishment for the priestess who until now had only reported only to the goddess.
 Pamela understands the punishment and speaks out to say that she will respectfully accept it. She was indeed saved at this moment.

 After giving Pamela her punishment, the Clan Goddess turns her attention to the men. The men could only wait for the goddess' words.

The men simply waited for the Goddess to speak. Your representative, 'Cain,' I forgive you, 'Cain,' for I forgive you. I forgive you, for I forgive you, for the beauty of you who say that you do not believe in me, and who want to create your own future by your own strength, is great. What I want to see is something like you blazing a trail by your own strength.
'And for that reason I forgive you. "Therefore I forgive you. You don't have to trust me in the future. You can only make your own way in the world. Cain, go home to your wife and children who are waiting for you at home.

 The man, 'Cain', who had cursed Pamela and the others scatteredly as the representative of those who did not believe in the goddess, could not hide his surprise at the words from the Clan God.
 He had a wife who had been with him for many years, but he had never had a child. That is why he used to offer prayers to God, donate to the church and ask them to pray for him, but he had never had any children at all.
 In addition, the priests who helped him to pray were corrupt priests who demanded high fees for their prayers, which further increased his anger towards God and led to this incident.
 Such an unfortunate Cain had a child. Moreover, God had told him directly.
 Cain rushes home and shares his joy with his wife, but that's another story.


 The goddess's gaze is quickly turned to the High Priestess. She was the last person the Clan God had not called out to.
 The power has returned to the High Priestess' eyes, which had been vacant, and they are shining brightly.

 The High Priestess begins to speak as if to interrupt the Clan God who is trying to speak to him to say something.
''Clan God! This High Priestess, Butcher Budeo. I have been looking forward to your descent. I have striven to do my duty to serve you, and at times I have cherished it, but all I have done is to serve you and the Klan religion. No one has done more righteous acts of humanity than I have. Now that I have seen your greatness, I am determined to serve you with even greater loyalty!
 The High Priest speaks all at once.
 He spits out words that seem to honor God, but he also does this with the disrespect of putting words before God's statements.
 The High Priest's monologue, which can be described as out of control, draws the attention of those around him, including Pamela. Even those who said they don't believe in God are giving the High Priestess' words a cold shoulder.
 Although they all didn't say it out loud, everyone had the thought in their hearts to punish this reprobate.
 Naturally, people's attention was drawn to the Clan God.

'High Priestess 'Butcher Budeo'. O guilty one!
 The Clan God, who spun his words in a way that was different from what he had been saying, made everyone present gasp.
 It was because they could feel the anger of the God that was contained in every word. The anger in every gesture, in every gaze, in everything, even in every single gesture, even though it was not directly directed at them, gave them a sense of death, and it was enough to make cold sweat run down their backs.

'You have committed a great crime. If it had been in the category of a person, I would have been able to say, 'I forgive you. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything more than manipulate a priestess, become the head of the church, or manipulate the world behind the scenes, I was going to let it go as a human achievement. However, you have been trying to be on the same level as me, after all. You went beyond the realm of humanity and tried to be in the realm of God. Do you have any idea how sinful that is?
"Have you ever wondered why I am called 'The One God'?
Your actions are the same that led to the fall of the world once. Do you really think I will forgive you for choosing that path? Well, it's just human nature to think that.
'But, Butcher. You must know the weight of your sins.
 The Clan God who says in one breath.
 In fact, there was a time in the past, even before the founding of the kingdom, in an era that wasn't even etched in history, there was a time when religions that worshipped various gods existed. Each of them had their own unique values and were in conflict with each other.
 They hated each other and fought each other, giving their lives for each other's gods, and the war would go on and on, leading to a world war.
 The world was coming to an end, as weapons were being created that would scrape the surface of the earth, consume mana, and even change what the world should look like.

 The beginnings were insignificant, and just like the High Priestess this time, one man called himself 'God', that's all.
 What was supposed to be an ordinary, common story, the "Man Calling Himself God" incident grew in size due to the man's charisma, until finally a religion was born with the man as the god.
 With the creation of the new religion, the world began to become chaotic as religions began to disrupt the world.

 Hundreds of years after the religious turbulence, the Clan God descends, and a man named Clan God's messenger establishes a kingdom, and by the overwhelming work of God's messenger, he performs a real miracle that no other religion has, and gradually converts other religions, leading to the world as we know it today.


 It has been etched into history, but due to the influence of the Demon King progression for a period of time, the documents became unknown and the history became fuzzy. By that time, the Clan religion, which accounts for 90% of the world, was complete, and the Clan God was thought to be a goddess who gave love to everything, so much so that she was also called the Goddess of Charity.
 However, the Clan God with a caustic side, who has buried the man who calls himself a god, would not forgive this High Priestess for her misdeeds.

''What you have done is outside the karma of man. Repent in eternal torment.

 With that word, the High Priestess' body sank into darkness. In an instant, no one could even raise their voice.
 He sent a look to the Clan God as if he wanted to say something about the sudden event, but the Clan God only smiled back at him without saying anything.