59 I won't let you say a goddess! !! Part 10

 A very large carriage departs from the royal capital.
 The chariot, which is huge and modest in appearance for a huge one, is slowly advancing down the street without transmitting any tremors inside.
 That's right, it was the carriage that the High Priestess had been riding in, a carriage full of mature money.

 There was a certain satisfaction in the hearts of the people who were shown the anger that surpassed the negative emotions each of them had directed at them, and who were shown the deed of eliminating the High Priestess in an instant.
 It was also great to hear about the treatment of the High Priest, which was covered by the Clan God after the High Priest was erased. That's right, he hadn't disappeared, but was sent to a world full of pain, suffering and torment, ruled by a 'demon' called Hell.
 It seems to be a world of eternal pain and suffering where they can inflict pain to the point of madness and death, but are not allowed to go insane or commit suicide, and no one is allowed to leave unless the administrator of hell, Enmer, allows it.
 It seems that no one can leave this world unless the administrator of Hell will allow it, and Enmar is a pervert who loves to see people suffering.
 Because of this, nearly half a million people have been sent to this hell since the beginning of time, but only two people have been allowed out by Enmar.
 The reason those two people were allowed out was also for the selfish reason of 'too obedient and boring'.

 Incidentally, the two people who survived hell committed suicide soon afterwards.
 They took their own lives rather than spend their nights in hell, which they could not sleep at night remembering their life there.

 The High Priestess was sent to that much of the world.
 You can clearly see that the [Divine Punishment] used by the Goddess Priestess "Pamela" was a cute thing. So a momentary torment and the death that was given could be called a salvation compared to eternal torment.
 Hearing the story, people were blown away by the fact that there was a little bit of residual emotion that said, 'I wish God had punished me more severely.

 It was a very pleasant feeling of being loved by God that remained in their hearts, and they came to the crossroads.


 Pamela was walking alone in the royal city.
 She was on a mission sent by God to fulfill her mission.

 When I woke up, the carriage of a wealthy hobbyist, the only bad feeling I had was, 'How could I have missed such a thing?' and I scraped off all the decorations on the spot and handed them out to the people who were there as a nuisance for this time.
 Naturally, he tried to give it as an apology to the owner of the inn, who would have been most annoyed, but he was adamantly refused, and feeling something like the will of God in his stubborn attitude, he gave up trying to force it.

 Afterwards, he had two women who had come with the High Priestess, who looked a little like him, carry a letter and sent them back to the Holy City. Incidentally, the carriage he himself had been riding in was probably at its limit, and the axle was broken, so he released the horse and dismantled the main body.
 With the power gifted by the Clan God, I toured the royal capital while giving blessings and slowly touring the cities other than the Holy City.
 Thus began the world tour, a journey to give Pamela's blessing.

 You can say that the punishment from the gods can be called 'tourism', but this world tourism is another purpose taught in secret by the Clan God, so it is not disrespectful.

 Pamela laughed happily as she had her first experience of walking alone outside the Holy City.


 In front of an inn that has fallen out of favor, two people stand face to face.
 One is the owner of the inn, Carla Grice herself, who was at the center of the riot. And the other person is the one who brought the turmoil to an end, the most noble person in this country or even the world, the one and only God, the Clan.
 She and the others watched the gathered people until the commotion was over and the people withdrew from the front of the inn.
 Earlier, the last remaining goddess priestess, 'Pamela', left the front of the inn, leaving only two people currently in front of the inn.
 A few minutes after seeing Pamela off, the Goddess 'Clan' cuts in as if her role has just ended.

''Well, this latest commotion has been good food for me. It's time for me to return.
 The Goddess Clan slowly disappears as she swoops in all at once, as if in some kind of hurry. Watching the goddess disappearing fantastically, Kara smiled as she watched the goddess disappear........

Okay, okay, wait a minute.

 .........There wasn't.


''Eh, no, no, wait a minute, Kara-chan.''
 Kara utters a single sigh to the Clan God, who looks unimaginably flustered from his dignified appearance earlier, as she utters a single word.

''I'll hear your excuses later.
 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Carla entered the inn, accompanied by
 The doorbell, which would normally ring, never rings, as if it read the air, and the door is closed quietly with a snap.


 Back at the inn, we were getting ready for lunch (all the guests had already left) when Kara came back in front of us, dragging a very familiar-looking woman with silver hair and a very familiar face.
 Kara gathers us into the cafeteria, where we had been working separately, and begins to talk to us, saying, "This is a good opportunity.

'Guys, I'm sorry for getting you into a messy situation this morning. I'll briefly explain what happened after that, but this is the 'this' that we're all wondering about. This is the Supreme God 'Psycho Ushin', who is the boss of the Clan God I told you about before. Come on, stop that costume play and get back to your normal routine.

 Hmm? I think Carla just said something disturbing, but did I mishear it?
 Is this the Supreme Being?
 No, no, no, no, you can't drag someone that amazing or anything like that.

'No, Kara, actually, I kind of like this clan look. I'd like to keep it that way for a bit longer...
'This is going to get complicated, so get dressed quickly. Though I'm sure you'll only tweak your hair a little.
Yeah, well, that's just it.

 Reluctantly, the silver-haired person chanted some kind of incantation, and a shimmering light spun from her toes and went up above her head, gradually changing her figure from the place where the light came from.
 After a few moments, the 【Silver-haired tight-haired beauty】 that was in front of us transformed into a 【Blond-haired really cute-looking beauty】. No, if Kara-san's story is true, then it must mean that this is her real form.

 No, no, no, no, no, no. The angel sent by the Supreme Being was named Clan, and the people of the past who saw it mistook the angelic Clan for a god, and the Goddess Clan was born, and somehow, it became the only God Clan. What is this, what is this, an anomaly, that a real Supreme God is coming before? No, it's everyday life with Kara!
 Yeah, my thoughts are going to take a funny turn, but I guess I don't have a choice.
 There's a spell I need to do to calm down.
 I make eye contact with the other two and talk to them with just my eyes.

'Well, it's Kara...'

 Phew, that's one word to calm me down........


 The three of them were still in a haze as they suddenly brought Ushin in front of them. However, as soon as they exchanged glances with each other, they regained their composure at once, as if they had convinced themselves of something.
 Mmm, they talked just by looking at each other, huh? Moreover, I'm sure that the conversation took place in a 'it can't be helped, it's Kara-san' kind of way....
 It's a good thing that you can read that much when you see them talking like that a few times.
 Well, that's okay.

 In the meantime, I'll proceed with the current explanation of the situation, or I'll call the best person to explain it.... I'm not too keen on it.........

''Ushin. In the meantime, please call 'Enmer'. I need to see what happened to that pig.
'Yes, I think we're in the middle of the fun, since I just sent it to you.... Do you still want me to call you?
'Yes, there's a lot of work to be done with that girl in the future, and I want to introduce her to everyone.
"Ugh, okay..... Huh, I don't want to........

 Finally, he seems to be ready to call up Enmar. Ussin begins to chant something like a spell mumbling, but as I know how troublesome Enmer is, I can understand why Ussin doesn't like it. Or perhaps it's just that it's amazing that Enmar has a personality that the person who created it doesn't like.
 By the way, the kind of spell that Usin is mumbling is not a spell to call out, it's just a plea for Enmer to come, so don't worry, there's no other spell to call out.

'Nah, it's like a pig trying to interrupt people's fun.
 A few minutes later, Emmer was summoned, and she was a beautiful woman with a lusty make-up on her face, dressed like the queen of a shop where the attacker punishes the recipient.
 It has been a long time since I've seen her, but she is a queen no matter how you look at it. It's also a little upsetting.

 You can't blame me for calling you out and having to spend a few more minutes trying to get you in a better mood, but it can't be helped.

'And then? What about the one you sent?
 When you ask an enumerator a question, you must ask it directly. If you don't, you're going to have to 'go around! And then he would punish me with a whip that came out of nowhere.
 I wish he would stop waving the whip every time he speaks a word, as if he had to cover people up to say a word.
 I don't know if my direct words were good or not, but he appeared before I knew it, with a placard saying 'Pig in a chair for a day' hanging down from his neck, sitting on all fours on an old man who replied to my words.
'Oh, that pig? I'm sure they've spent a whole day peeling their finger and toe nails a little at a time by now. (Pish, 'Pigu') Oh, you're a newbie, and you were in the middle of a fun, fun, new education for your hand... and yet you call me out here! (Zupichy! ("Piggy") I really want to go back and educate the new guy with my own hands right now (Spaaaan, "Ohyao"), you idiot! Squeal like a pig! (Pish, 'Pi, pi, pi gaa')
 Because the old man's scream is noisy, I do not want you to put the whip in the old man's ass every single time and to talk, though it is good that it explains.
 However, because I heard what I wanted to hear, it is good.

 Afterwards, with the mysterious old man's screams as background music, Emmer met with his new employees, had a few conversations with them, and left with Ushin.
 Silves and the others seemed to be shocked, and they had many things to say about Enmar, but I could only reply to them by telling them not to worry about it.
 Rather than that, I had to get ready for lunch....

 I thought about making the inn a temporary closure because of all the hassle, but I couldn't take a break because some of the guests have reservations starting today.
 However, I couldn't take a day off because we had some guests coming today.
 Well then, let's get on with our day!

 Incidentally, since Pamela left until now, there was a ward of exorcism in front of the inn by God power, so there was no need to worry about Ushin and the others being found out.