60 Elves, dwarves, and the four kings

What the hell is this...

 A man stands in front of the inn and murmurs to himself with his eyes wide open.
 For all intents and purposes, his short but muscular body with a thick beard was the very definition of a dwarf, a figure often featured in Japanese creative fiction.
 The woman next to him, staring at the inn in silence, was also filled with wonder.
 This one was tall, with a beautiful face and long ears that jutted out of her shining blonde hair. She was exactly what an elf should look like.
 There was a reason why they were surprised and almost sitting up.

 Yes, it's because they saw the inn in front of them, the 'Dragon Emperor's Inn Tree'.


 They open their eyes wide and look at the inn.
 These two are actually a married couple.
 The general interpretation is that the dwarves and elves do not get along with each other due to differences in the spirits they believe in, differences in their appearance, and differences in the environment they live in. was not acceptable.
 The dwarf, he, 'Wadhu Kaidin', was the best blacksmith in the dwarven village and the best mining worker in the village who could hear the spirits the most. He was also the best looking young dwarf in the village.
 The elf's girlfriend, Ruffe Elfindorf, was also from the venerable Elfindorf family, and was noted as the best mage of all time and a user of granting magic, a magic that is now obsolete and only inherited by the Elfindorf family. He was also one of the most beautiful women in the village.
 However, there was something that could be called a common flaw between them.
 That was, ''They were not attracted to the opposite s*x of their own kind...''

 Both of them possessed the best skills and had attractive looks from the point of view of their own people, so they were inundated with applications for marriage proposals and matchmaking, but the two of them with their shortcomings were unavoidably unacceptable to them, and they each tried to settle the situation by leaving the village.
 They also thought that if they stayed in the Milk Run Kingdom, they would not be able to live calmly because of those who would try to bring them back, so they went to the neighboring 'Oak Run Kingdom', which was relatively close by.
 They arrived at the same village as if it was a sign to each other, though they hadn't had any meetings, and started living in the same village. We arrived at the same village and started to live in the same village.
 Since it was not a very large village, it was not long before they saw each other as having the best skills, and they fell in love with each other at first sight and married with the flow and momentum.
 They fell in love with each other at first sight and got married on the spur of the moment, and although they've been married for a long time, they've only had a few fights, but they still get along very well. In fact, they are still very much in love, and the people around them look at them smilingly as they plunge into the 'Love World' of the two of them whenever they have a chance.

 The Elves and Dwarves, a race with a longer lifespan than humans, spent more than 20 years building a blacksmithing workshop in the kingdom of Auckland, where they are said to be living. It is said that "in the kingdom of Orclan, the place to go for weapons and armor is Wadoff".
 In recent years, a new group of blacksmiths has emerged and begun to sell the finest weapons and armor, but even so, Wadoff's armor is still very popular.

 The reason why they came to the Dragon Emperor's Lodging Tree, located in the royal capital of Ocran, is because they came to see the various techniques that have recently become popular in the royal capital.
 A number of weapons and armor made with the concept of imparting special effects to weapons and armor to exert various abilities have jumped into the ears of the two people who are said to have the man in the kingdom. They were flooded with adventurers who guessed that they would be the first to create it.
 I'm not sure I've ever heard of it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.
 They came out of nowhere and asked me to 'make it', and I said, "I don't know about such things, or rather, can you do such things? A number of adventurers returned home disappointed when I said, "I'm not sure I'm the only one. To put it bluntly, they wouldn't even think it was a good idea to bring it up out of the blue.
 However, they were positive and said, "Well then, let's see the actual thing in person, and if we can make it, let's make it," and spent a few days planning a walk around the capital.
 They thought that if they could see the original, the two of them with the best technology could analyze it instantly and make something better.

 Well, the reason why they are planning to spend a few days to visit the royal capital is because it also serves as a little honeymoon for them, who have been working hard since they got married.

 When they arrive at the capital as planned, they start to look for an inn as the first step.
 Every one of them said the same thing about the inn as if they had been in a meeting, saying it was the best, the most wonderful, and that they should stay there once.
 However, it seems to be the only inn that does not cooperate with the guild, so I had no choice but to go there to see if there were any rooms available. It seems that the inn is a reservation system, but it seems to have reserved a few rooms for guests who stay without a reservation, but the rooms are also very popular, so the rooms are usually filled up quickly.
 I headed to the inn with full intentions of staying at the rumored inn because it is very popular, so I could stay there without any inconvenience.
 The place was so famous that everyone on the street could tell where it was, so we didn't have to worry about it.

 The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw the inn was the words I just heard.


 Wadoff was astonished.
 He had arrived at the most famous inn in the royal city, the Dragon Emperor's Inn Tree, in search of a place to stay. For he had seen its majesty.
 He could understand it because he was a wadov who worked as a blacksmith and had been exposed to various magic tools and other tools with the characteristics of the dwarf race. No, even among the dwarves, elves, and other races called sub-humans, those closest to spirits and sensitive to magic power and the like would have noticed it immediately.
 Coming to his senses, Wadoff looks at his wife standing next to him.
 His wife, Rufe, is also of the race of elves, so she must have noticed the majesty of the inn.
 Glancing over, he sees his wife's profile as her eyes widen in astonishment. Wadoff thinks without saying a word, 'I knew my wife was surprised as well.......'
 But,' he said, 'even the surprised face is beautiful. That's Ruffe. My little angel. The dinner you cooked for me yesterday was delicious, and more importantly, the dinner we had together was the happiest time in the world, oh Rufé. My Ruffe........'' and other unrelated thoughts took over.
 The next person to come to his senses was his wife, the elf, Rufe.
 She, too, was overwhelmed by the magical power of the inn, with the job title of a renowned granting mage and the characteristics of the race of elves.
 She, too, looked at her husband's face, who was surprised to hear her voice. There was Wadoff, who was grimacing as he looked at us.
 She looked at her husband's face in such a disheveled manner. When her fellow elven men had looked at her with the same look on their faces, she had been seen as a manly elf, angered by the tremendous swordsmanship and beaten with her polished skills, but when she saw her husband's grinning face, her reaction was, 'Oh, Wadoff. I love your smile, too,' and she is very generous...or blind...when it comes to her husband's behavior.
 As it was, she went straight into an unrelated thought, just like Wadoff.

 These two are indeed a similar couple.

 The exchange between the two of them continued until the landlady of the inn, who came out to warn the two of them that they were stopping in front of the inn, forcibly unraveled the "Love World" for the two of them.