7 Episode 6 ~ Knight Captain ~

A few hours after the idiots decided to save the world, we gathered at a training ground that looked like it could hold an entire school, let alone a ground, with weapons appropriate to our respective professions.
I also show signs of being in the area at a natural time.
I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.
What is that ...... Morningstar?

Greetings, brave souls. My name is Saran Misrai. I am the leader of the Order of the Land and the Last Stand. It's embarrassing for me to say it.

Yuuo, who called himself the Knight Commander, chuckled as he said that.
Is it okay to be such a Knight Commander?
Or rather, destroy the handsome man.

''Commander, you'll get licked as it is!

Perhaps he read my mind, a serious-looking man who seemed to be the deputy commander is sneering from behind, but Commander Saran remains smiling.
When I remembered the smiles of the kings, I felt warmer than the Commander.
Maybe, but these people will be fine.
But it's better to be vigilant just in case, right?

'It's okay, it's okay. Now, I'll have you brave souls dive into the nearby labyrinth in a month's time. For that purpose, we'll be training every day from today, starting at this time. The king has ordered you to go to .......

I thought he was smiling and laughing, but suddenly Commander Saran starts talking seriously.
I just met him, but he's really hard to grasp.
The air shook roughly.
Training, huh?
I want to do this at my own pace.
Okay, let's skip it.
When I looked to the side, the faces of the brave men were twisted in fear.
Oh, weren't you guys supposed to be saving the world?
The Commander and the others looked dumbfounded when they saw these brave men.

''Yi, a month later?''
What's the matter?
Wouldn't they be strong in a month?
'If, rather, we didn't lead you and make you stronger, then I'm afraid that's on you guys.

The hapless brave man frowned at the Commander who declared it salacious.
It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. We are from a world where there is no magic, and we cannot be defeated by a mere child.

The brave and the others streak their foreheads as the Commander smiles at them again with that inedible face.
You're too easily provoked.

Suddenly, my eyes met with the Commander.
In return, I'll smile at him in return.
Aside from these guys, I'm a little pissed off that they're even licking me.
...... For what it's worth, I'm the most childish person in the world.

After receiving my return properly, the leader of the group opened his eyes a bit and smiled gently this time.
d*mn, it's not a handsome man smiling.
The girls' gazes were glued to Commander Saran with that alone.

It seems that's all they heard from Commander Saran.
Following the knights, the brave men began to scatter for each weapon they handled.
Okay, let's skip it.
Good luck, brave guys.
I'm going to the storeroom for a while.
What, did you say it's forbidden?
I don't know.
After listening to yesterday's conversation, I'm tempted to rebel against the orders of the kings from one end of the spectrum.