2 Episode 1 ~ Template ~

After that day, our lives changed for the better.
It was supposed to be peaceful and serene, but suddenly an extraordinary life appeared.
A huge magic circle appeared in the center of the classroom.
It's not until the intricately drawn patterns begin to glow blue-white that I finally realize the strangeness of the situation.

''Everyone get out of the classroom!

Someone shouted that, but it was already too late.
The magic circle is already ready to be activated, and an exceptionally strong light fills my vision.
Unable to bear it, I close my eyes.
I felt my body float a little.
A scream that seems to belong to a girl rises nearby.
And in the next moment, we were lowered to the ground again.
And we were forced to leave our daily lives.

By summoning another world.

I, Akira Oda, do not believe in ghosts, aliens, or any other occult phenomena.
Although I read otherworldly summoning things as novels and feel sympathy, jealousy and emotion, I make a proper distinction between them and reality.

'Please, defeat the demon king and save us.'

But this situation right now, where I'm being bowed down by someone who seems to be the king of a country in front of me, is also undeniably real, and my brain, which is a stone's throw away, can't keep up with it.
No, this is the only thing that would confuse anyone.
I'm sure that my face, which was thought to be the one who was so expressionless that he was able to get a lot of yada yada yada yada, must have been dumbfounded.

A few minutes ago, our vision was restored and we were in a hall so large that we couldn't see the other side, surrounded by 13 knights and a girl who seemed to be a princess, breathing on our shoulders and looking at us.
No, they are dressed as knights, but they have wands, so are they wizards?

My brain is a mess, but a calm part of me continues to observe a space I've never seen before.

There's a fluffy carpet drawn across the floor, a stinging red color, yet it matches this uselessly luxurious space.
The ceiling was also unnecessarily high, and I could tell that there were detailed designs on it, but it was too high for me to see it clearly.

As I observed this, before I knew it, someone who wasn't the girl and the wizards from earlier was standing beside me.

''Welcome, prospective heroes. Please come this way. His Majesty the King will explain everything to you.

The butler-like grandfather reverently curtsied to us and pointed to the door, which was also a fine door in vain.
All those who tried to open their mouths to ask questions were silenced by the grandfather's gaze.

At any rate, we followed it and proceeded to the other side of the door, where the uncle, who seems to be His Majesty the King, explained to us exactly what happened in a typical otherworldly fantasy novel.

First of all, what is this world?

It seems that this world is called Morrigan, a spherical planet like the Earth.
There are four continents in Morrigan, each inhabited by a human race, a demon race, an elven race and a beastman race.
The country that summoned us is the largest of the human race's continents, Leatis.

And the reason for summoning us is just as the king said.

The demon race has progressed into the territory of the human race in earnest.
I want you to defeat the demon king. ...... and.

I'm in my mind, Templar came! I shouted.

Of course, it was a cheer.
You could say that this is a situation that every young person at this age would love to be in.
In our class, it was rare that we didn't cheer.
Some of the girls were looking around uneasily, but many students, mostly boys, were still happy.
I was one of those who cheered.

We were rejoicing like idiots, oblivious to the hardships and difficulties that awaited us.