61 Elves, dwarves, four kings, and part 2

I don't know what's going on here, but...

 I'm confused.
 I was just trying to figure out what to do with the little bit of time I had this morning before I had to see the guests off, finish cleaning and start making lunch.
 As I was killing time with Silves, who is in charge of the reception desk today, having a light chat, etc., a sign of a person appeared in front of the entrance to the inn, and I was waiting with the smile I've been practicing lately stuck on my face (I don't feel a single sensation of my facial muscles moving, but.......). But the signs of what seemed to be guests who appeared were not showing any signs of coming into the inn.
 I was curious, but the appearance of the inn didn't match with the word "popular rumored inn in the royal capital" and I was puzzled.
 Most of them were either angry that the rumors were false and turning on their heels to look for other lodgings, or they were thinking of going in for the time being, but this time there was no sign of either, they were just in front of the inn.
 It's close enough already....

 The first thing that jumped out at me was a dwarf and an elf staring at each other, thinking that it's been a while since I've had business interruptions, I went outside the inn. Moreover, since these two people are even developing a "Love World for Two", it's not surprising that they said the words at the beginning of the story, right?

 Yes, this "Love World" is not just a sweet space created by a loving couple, it's a very simple technique.
It's a very troublesome technique that is activated when two people who love each other think about each other within a certain distance, but since it's supposed to be activated when you're in love, it's often used when the love between a couple is being tested. Well, it doesn't mean that you aren't in love with each other just because you didn't trigger it, but it's important to know that you're in love enough to trigger it, so don't worry, it doesn't mean that you're going to break up because you don't trigger it.
 To use an analogy, Kaku and Cross are a couple who are firmly in love with each other and are even more in love with each other now that they have a child, but perhaps because of Kaku's innate flirtatious nature, they haven't reached the point where "The World of the Two" is activated. But these two are a couple that will never be separated because they know they can't have each other without each other.

 This technique itself is surprisingly versatile; when activated during an attack, it provides an offensive power that can punch through even the strongest of enemies, and when activated during defense, it provides a defensive power that won't falter even if it is attacked to the point of turning to dust in an instant.
 As expected, I think it's safe to say that this is a technique that Usin came up with after seeing the love-attack in a famous simulation game.
 I haven't played a game in years, but I remember buying every piece of hardware I could play every time a new game came out when I was on Earth, so I had to use more and more hardware just for that game.
 Incidentally, there are other techniques that have similar effects, and
 When activated between a teacher and a student, the 'inherited'
 When you activate it with your best friend, 'I've got your back.
 When activated by a parent and child, the 'back that comes to resemble'
 When activated by a sibling, the "Peach Orchard Oath
 When activated by the sisters, 'Sister is watching.
 There are quite a few different kinds of them, such as Since the effects are almost the same, there are adventurers who use it occasionally to advance their battles.

 It is an extremely powerful and useful technique, but because of the condition that it is activated when two people who love each other think of each other, if you activate it in an emergency, you can often find yourself abandoning urgent matters and traveling to your world, and then sitting in the shadows, which is why it is an awkward technique! It is.
 Especially when it comes to activating it in front of a store, as it did in this case, it's an area that no one else can enter until the two of them go to the shadows to get their hands on it, which is very intrusive.
 No one wants to be near the sweet air of two people who love each other enough to invoke the 'World of Two'. Especially if you are an adventurer who is often alone, you could say that it is almost so detestable that you would run away with your tongue.

 Now, I haven't seen such a brilliant "World of Two" since Dick and Lyrica-san's combination, but rather than the excitement of seeing something good, the feeling of being in the way in front of the inn is stronger than the excitement of seeing something good, so let's call it a forced elimination.
 What, even if it's a little stronger, it's only strengthened to the extent that a level 20 monster is able to one-punch a level 1300 monster, so it's not impossible to destroy it.
 Clench your fist, shake it, and eliminate it with Zudong. Let's go with this.


 He smashed the "World of Two" that had been turned into an object in the way and looked at me in astonishment, but without saying a word, he said, "Please don't do this as it will disturb other customers," and then asked me why I was creating the "World of Two" in such a place, was it obstruction of business? When I checked, I found out that he was a proper guest.
 He came to our house in search of an inn, but he was surprised to see the amazing amount of magic power emitted from the inn with the 'skill to see magic power', which is also a characteristic of dwarves and elves. So, as the two of them were surprised at each other, they looked at each other, and before they knew it, they had activated it.
 Well, in order to make the inn as good as possible, we're using plenty of materials that generate magic power, so it's only natural that they would be surprised.... There would be no need to develop anything from there into 'The World of the Two'.

 The two of you are such people, but you are still our guests. Leaving the reception to Silves, I return to the kitchen to prepare for lunch. Today, it's been a while since I've had my first cooking turn in a while, so I guess I'll be fired up.
 Lately, various ingredients have been coming into the capital, and I discovered a variety of interesting things at the market. After a lot of trial and error, we managed to make something that we could serve in the cafeteria, and today was the first time we saw it.
 I asked many people to try it, and I'm so grateful to them.

 The plant we use is called Il leaf. And they are not green ones, but dried ones that have turned a little brown.
 As a final check, I asked three employees to taste the food, and they said it was delicious, so it should be fine.
 By the way, I spent a lot of time looking at the lovey-dovey space in the morning, which made me want to have a strong cup of black coffee. It's not that I don't have time to spare, but it's a dish that takes a lot of work to make, and time is also tight if I have to make it in parallel with other dishes.
 So, let's cook!

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇.

 I was forcibly excluded from the sweet air and became a little grumpy, but it seemed that it was the proprietress of the inn who excluded the air. Fortunately, when I asked if there was a room available, it seemed to be just right, and I was able to stay at this rumored inn of fame. The magic power is released from everywhere, and I can feel the power flowing through my body. My moody feelings were erased.
 The receptionist, who introduced herself as Silves, told me where my room was, and I quickly went to my room, which I found to be a cozy room with a calm atmosphere. So much so that it felt very much like the room they had first lived in together when they were first married, with a sense of calmness.
 The air was almost sweet, but they hadn't eaten anything since the morning, and at this time of day, when it was already close to noon, they were going to be hungry. It may be a little early, but let's go to the cafeteria for lunch.

 When we arrived at the dining room, we were greeted by Carla Grice, the proprietress of the inn, who had just done the unthinkable task of disarming the world of the two of us.
 Although she arrived unexpectedly and asked me to do something outrageous, she replied pleasantly, "We'll have to ask you to wait a little while, but we can serve you a dish," and we had a slightly early lunch.
 The proprietress of this inn is not only good-looking, but also has a very good personality.
 Ah, as for her appearance, Ruffe said, 'There is no one as beautiful as that among the elves,' so she must be quite good. Well, I don't really think anything of it, since Ruffe is the most beautiful, pretty and cousin of all, though.
 Since she's going to make me a meal, I'm going to take a position with a view of the kitchen and see how the rumored wonderful food is made. No matter how hard I try, I don't think it will ever surpass Ruffe's homemade cooking, though.

 First, it looks like they're going to cut the ingredients.
 The namida moto, the redwoods, and the tsuchigure fruit are each cut into edible sizes. All the ingredients that we, the dwarves, rarely eat are suddenly appearing, but will it be okay?
 Although it might be eaten by the elves, Namida moto was quite vulnerable, so it had to be handled with care and caution, and should have been a surprisingly avoidable ingredient.
 The proprietress, who was working deftly, took out the "meat" next.
 Moreover, there was "Buffalo" meat, "Aussie" meat and even "Wagyu" meat. It is such a high-class foodstuff that even I, the closest skilled blacksmith in the Dwarven village, can only eat it once or twice a year.
 Those three types of meat are cut into thin slices, again, to a size that's easy to eat.
 Honestly, it looks good enough just to grill that meat, though.

 I wonder if the ingredients are ready, and I start putting Namida Moto on the fire. Stirring carefully with a wooden spatula, I let the meat cook slowly so that it is heated all over. An indescribable aroma wafted through the air and I could feel Ruffe's stomach growling. I looked at Ruffe as if looking at my cousin, and she looked away shyly.
 What a cute reaction.
 It can't be helped. It's a good thing that the elves, whose diet is primarily based on vegetables, are able to smell the savory aroma of vegetables in the foreground.
 After a while, the proprietress, satisfied with her meal, stopped eating and began to add more high-grade meat to the fire.
 This time, the smell of burning meat made my stomach growl.
 Ruffe looks at me in return, but I scratch my cheeks with a pollywheel to disguise my embarrassment. I can feel an indescribable look coming from Ruffe, but I'll pretend not to notice.
 While she's doing this, the landlady is adding the rest of the ingredients in a steady stream, making sure everything is cooked. However, it's hard to tell what kind of food this is. Although she cooked everything through, she didn't even seem to season it with salt and pepper.
 Can we really cook in this way?