8 Episode 7 ~ Captain Saran ~

Our eyes met, and I watched intently as the boy in black disappeared out of sight and went away.
Apparently, his companions hadn't noticed him either, and they didn't follow him with their eyes as he passed in front of them.
I could only see him with one eye, too.
We just happen to see each other's eyes, but he is an interesting looking boy.

'Gilles, I've left you in charge here for a bit. The training will be about a fifth of what we do.
What, hey, Commander?

Throwing everything to the deputy commander, Ziel-kun, I follow the boy.
Sooner or later, Jiel-kun might go bald from stress.
Well, if he goes bald, I'll give him a vacation.
Now, if my hunch is correct, he should only have a high skill level in airborne concealment and not a very high skill level in airborne detection.
Most of all, his skill level in airborne concealment is so high that he's invincible on its own: .......

''Hey, where are you going?''

The boy stopped in his tracks, startled as he came around to the front to reveal himself.
There was a strong hint of alarm in his eyes.
I see, this is where this boy is different from them.

...... surprised. You can see me?

I'm a little relieved to see an age-appropriate reaction to his expression of heartfelt surprise.
This boy was the only one who looked extremely mature, and I was wondering what I would do if he went through with it.

'I'm probably the only one who noticed,' I have a bit of a peculiar set of eyes.

I pointed to my right eye with a thump.
My right eye caught the boy's image clearly.
The boy raises his hands in the air as if he had given up on the idea.

I see, that's why there are magic eye owners in this world. ...... uh, Commander Saran, right? You can boil, bake, or do whatever you want.

I was a little surprised.
Because I didn't expect anyone to know about the magic eye.
No, I heard that there is no magic in their world.
Then how do they know about the magical eye?
My demon eye was evolved from my right eye, which was injured in the past when I fought against the demon king, but to a normal person, I began to see things in my left eye if I didn't see them.
I wonder if it was because the colors of the members of the group changed quite a bit, before and after the training, that they realized that they were seeing changes in the body temperature of the animals as a color.
The color of the corps members who were blue before the training began, changed to a reddish color, just as their body temperatures rose after the training began.
Other inborn magic eye possessors can see far into the distance, and some are able to distinguish the value of things by light and color.
My magic eye is probably the more subdued one.
Well, even with this, I can usually spot a covert type of concealment skill.
The magic eye is treated as an extra skill, and normal skills are fine.
Even if you're an assassin, hiding yourself is probably a normal skill, so it seems he was no exception.

''Boiling and baking is such a noisy thing. Let's talk about something a little more gentle.

This boy is very interesting.
Aside from the foul technique of my magic eye, the very natural skill activation techniques that slip through the eyes of the trained group members are remarkable.
This is despite coming from a world without magic and not being taught by anyone.
Anyway, it looks like he and I will continue to have a connection.
It wouldn't hurt to be friends with him.

'Where were you going to go? I'm not asking you to go back to training, so why don't you tell me?

As the gesture was, the boy answered honestly, as if he had completely given up on the idea.
Apparently, he wanted to go to the library.
As I recall, the brave men and women are barred from going in and out.
The kings also do terrible things.
The most important thing for these kids right now is information.

What do you want to know?

When I asked him about it, he wanted to know what's common in this world.
I smiled deeply.
I see, they are indeed heretics brought from a different world.
It can be said that they are completely ignorant about this world.
It would be inevitable that I would want to know.
Rather, it's strange that the others received the banning order from the library room in a straightforward manner.
As I thought, this kid is different from the other kids.

''Hm. ....... What's your skill level in hiding your presence?
I don't know what the highest skill level is, but the status says it's maxed out or something.

The maximum skill level is Lv.10.
Anything above that is labeled as MAX, and I don't know how much it's gone up, or even if I'm improving in the first place.
Even I have the best combat-related skills and swordplay at Lv.9.
I'm only the second person I know of who has reached the maximum skill level.

''What other skills do you have?''
...... mostly Lv.1, a skill that didn't come up in the other side of the world.

I'd love to hear about the other side of the world, but first, I need to check something.

'You are an assassin, aren't you? You haven't mastered the art of assassination?
'There are some, but I don't know how to get my skill level up,'
...... I can tell you about it if you'd like.

The boy looked sincerely uncomfortable with my good intentions.
Good call.
There's no business as expensive as free in a land you don't know.
......, said a merchant I knew.

'You want to get into the storeroom, but there aren't much books in that room. And the only place that has books about magic, this world, and skills is the king's library.
"...... Oh, there it is. Then it's even less of a problem. We can sneak in.
By the way, I don't see any books with common sense in them either.

When I said this, the boy said with a not-so-sorry look on his face, "Well," he said, "there's no such thing as common sense.
In the first place, there are no books on common sense.
Common sense is something that is taught to you little by little from the time you are a baby, not something you read and understand.

'...... Huh. What do I get in return?
'I'm glad you're understanding. In return, I want you to tell me about the world you were in. Even with this, I'm still very hungry for knowledge. I've been reading every book in the house for ages.

I shake the boy's hand as a sign that negotiations have been concluded.
As it was, I buzzed and waved my hand.
The boy, as you can imagine, looks deeply uncomfortable, but he doesn't let go of my hand.
I play with the buzzing for a while, and when the boy is about to get angry, I stop.
He's very good at getting other people to look at him.

''Speaking of which, what do you think about increasing your assassination skill level?''
'I've heard that they can regulate their body temperature so that even my eyes can't catch them, and they can erase not just signs, but footsteps, footprints, and all traces of themselves for now.
Well, I'll do my best to keep you off your radar as soon as possible.

I smiled at the boy as he blurted out.
In fact, the only thing scarier than swordsmen and mages is an assassin.
You never know when you'll be killed, and when you become a professional, they say you can make your opponent not realize that you're dead.
In a sense, they are the strongest.
Brave men and others should not go head to head with him, but assassins would rather go head to head with him.

If he knows the true nature of that king or princess, he might be able to entrust them with it.
I've been thinking all along, how to make this country better.