4 Episode 3 ~ Difference ~

The first person who touched the crystal at the grandfather's urging was Sano Miko, the class mascot-like figure.

As Sano-san touched the crystal held by the grandfather, light flooded out of the crystal and the same status as the one she had just seen on her own was displayed in large letters above her head.
This way, I can see every detail clearly, even if I'm standing by the wall.

''Ooh, ooh, .......''

My classmates, who don't even think about the risks involved in disclosing their status, are glued to the unrealistic spectacle of light coming out of the crystal to display the words.
While my classmates are cheering for the technology that doesn't exist in Japan, I suddenly look at the status and am stunned.

Profession/Warding Master Lv.1
Life force 180/180
Attack power 150
Defense: 130.
Magic power 130/130

Arithmetic Lv.5
Sewing Lv.7
Cooking Lv.5
Warding magic Lv.1
Recovery wards Lv.1

extra skill
Language understanding


...... Yowza. ...... What do you mean?

I found my brain, which was quite confused just by being summoned to another world, even more confused.

In the novels I was reading, the number of skills and attack power of the mobs were roughly the same except for the brave ones.
And it was normal for the brave to raise them by orders of magnitude.
However, the statuses of me and Sano-san are all different by orders of magnitude.
Many of the skill levels are higher than Sano-san's, but no matter how much, the difference in basic status would be too much.
Is it because it's not an attacking position?

Following Sano-san, Watabe Katsumi, the class' good-natured man of the hour, raises his hand in a proud manner.

Katsumi Watabe
Profession/Fighter Lv.1
Life force 180/180
Attack power 200.
Defense: 200%.
Magic power 300/300

Arithmetic Lv.3
3 in kungfu
Bodywork Lv.3 - Bodywork Lv.2

extra skill
Language understanding


The crowd cheered again.

'What's going on with ......,'
I wonder what's really going on with these crystals.

He was subtly not having a conversation with the classmate next to him.
But I couldn't be bothered with that.

'...... Okay, let's keep the signs off.'

A few status disclosures advanced, and since all of them had lower status numbers than me, I hid my appearance with my signature 'hiding my presence'.
If it's good in the sense that I was doing it in the other world, then this should have made my presence disappear and made me invisible.
This skill, it's inconvenient that I don't know if I'm not properly visible.
But if my status is exposed by this, I'll be in trouble.

For now, I thought that I could look at Sato's status as a brave man, and if he was stronger than me, I could deactivate the skill and touch the crystal.
But that was betrayed in a bad way.

Tsukasa Sato
Occupation/Brave man Lv.1
Life force 200/200
Attack power 800.
Defense: 500.
Magic power 350/350.

Arithmetic Lv.7
Enchantment Lv.5
Body technique Lv.2
Swordsmanship Lv.2
4 attribute magic Lv.1

extra skill
Language understanding
Holy Swordsmanship Lv.1


It's true that the skill level is high and 'four attribute magic' is attractive, but the status value is lower than mine.
The girls are cackling about it, but it doesn't seem that great to me.

What's really going on here?
As I thought, only my status value is too high.
Is it a bug?

'As expected of a brave man. Your numbers and skills are excellent. The average person in this world is limited to an attack strength of one hundred. You can't get away with this. The brave man's initial status is even better than that. I'm sure the demon king will be safely defeated with this.

I was a little horrified when the old man smiled at me with a stinky smile.
I couldn't tell for sure because I had just met him, but I was sure of it.

I feel a little uncomfortable.

I'm sure that the king I saw earlier, and the beautiful girl, probably a princess, standing behind her - this girl is probably the girl who was looking at us with the knights when we were summoned - that smile is now I felt like I was overlapping my grandfather.
A pasted-on, smiling face.

As I disappeared, I suddenly looked up and muttered to myself that I knew it.

I saw something glittering on the ceiling far above me.
Probably a camera-like, recording magic tool or something.
It's hard to see if it's really a camera or not, but looking at it is very irritating.
It's very similar to the feelings I get when I see a surveillance camera on the other side of the world.
I frowned as I sensed the situation was taking a turn for the worse.
My hunch might have been right.