3 Episode 2 ~ Status ~

The king was busy, or so he said, and then he withdrew, and then the grandfather suddenly appeared again with a crystal, followed by an explanation of his status.
He is very good at disguising his presence.
This old man has done it. ......

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to chant 'status open' in your hearts.

The old man smiled meaningfully.
We immediately chanted, "Status open.
A glowing board full of fantasy flavors appeared in front of us, which did not disappoint us.

Aquila Oda.
Occupation/Assassin Lv.1

Life force 1800/1800
Attack power 1200.
Defense: 800.
Magic 700/700.

The art of arithmetic is Lv.5
bargaining skills Lv.4
dark arts Lv.1
Assassination skill Lv.1
Kyokuto technique Lv.1
Short sword skill Lv.1
Air cover Lv.1 max
Sense of danger Lv.1
Sense of danger Lv.1

extra skill
Language understanding
World eye Lv.1
Shadow Magic Lv.1


Ooohhhh .......
Once again, it's a pretty assassination-biased skill.
Is it because his profession is an assassin?
Besides, the level of the skill of 'Concealment of Air Presence' that dilutes your presence was canned.

''Akira, did you get your status?''

I nodded at my classmate's words.
My classmates are a little ...... no, they are quite excited.
I, too, couldn't hide my excitement at the novel-like turn of events.
I was even glad to have lived until now.
But it's also true that this body is in danger because there is very little information available.
And the calm part of my brain plunges in.
I may have gotten a little carried away, so let's take a moment to calm down.

'What was your profession, what was it?'
'I'm a wind mage. What about Akira?
'As expected, you were supposed to be close to me in the classroom, but you just disappeared and appeared suddenly. I definitely thought you were a ninja or something like that.
Shut up. Shut up. Well, most of the time it's on purpose.

If I really tried to hide, no one would find me.
The sad thing is, I haven't had anyone find me in hiding since I was little.
There were times when I was kicking a can and if I was kicking a can, my allies wouldn't even notice me until I got rid of it.

There was nothing funny about the status.
Is it strange to have a max level from the beginning?
Or is it normal in this world?
It seems that the experience of being on Earth is also reflected, and "Arithmetic" and "Negotiation" were also raised.
The 'arithmetic' is probably due to the mathematical equations we learned in school that we don't know when we will use.
The 'bargaining skills' might have been because I bargained with the guy at the grocery store every day.

It's a good thing that the skill level is high, even if it's not a combat-type skill, in this situation where you don't know what's going to happen.

'...... Now, I wonder who the brave man is?'
Yeah, but, well, you get the gist of it, right?

When I glanced at him, I saw one of the boys surrounded by a bunch of girls, smirking.
He was ostensibly sullen and expressionless, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

He was a handsome guy in our class, Sato Tsukasa.
He's handsome, good-looking, has excellent grades, and has a great motor skill.
He's a picture-perfect hero, and he's the student council president of our school.
His desire for a harem and his inability to have a poker face is a drawback.

If he's not a brave man, who would rather be, he's the right man for a brave man, and he himself doesn't doubt that he's a brave man.

And in fact he seems to be the brave one.
I'm not sure if the girls understand that.
I'm not sure if the girls understand, but there are more than usual number of them around.
And the boys, who don't have a girlfriend, look at it through clenched teeth.
It's a different place, but it's the usual scene.
Everyone seemed to have finally returned to their usual pace.

''Now then, brave souls, please hold your hands over this crystal. It is a magic tool that reads and displays the status of the crystal. We would love to see the power of your brave men and women.''

The grandfather said and held up the crystal in his hand.

I frown.
After all, it seems that the status must be made public.
Can't we get around this somehow?
It's very dangerous to disclose the status in this situation where there is no information.
There was a novel I was reading where the hero, a brave man, was used by the country he summoned for military purposes.
That's not necessarily the case here, but it's better to be cautious.
After all, we still know very little about this world.
I looked around, trying to figure out a solution somehow.

'Well, you'll have to start on your side then.

The armor in this room is lined up against the wall, where it doesn't twitch.
I can't see it from a distance, but I can't make a bad move considering that all or some soldiers are mixed in with it.
What is to be done?