5 Episode 4 ~ Eavesdropping ~

I lay down on the bed in my single room and looked up at the ceiling.
The bed sinks down a bit as it takes me in and then rises again.
The room is about as large as a hotel that I've never stayed in, but it's seemingly clean and neat, about as large as a hotel that would cost over ten thousand a night.
The showers and toilets are quite large.
The fact that it is given to each person one room shows how large this castle is.
It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

It's a good idea to have an assassin work as a scout for a brave man, the brave man will defeat the demon king and the rest will be free. I thought it was an easy mode.

That's if my hunch comes true, but it's not unlikely.

It's a scam.
I was in full-on hard mode.
I'm tempted to talk to myself, which I rarely do.

I think we can start by uncovering the ideas of the kings who might be plotting against us.
Is it because I have the skill of "negotiation"?
I felt that I could understand what the other party was thinking, albeit only briefly.
There's also the matter of the camera, so we'll have to move carefully.

It occurred to me now that if he was greedy on the other side of the world, he was probably a pro at stealing.
I'd have to sneak in without a hint of a hint, detect almost every security camera on my gut and move through the blind spots .......
I could rob a bank, too.
Well, I wouldn't do it.
Then, the only thing an assassin can do is.

I'll just have to sneak into ....... It's so annoying. Why me?

I complained about it and changed into my black clothes.
The change of clothes were supposed to be hung in the closet with the appropriate clothes for each profession.
Of course, I didn't have my status looked at, so I procured my own.
I snuck into the castle's armory, distracting myself from the signs.
The guards were there, and I cringed, but I was able to steal it safely.
If I could get back to the other side, I would still be a bank robber.

I'm sorry, but I'm also using a private room that was vacant.
The number of classmates is forty, and twelve of them were not in the classroom during the day. In other words, twenty-eight people here have been summoned to another world.
This many people, the maids of this castle who only look good on the outside wouldn't be able to keep track of them.
The work looks perfect, and there's a lot of garbage piled up in the corner.
I decided that I wouldn't even notice if one room was being used by more people.

'...... Well, let's go!'

Changing into my black clothes, I climbed out of the window to avoid being spotted and headed up for now.
I jumped onto one of the castle's five towers and looked around.
I've always liked heights since I was little.

'Oh ....... It's a big place. So this is the royal capital.''

From there, we could see the royal capital just in time, and although it was no match for the factory area at night, it was a glittering night view.
I could see that some streetlights had been installed.
The other lights are not visible from here in any way.
Well, since this is a world where there is magic, it must be light-based magic or something.
The level of civilization is about the same as Japan right after it became civilized.
The number of streetlights are still few, and their use is also awkward.
Too many lights are gathered in the place that is thought to be the center of the city.
It is hard to understand what is happening in the back alley, and the crime will only happen.
Besides, there were few people on the street, probably because it was nighttime.
No, is it wrong to compare it with Japanese cities?

Pushing the information to the back of my mind, I searched for a sign.

'...... Okay.'

There was no sign of anyone nearby.
I crept into the tower, which was the most heavily guarded and probably had the king in it, looking for an unlocked window with no sign of him.

'Well, where is the king?

I creep around and listen at the doors of each room one by one.
I've only heard the king's voice once, but that eerie, mousy voice is rather hard to get out of my head.
At first I didn't think anything of it, but now I was getting goosebumps, too.

When I came to the front of one of the rooms, it finally hit me.
It's a very heavy looking door.
Could it be a study?
I just listened.

'...... Maria, how are the kids doing?'
Everything's going well, Father. No one has noticed it yet. They are children from a world without magic after all. They had no idea what they'd be used for, and now they're asleep.
Okay. Well, then, we'll go ahead with the plan. The library is off-limits. Have Saran work out tomorrow.
'Yes, sir, I am awed. All in all, your father, His Majesty the King, has a mind of his own.

I'm scared, even though I was expecting .......
The people who were smiling at us just now are planning to bring us down.
Even on Earth there were lowlifes, but Japan was a kind country, so there was a part of me that said no way.

But that's as far as it goes.

I dismissed the signs as the princess came out of her room and went into the study.

Anyway, the princess's ugly, distorted face that I just saw, it was amazing.
There was no trace of the gentle smile on her face.
I wonder if all girls are like that.
As a boy, I can't understand what's going on behind the scenes.

I wandered around the large study, looking for the king.
As a book lover, I'm almost interested in the books lined up, but I'm patient here.

I pulled out the silver dagger I'd kept in my black outfit.
It looked sharp, so I smoldered it along with me when I snuck into the armory.

In the back, the king was there.
He was sitting at his desk, writing something single-mindedly.

I stood behind it.

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind.
I could kill this guy now without being noticed.

But I still don't know what this guy wants.
What did he summon us for?
And what kind of country is this?
Most importantly, I hadn't made up my mind to kill anyone yet.
No, I didn't have the savage nature to kill here in the first place, but even if I had to, I wouldn't have been able to kill them.
I went straight back to my room that day.

It would be a month later that I would regret that I should have killed him then.