1 Prologue ~ Dark Assassin ~

On the slanted roof of one building, there was a black shadow that seemed to melt into the darkness.
A black cloth is wrapped around its neck, and the surplus cloth and cloak are dominating the wind.
As if waiting for something, the shadow stared at the roof and did not move still.

Only the shadow's peers would surely be able to find the shadow blending into the darkness so completely that they wouldn't notice it even if they were conscious of it.

After a while, the black-clad shadow sighed and stood up, lowered its left leg, drew its dagger and suddenly went into a combat stance.
Out of the corner of his eye, it seemed as if there was nothing to see, but at that moment the air wavered and a man came into view.
The man was also dressed lightly in black, just like the shadow.
You'll be able to find out more about the fact that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about ...... competitors. I'm sure you're protecting this guy. Or has a big guy like you come to kill a single guild master?
I'm here to kill him and anyone else who stands in my way.

The shadow answers the man's question briefly.
Originally, he did not intend to reply seriously.
He conveyed a clear killing intent to the other party.
The man's body shook with a buzz at the killing intent.
The man is also a reasonably well known person in the underworld.
The feeling was familiar.
The strongest assassin of mankind who could not find any of them if you seriously eliminate their presence, and who buried more than ten thousand demons without a sound--''

''I see. I'm sure you're not the only one who's interested in the same thing as that "dark assassin".

And the man sighed with deep regret.
He had taken a fighting stance, but he was on the run.
The overwhelming killing spirit put out by the smaller competitor even broke out in a cold sweat.
The shadow doesn't pay attention to such a man, just observes with eyes that seem to be looking at its prey and flashes.


He was stunned as he fell to the ground and watched in amazement as his own blood spurted out of him, not even knowing what he had done.
The shadow pulled back the right leg he had held out in front of him and wiped the blood from the dagger with the man's black cloth, then cast his gaze to his true mission.


The hand holding the dagger trembled slightly.
He suppressed the trembling with his other hand.
Then, quietly, he slipped into his target's room, distracting his attention and pinning the dagger to its neck.

If he did this, the shadows would never return to their former peaceful routine.

'Sorry, guys. If I kill this guy, I can move on. If I kill him, a lot of people will be saved. He's also .......

The shadow - the boy who was a high school student named Akira Oda, who was everywhere, muttered that and drew his blade with all his strength.

This place is in a deep forest.
Normally, this is a place that is too dangerous for anyone to visit.
In the middle of it, the girl was running away from her pursuers while shaking her white hair.
Even if she stepped in a puddle and got covered in mud, or even if a tree root caught her foot and she almost fell down, she would not stop.
But he was already nearing his physical and mental limits.
The tears were blotting out my vision, and my running speed had slowed down considerably.
Still, he hasn't been caught up, merely because his pursuers are deliberately slowing down and teasing him in the same way.

''Hah, ...... hah, huh!

As if to follow up, a kaya flew from somewhere and pierced her leg.
The girl only knows one person who can accurately shoot through her legs in the running opponent's, and in a view blocked by trees.

''Ugh ...... and why ......?''

There was no way I could run with an arrow piercing my leg, so I sat there and looked at my pursuer while holding back the pain.
The arrows were coated with a paralyzing poison, or perhaps the tingling numbness spread throughout his body, and he could hardly move anymore.


The pursuer repeated the words and laughed, his girl-like face contorted ugly.

'I'd rather ask you why this one. Why are you still alive?'

The white-haired girl shakes her head loosely at the words that cut deep into her heart.
It's as if she doesn't want to hear them.
However, now that the numbness of her entire body had restricted the movement of her limbs, she had no way to block out the pointed ears characteristic of elves.

''Abomination's portion.

Ugh, ahhhhhhh: ......

The person she cared about whispered the words she least wanted to hear in her ear, and the half-crazed girl ran away, not caring about the numbness in her limbs.

Little did she know that beyond that was a cliff.

The pursuer, a blonde girl, gave a mocking smile.
There was a slight glint of compassion in her eyes.

''Goodbye, sister. I hope we never see each other again.''

The white-haired girl tumbled off a cliff and found herself again in a forest she didn't recognize at all.
Due to the wetness of her body, it was easy to guess that she must have washed up from the nearby ocean.
I looked around for a while, stunned.
As someone who had been in an unknown place when he woke up, it was surely a natural reaction, but it was in the wrong place anyway.

'...... Hee!'

A black slime-like demon that was there before I knew it.
She was frightened and tried to back away, but the numbness was released, but she couldn't move due to fatigue.
Without any resistance, the girl was gradually swallowed by the demon from her feet.

'Such ...... slime shouldn't prey on humans ......

As soon as he finished, he was completely engulfed.
Slime shuddered a little and searched for any sign of his surroundings.
Then something approached from behind the trees.
Slime hides behind a tree.

''I think I heard a noise coming from this area just now. ......

...... Huh? But there's so many demons from here, there shouldn't be anyone around, right?

When the slime like demon found out that it was just a person, it melted into the ground as if by magic and disappeared.

'...... That's true, too. Maybe I misheard you.

Let's go home. It's so dark and creepy in here.

In the forest, where there was no sign of people or demons, only the trees stood still and watched everything.