10 Episode 9 ~ Same ~

Since then, it was already close to evening when I was released from Commander Saran.
The deputy commander had come to call for me.
Apparently, he had been looking for the Commander since the training ended.
That's a lot of work.
Commander Saran was literally being dragged back to work as if he were being dragged away.
He was smiling even more than usual at that time, but I wonder if Commander Saran has a taste for oppression.
The deputy commander also hits the corner without hesitation.
It's a scary thing.
No, it's more scary than the Commander.
Let's not disobey.

''I'm sorry, my Commander's bad habits seem to be back.
...... No, I've heard some interesting things on my end as well. I may come back to the Order's room some other time, but thank you for your help.

The conversation I had with the deputy commander as I was leaving came to mind.
Yes, the story of Commander Saran wasn't the only one that I could find out about by reading a book.
It was easy to imagine the beginning mythological tales and other legends, but some of the stories were rather difficult to tell.
So if the person telling the story didn't explain it properly, it would be dickish.
In a way, the Saran Commander wants one in the family.
It would be very helpful if I could turn off features such as personality at that time.

'Yes, after the Commander's paperwork is done. In other words, I think the Commander is free around this time, so please come whenever you like.
I understand. Thank you.
Things are steadily being decided about me without me: ......

As the Commander looked into the distance, the Deputy Commander and I both pretended not to hear and headed to our respective rooms.
It seems that Commander Saran should be treated like this.
I understood it well.

I didn't feel like having dinner, and instead of going to the dining room, I lay down on the bed in my room.
The Commander's story stuck in my ears and wouldn't leave me.

''For the past few decades, the demon race has been our common enemy. When you say us, of course, you mean the human race, the beastmen and the elves, other than the demon race. They persecuted the demon race, which had nothing to do with it, just because they could control demons, and drove them to the corners of the continent.''

It's too light for harassment.
The person who sent the demon tribe to Volcano must be a very sweet person, because if it were me, I'd harass them while making sure they were well checked until they broke their spirit.
Persecution just for being able to control a demon.
It's disgusting.
I look up at the spotless ceiling.

I'm not sure what's going on in Commander Saran's head, though.

He has a memory that makes it hard to believe he is human.
Perhaps he can remember every word of it.
The gesture was more like a gesture of remembering everything rather than being able to speak.
It's hard to believe it's the same person.
I'd be sulking if I knew I'd said this.