9 Episode 8 ~ Mythological Story ~

We sat down on a stone chair we found in a deserted courtyard and looked at the flowers.
We found butterflies flying around the flowers, which were also found in the other world, and an indescribable feeling welled up in me.

It seems that Commander Saran's story is called a mythological tale.
I wonder if it's like the Greek mythology of the earth.
Let's hope it's not as graphic as that.
The Greek myths are so tangled in lasciviousness that I've given up reading them.

'For now, let's talk about the gods of this world.

In this world, in Morrigan, there is a god.
His name is "Aitel," the God of Creation.
It is said that he is in charge of centralized management of status and blessing of races.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of gods in Japan.
It seems like a lot of work for a single person or a population.
Without knowing that I'm thinking about such things in my mind, Commander Saran continues to talk.

Aitel created the atmosphere first, then the earth.
Then he created a degraded version of himself, a human.
He created a race of humans, elves, demons and beastmen and gave them feelings.
He made them live in the earth, gave them jobs and status.
Tired of the gods' warfare, Aitel tried to soothe his own feelings by observing them.

I knew that even the gods would fight each other.
What are the other gods doing?
Aitel's working alone.
Help him!
But to say that man is a degraded version of God, you shouldn't look to man for healing .......

But they fought over land, over things, over women, over men.
And then they began to live divided among the various races.
The angry Aitel created a demon and divided the continent into four parts.
The demons who could control them were driven to the volcanic continent of Volcano.
The nature-loving elves were driven to the sacred tree continent of Forest.
The remaining tribes of humans and beastmen fought to the bitter end, with the victor settling in the great and rich continent of Cantinen.
The beastmen went to the continent of the beasts, known as Brute.

Isn't that just an English word for what they are?
I mean, I think I've heard of Morrigan somewhere: .......

'Well, that's how the Morrigan was created.
That's what I'm talking about.
...... Well, I guess you could look at it that way. I don't usually see it that way.

I was thinking, it would have been faster to read the book.
I'll go to the storeroom after all.
I stand up with that in mind.

'Oh, where are you going? We haven't talked about you yet.

Quickly, he grabs my arm.
The strength is strong, even though it doesn't look like a slender arm, it doesn't falter even if you pull on it.
Commander Saran's eyes flashed darkly.